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  1. Overview Possesses decent size and speed, but is missing functional vision, patience and power. Anderson runs with a narrow base which robs him of contact balance and lateral elusiveness and he doesn't have a good feel for setting up blocks and choosing optimal rushing lanes. Anderson will need to shine on special teams and prove he can handle third-down duties to improve his chances of making a roster.
  2. Well one things for sure, both sides could end up happy or sad so I guess the gamble was equal for both as any good trade should be.
  3. Well I’m not a contender holding the 1.01 but was in a lot of games I lost last year. Drafted Guice at 1.02 last year taking over a refugee team. I figure two top picks this year can hopefully put me in contender range.
  4. Everyone is trying to move down including me with no bites. I have the 1.01 so I decided to shoot this offer out and it got accepted within the hour so I started to doubt myself.
  5. One time is a reconsideration, multiple times and I start to think he wants me to think he offered too much. A ploy to get a player at a lower value.
  6. At least know what your talking about before running your chops. I stated an espn report #1 and #2 I never said he turned down big bucks, I said he wasn’t worth big bucks. Quit arguing just to argue, I knew I should have never posted in this ridiculous on going topic. Out!
  7. Like I stated before the money doesn’t factor in when someone talks about a player signed to the practice squad and references why hasn’t Kaepernick been signed. You actually made my point. As for Baltimore he wasn’t actually offered a job in writing only because he and his wife are idiots. Again not collusion NFL teams don’t want or have to deal with problem children just as any employer doesn’t have to. Stop crying about this guy not having a job, it’s his own fault.
  8. The fact that he sucks and can’t get paid the big bucks happens to players all the time, doesn’t make it collusion.
  9. Denver and Baltimore and at least one more un-named team according to a report on espn. Before you start arguing semantics pay doesn’t equate for me as the statement I was responding to was about a QB that signed to the practice squad.
  10. Do you think Kaepernick would sign to a practice squad when he’s turned down contracts for active rosters? What point are you trying to make with this?
  11. Down 19 worst point total of the year with an undefeated season on the line. I have Kamara, Thomas & Cam Jordan he has McCaffrey & Mike Adams. Not looking good for the home team but that's why you never give up in FF as the old saying goes any given day.
  12. Actually he would still be in the league if he'd take his #### off his shoulders, he's the one who has turned down at least two contracts that have been publicized and probably more.
  13. How can you say he is clearly better than anybody? He hasn't played in two years and his skills were diminishing quickly the last time he did play. Stop blowing this guys horn already, if he hadn't knelt no one would be talking about him.
  14. I stated maybe it didn't belong here, but yes I suppose so. I'm very deep at RB and couldn't believe it was rejected more than anything.