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  1. I agree, I hate it when people punish for being stupid. I was driving a tank and backing it up to avoid getting shot at by an enemy tank and I run over one of my teammates and he punishes me for it.
  2. This is the first online FPS I ever really played, and I have wondered about what else is out there. You have Quake Wars in the fall, but CNUTZ has been pimping that other online FPS, Something Assault which is due out very soon. Armed Assault.The thing is, I download games for a trial run, and I just can't find anything I'd rather play right now. I *DO* want to get in at the ground level of whatever the next big thing is. Were it not for points and the award system I might not have played BF2 for this long. BF2142 Here is a link to a preview on gamespot
  3. I was checking out my info on and according to them I have met the requirements for the Far East Service Ribbon, and Middle East Service Ribbon. But they haven't been awarded yet. Do I need to make Sergeant first? LINK
  4. Get set up on the Teamspeak server so we can holler at you if you team kill us I'll be on later tonight. 9-10ish central.
  5. Hey, just started playing BF2. FBG_Mooks77 I totally suck right now since I was so used to playing BF 1942.