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  1. Sound logic, and really hard to argue against it. A trade really does make sense for all parties. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks, but as a football fan I'm hoping a) he's healthy and b) he gets traded to a contender.
  2. Woods was inches away from a 21 yard TD, and there was one play early in the 4th Q (I think it was an 2nd down from the LAR 3 yard line) that if Goff throws correctly and leads Woods, he's still running. I don't think it's a question that Kupp is Goff's preferred option, but there is still plenty to go around for the other WR in the offence. Maybe expectations get tempered, but he's still a solid low WR2/high WR3.
  3. This dude is a player. It may take a little time for him to really make a mark, but to see him become someone that fantasy GMs are strongly considering starting in their lineups in the second half of the year would not surprise me.
  4. Given Gordon being a game time call, I'm projecting Jackson conservatively at what Ekeler's role would be when Gordon was in the lineup, so a viable flex option. There is plenty of room for upside from that projection though given Gordon may not play at all, or if he does play is limited and doesn't have his full workload.
  5. Have a choice between him and Chris Godwin in one league this week. Going MVS.
  6. Definitely possible. Although the lions D isn't exactly great and there will still be a lot of negative game scripts for them. Good thing for KJ is that he can contribute in the pass game as well. No matter how you slice it the deal is probably an upgrade for Kerryon.
  7. I think in a PPR league you could make the argument. Assuming all the WR in Houston are healthy it's obviously Nuk as the #1 there and then you could argue Fuller as the #2 in standard leagues and Coutee as the #2 in PPR leagues.
  8. Sig, couple of questions for you as I'm hurting in a couple of spots. Full point PPR. I need a WR, TE and flex out of the following players: Chester Rogers, Keke Coutee, Marvin Jones, Trey Burton, CJ Uzomah, Chris Thompson. Which of those 3 would you go with? Thanks in advance good sir.
  9. Not a homer, but given the opportunity and the schedule the next couple weeks (KC and Tampa before their bye) I think he's definitely worth an add. Given the carnage at TE this year, chances are he's in my lineup the next 2 weeks.
  10. Good route runner, shifty and good hands, with a QB who in college who threw a lot to the slot WR, on a team with a poor defence and no TE. Fair points about how he's behind Hopkins and Fuller, but as good as Fuller is he seems to always be bothered by some soft tissue problem, and lo and behold he is dealing with an injury coming out of the Week 4 game. While I wouldn't be expecting 15 targets each week, I think there's a really solid case to take a shot on Coutee in PPR leagues.
  11. Still gonna require some patience to see him get enough run to be startable this year (could be a second half of the year king-maker type waiver claim if he's on your waiver wire), but Chubb dynasty owners should be very happy with his performance yesterday.
  12. There is a very plausible theory to why Matthews would agree to a deal like this in a reply to an Evan Silva tweet : The commenter said the following : It reminds me of a baseball team signing someone like Nathan Eovaldi or Drew Smiley after Tommy John surgery, with value in mind if that player regains their former ability. I’d speculate further, but obviously we don’t know much about the injury at this point. But that said, why would Matthews sign a deal like that? How would it benefit him? When you look at the range of answers to that question, most are not promising at this time for the player Thanks Evan. It’s the last thing you hope for the player. We all hope it’s not serious. But did the Titans come to him and say....Rather than do an injury settlement and cut ties with u, if you’ll agree to this team option, no $ guaranteed deal, we’ll keep you. Total speculative theory obviously, but that could explain why Matthews would sign this contract with a team option and no gtd money instead of taking his chances in FA next year
  13. Forget trading for Landry (paying the kind of money he wants for a slot WR is absurd) and go after Allen Robinson and/or Sammy Watkins at WR.
  14. The biggest thing yesterday was the fact the Chiefs only had the ball 17 minutes compared to the Jets 43 minutes. It seemed like every time the Jets had the ball, they'd get to 3rd and short and convert when the Chiefs D was trying to get off the field leading to these time-consuming drives (or the Chiefs would take stupid penalties on third down extending a Jets drive). This played big time into his stat line as it's hard to put up numbers when you don't have the ball. That said, it might not change next week either against Oakland if the Raiders look to employ a strategy of using Lynch to shorten the game against the Chiefs D, limiting the amount of opportunities that the Chiefs offence will have. Going to be some tough decisions for Hunt owners (myself included) next week on whether or not they have the stones to start him or bench him in the fantasy playoffs.
  15. Sig, do you chance it that Antonio Brown goes on Monday night or do you play Corey davis or Seth Roberts over him?