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  1. $5 chicken fried rice at the Yak & Yeti walk up is the best value in any park imo.
  2. We're on totally different topics. I was responding to why JK stooped so low to coach the USMNT versus glory in Europe. I said with that it had to do with his ego and because the US was weak, he had no challengers to his authorit-i. You have to remember his time at Bayern. He was ousted because players and others had influence. Not happening here.
  3. Should current But do you think that if Ronaldo didn't like the Portugal coach during Euro qulaifying he'd have been the coach during the Euros. I was also talking former players and coaches as well. Basically people that have the draw to change the status quo with their influence inside of their country. It doesn't exist in the US.
  4. Those, but you forgot one. Ego. He's got a huge ego and the ultimate backing to that would be bringing the lowly USMNT to the promise land. It's always about him. His opinion, decisions and way. There is no one here to truly challenge him. Donovan tried and lost. I'd say that most other top countries have top coaches and players that can challenge the reign of about any coach they appoint.
  5. I have a Titan sprayer made to sit over a 5 gallon bucket of paint. They work well for large areas. However, prep becomes more time consuming and much more important. So, for smaller areas, it tend to actually take more time. It does produce a better/smoother finish for cabinets and moldings.
  6. IMO, Sharpie on the new star. No one will notice.
  7. See above. My son plays for an affiliate of the Dallas Texans. Even if it just helped with scholarships for those that can't afford all the fees, it would be a huge help. I know our club gave out high five figures in scholarships last year.
  8. My bank account isn't comfortable with $2,500 in select and travel costs. I welcome our solidarity fee overlords.
  9. And bashing the academy system we thought we were supposed to wish for. Interesting.
  10. Will JK ever realize that some offensive threat helps the defense? Am I the only one that's tired of watching 70+ minutes of hoping for a goal instead of playng for a goal.
  11. Acres of space at the top of the box. We refuse to defend that area. Way to address it after Messi took advantage of it.
  12. Not sure you'll have any luck before the match. However, my son got autographs after the Gold Cup match in Frisco by waiting by the team bus. He has Zardes, Evans, Gonzalez, and Guzan. Some of the others signed, even Dempsey, but they didn't make it to us. Before the match they warmed up outside the stadium on a practice field and did not sign.
  13. Way too early for them to heavily invest at this point. Like others have said, the MLS academy system is a good start. Europe will wait till the money and time invested by the US starts to bear fruit. At that point they will leverage their connection.
  14. We had a good time. Definitely a special moment to share with my son. We sat on the 7th row just behind the corner Messi kicked the free kick into. Can't beat that for a "I was there" moment. I'll see if I can put the video of it up somewhere and share it here. I have to compare it to the Gold Cup game that we went to versus Honduras. Gold Cup was a lot better experience. Most of that comes from the crowd. The Gold Cup had educated fans that wanted to be there for the soccer. There was friendly banter back and forth between fans on both sides. It really provided a great environment. The Copa had a very mixed crowd. Lots of people were there because it was the event to be at in Houston. That's okay, but it took away from the experience. Booing back passes and not being able to deal with correct foul calls was a bit annoying. So, go see the USMNT in a smaller MLS stadium if you want a better experience. As far as the game... I was super deflated seeing the starting lineup after getting a ticket for a 3 week expired inspection and battling Houston traffic. JK pretty much came in the stands and kicked me in the nuts after I was already down. We played very narrow and often gave them anything in the outside 1/4 of the field. That gave them plenty of time to work their way up the middle to find space. We of course tried to counter attack with a non counter attacking lineup. There were plenty of times we could have taken touches and worked the ball through, but instead chose to play one touch hail marys to no one. I'm looking at you Bradley. Bradley had space to control and switch the ball through midfield and never chose to do that. Dempsey was working into some spaces and couldn't even get a look. Being able to control the ball under pressure is a huge liability for us. Pulisic, Dempsey and Zardes seem to be the only players we have the ability to simply dribble and then create space to make a simple pass. Everyone for Argentina can do that. Calm on the ball and then make simple touches to create 1 yard of space. We dribble forward into pressure. Drives me nuts. Anyways, I could go on, but those were my in person impressions. Hoping to see a younger lineup in our loss in the consulation game. Maybe we all expect too much, but I know we all deserve more than what was shown last night.
  15. These are just for publicity. Basically to get teams possession of a emerging market of youth viewers and spenders. Not players. In Austin, my son's team is affiliated with Athletico Madrid, there are Liverpool teams, and the powerhouse of the area, Lonestar, have a connection with Roma. Coaches get a paid vacation overseas to "learn from the best." Wondo will win the ballon d'or before a US player is funneled through a pay for play academy directly to their affiliate.