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  1. The city is talking about much stricter measures now. Supposed to be a press conference soon. I heard on the radio this morning that we are just about the worst in the country at social distancing, based on cellphone proximity data. And that doesn't surprise me... Although people here are extremely good about wearing masks out in public, they are terrible about having family+friends get-togethers where they don't wear masks. El Pasoans are all about backyard parties.
  2. This team is so bad that a guy who famously doesn't score TDs had 2 against them! I mean, I get that the D is undermanned and inexperienced right now, but what I don't get is the offense just coming out and immediately dying on the field. Not enough has changed on that side of the ball to justify the struggles by Cousins. He's had WAY TOO MANY horrific, inexplicable "forgot my pen, #### the bed" stretches of play.
  3. True. It was nice seeing Cook go off and Jefferson finally getting involved. I know it's not fact, but I feel like Jefferson after one big game already has more career yards than Treadwell.
  4. That may very well be the most inept 2 minute drill I've ever seen.
  5. Well, on the grass is only greener side, sure they made do with what they had and won the game, but let's not get carried away. The RBs only averaged 3.5 per carry. There were several times when runs got blown up in the backfield for a big loss. They also schemed to Carr's advantages to get the ball out of his hands quickly. I think the real key here is, they had a solid game plan and stuck to it. They continued to run even when it wasn't working well. They utilized their backs and TEs in the passing game because their WRs are inexperienced rookies. Now those are things the Vikings could definitely learn from.
  6. I know we're only 2 games in, but I just can't find any silver linings in this squad that lead me to believe they'll turn things around. Will be nice to get Hunter back, but there's just so many weaknesses everywhere that I don't see him making up for it. And that's just on defense.
  7. Yeah every time I'm on my xbox, I hate the console UI but love the store. Opposite on PS4.
  8. Oh for sure, I expect a huge jump in the performance of the xbox drive as well. Time will tell if Sony's customized drive is truly superior, but it seems that way from dev comments. Either way, most games will likely perform similarly on both platforms. If someone is trying to decide, it's probably best to just get the one they'll be able to play with friends on.
  9. Yeah I really hope Sony completely overhauls its store. It's terrible.
  10. From everything I've read, spec-wise they're fairly similar, except Xbox has a little better graphics capability, and PS has superior hard drive performance. Industry observers think the hard drive difference will be a game changer, while there is concern that it will be difficult for devs to take full advantage of Xbox specs because of Microsoft's vision of making new games work across their whole ecosystem. Like you say- it's difficult to get an unbiased viewpoint, which is why I've been listening to chatter from the devs with actual hands-on experience on both of the new devkits. They haven't been extremely forthcoming but you can still get a sense where their excitement is. I will likely get both at some point, but I'll go with PS5 first. Everything I've read about that hard drive speed sways me.
  11. The guard they got with their last pick seems like a good gamble. Has the physical tools but poor technique. NFL coaching might be able to change that...
  12. Was the Miami WR drafted for return work? Seems that way.
  13. I think the truth is likely somewhere in the middle. Which I'm fine with, based on his production.
  14. Seems like the classic "not a super impressive athlete but just knows how to play the game" kind of player.