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  1. I think Zimmer just likes having veteran coaches on both sides of the ball, likely for support and discipline reasons.
  2. Wikkid, after some thought I'm going to go with 1-2-3. There's some room for error in there but that's my approximation.
  3. I'm curious to see how this adds to the discussion: "Are you a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 in this apple visualization exercise?" 1 here.
  4. You had to read the dialogue in your dream?!?
  5. I sure hope so! But if not, that might explain some of those drivers out there.
  6. Does this internal monologue concept have any relation to how we experience dreams? Many years ago my sister told me that when she dreams, she doesn't "see" anything, she just "knows" what's happening in her dreams based on feelings. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? This blew my mind. Still does. When I dream I experience sight, sound, and touch every time. Smell and taste aren't common at all but can occasionally occur if pertinent to a particular dream situation. As an added note... even in dreams I have an internal monologue that other people in the dreams can't hear and aren't aware of. What about everyone else... How do you experience your dreams?
  7. Hey Daawny, say hi to your Mother for me!
  8. I agree with both of you. Really love Cook as a player, but in this league you just don't pay RBs top dollar if you want to compete for a championship. They're too easily replaceable and I don't want to see another bloated Peterson contract hampering the team. If Cook was willing to accept an extension that gave him a raise but was still team friendly, then heck yeah I'd want him back, but why would he want to limit his short window of earning potential? He should want to get paid and history tells us there's always going to be a team like the Jets who will do it.
  9. And it's truly enjoyable?!? Forgive my skepticism, but I recently tried a non-alcoholic red IPA and stout... and after a few sips poured them both down the drain.
  10. Yeah I haven't heard anything official that makes it clear what the reasoning is for that decision. Some have speculated that it was just a way to give those 2 guys a "promotion" without a huge immediate impact, since we know Mike Zimmer is really the true Defensive Coordinator. But from the perspective of looking to the future, it puts more on both of their plates in regards to game-planning and scheming, which is hypothetically preparing them as potential replacements should Mike ever decide to hand over play-calling duties during the games.
  11. I feel that a book or film attempting to portray a real-life situation is absolutely fair game for rational criticism if it does not come across as authentic. But if the author is able to put together research and interviews to arrive at a final product that resonates with those who are familiar with the situation, then the author's lack of experience is obviously not a factor and shouldn't even be brought up. In this case, it appears to be the first scenario, and that's why I voted completely agree. Having said that, though, I feel it's entirely inappropriate for people to tell other people what they can and cannot write about. And it's also way outside the scope of criticism to start trying to get this author blacklisted, publicly shamed, threatened, etc. In my mind the criticism should serve a simple purpose: to inform people on whether or not this is a product for them. If accuracy is vital to you as a reader, this book is probably best avoided. If you're just looking for entertainment value, then by all means have at it. As in most cases where people become offended about something they shouldn't take personally, it's going way too far when they start trying to get others fired from their jobs or ostracized from society. It's simple... they should just let their wallets do the talking and not financially support someone they have an issue with. How hard is that?
  12. Ad Astra... Pros: solid acting, great mood/ambience, good special effects Cons: some curious decisions made in the script-writing, and I'm no professional, but the science seemed questionable at times 2.5/5
  13. We moved around when I was a kid, and by the time I really started becoming interested in football around the age of 10, we were living in a place completely devoid of a professional team. So I just watched lots of games and started collecting football cards. Over the next couple of years I kept on gravitating towards the Vikings and their star-studded defense, with guys like Chris Doleman, Keith Millard, Scott Studwell, Carl Lee, Joey Browner... Thus it evolved naturally and by the time I was a teenager they were my team. And just like Gally, I've been hating myself for it ever since.
  14. We're in agreement again. Which is why I'm leery of changing up the defensive scheme. We already have a few spots that need to be shored up on D, and I'd hate to add even more spots to the shopping list at the expense of the offensive line.
  15. I'd argue the tendency to become conservative is a philosophical problem, not a scheme issue. But I agree it needs to change.