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  1. Thank you for confirming my suspicions on this game. I was considering getting it whenever it goes on a deep discount, but at this point the games I already have will probably get me to Sept when borderlands 3 comes out. And like you said other good games will start rolling out by then. Days gone looks like a probable skip for me.
  2. Oh absolutely, I picked up on that with all the overproduced references But they do have their fans... they even made Shuke's top 1012 songs, as you know since you're following along in his thread. I saw it in his list but I didn't see if anyone gave him any crap over it.
  3. Ha!! Well I'll give them credit where credit is due... they figured out a path that worked out well for them. I just question why it's hall of fame worthy, but as others have pointed out the whole process is junk anyway, so it's a debate that is never resolved. Anyway, back on track. Today I'm going with: -reckoner -climbing up the walls -planet telex -how to disappear completely -codex
  4. "Surely this can't be that great of an honor if Def Leppard is included?!?" -Thom Yorke, after waking up sucking on a lemon
  5. Well for sure the rock hall of fame sure doesn't care about art if Def Leppard was the big draw.
  6. Right, I get that it's a political sham. But regarding the fans, that's where I feel they had a lost opportunity to play in a live environment, even briefly, for fans all across the world that otherwise have to resort to youtube. And yeah, while the rock hall of fame does suck, I still enjoy seeing the bands play a few songs.
  7. I wonder if they'll regret not playing some day. I get that they don't get worked up over industry accomplishments but this was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. I feel like they would have been top bill over Def Leppard had they played. Hell, on that note I feel like the Cure should have had top billing over DL. Or maybe I just don't think much of Def Leppard and I'm in the minority.
  8. I just wish Radiohead had played live during that Hall of Fame ceremony.
  9. Did all you BL2 players see that there's free DLC coming out on Sunday?!?
  10. Shows you how much I know about that corner of the culinary world. Excellent, now I know what to order if I find myself in that situation. Thanks!! Yeah I use it for fries also. I could even put it on a hot dog if there was no chili/cheese available.
  11. Although now that I think about it, I'll probably never have raw fish because I'm under the impression that sushi is usually prepared with some kind of condiment.
  12. The one thing all condiments have in common is vinegar. I can't stand it. But I'm with rockaction- no condiments on burgers or sandwiches. What I put on them is salsa. People think that's weird but I like the heat and it also adds moisture like a condiment would. Anyway, assuming we're not talking about avoiding any of these foods for dietary reasons, simply what would you not eat under any circumstances, well then with some caveats (like I'd only eat onions and oysters cooked, and since blue cheese doesn't say dressing I figure it's an actual chunk of cheese) then my number is 7. 1. pickles 2. ranch dressing 3. tofu 4. mustard 5. vinegar 6. mayonnaise 7. ketchup I've never had raw fish, beets or snails but I'd try them.
  13. Why continue to post in a topic he clearly has no interest in? And before someone chimes in and says I'm an insecure girly man, yes I already voted girly man. I can't chug to save my life. But it's still fun to see someone else do it. Not sure why so serious.
  14. Yeah I think you're right. I just wanted to get to max level so that every nice piece of gear that drops will be end-game usable.
  15. Finally got a Sal up to max level and was able to play these DLCs recently. When I quit a few years back the cap was 50 and the only DLC was the pirate one. Tina's D&D session was great. Now I'm looking forward to knocking out some of these raid bosses and farming loot. Able to beat Terramorphous pretty easily but that Voracidous from Hammerlock's DLC tore me a new one. Time to get gud.