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  1. All very good points. In the games Dozier played, I don't recall him getting beaten like a drum, but to be fair I also don't recall him making big blocks in the run game. So it's probably a wash, and you're correct that Zimmer values run blocking more than pass. I guess I'm just frustrated seeing Elflein pushed backwards into Cousin's lap, on what seems to be a regular basis. But it's likely I'm inflating the issue bigger than it really is. Fandom and all that.
  2. You're most likely correct on this. I guess I'd just like to see it with my own eyes.
  3. At this point I'd be excited to try anyone in place of Elflein. Draw a name out of a hat for all I care. Surely whoever they threw in there couldn't be any worse, right?
  4. Regarding the D, one place this team has a big need is at the 3T. Stephen is a solid back up but as a starter he offers no outstanding traits. If the Vikings had someone at that spot who had to be accounted for in the pass rush, sending 4 men would be a lot more successful.
  5. I went to see it because my daughter was excited for it. She's watched all of them with me the past few months, and even though most of them are crappy it's been a fun dad/daughter bonding activity. Anyway it was okay. It has some moderately entertaining action scenes and a couple of new twists on the Terminator universe. It's definitely not a good movie, but for the most part better than the other sequels following T2. 2.5/5
  6. It's one thing for a receiver to get shut down because of great coverage. But it's a whole other thing when that receiver is consistently torching DBs and getting wide open, and still rarely seeing the ball come his way, other than one overthrown deep shot. So frustrating.
  7. I just think they've officially hit old-man "get off my lawn" status.
  8. Wow! I had the opposite experience. The SSD made a world of difference for me. I routinely load in ahead of teammates and run around and start doing things on maps before they load in. I can also see the benefit in both dashboard and in-game performance. For next-gen, though, the difference should be even more pronounced because the SSD will have faster transfer speed instead of using SATA, plus developers will be able to plan and take advantage of it since every console will be on the same baseline. The only negative is this may make it difficult (or even impossible) to upgrade and add drive space on the consumer end. I guess we'll have to wait and see how they handle that.
  9. I'd like to see this lady come down to the border and tell a Mexican mom that.
  10. A Senile Animal is one of the best albums ever. It rips all the way through.
  11. I'm going to try Amara first. I want to hulk smash into groups and then punch/shotgun everything to death. Also going to be playing with the old lady and our daughter, so the instanced drops will be great. My daughter can finally grab everything like a maniac and no one will care.
  12. About the same situation for me except I was 17. Started seeing them appear on Headbanger's Ball and was hooked. Had never seen a band do all their videos with almost zero appearances from the actual members. They really attacked disturbing subject matter.
  13. One that hasn't been mentioned yet, Dwayne Johnson.
  14. Listened to it a bunch of times last night and stayed up way too late. I feel like this is Tool's King of Limbs. There are no radio singles you can point to, but it's the overall experience that matters, where the sum is greater than its parts. Even the lyrics carry a theme throughout, unlike previous albums. They've taken this whole "our music is intended as an album" approach to its natural conclusion.
  15. Tried Black Butte 31 tonight, not good. It has great reviews but for me too much cardamom, not recommended. On this year's Woot Stout now, it's solid.