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  1. Generally, the extender will drop the performance by 50%. Mesh is great for improving coverage.
  2. Bernie seems to be a bridge too far even for the DNC. But it will be interesting to see what happens on Super Tuesday..
  3. The youth almost always under performs on turnout. Maybe this year will be different.
  4. Last results from Nevada had Tulsi at 8. Not 8%, not 8 delegates but 8 votes.
  5. He is holding a solid third place. Only about 250 votes behind Biden with only 10% reporting.
  6. Its been said a time or two “Its the economy stupid.” That doesn’t make it right but.
  7. I think they do a second alignment as the everyone of the non-viable candidates could agree to go for a certain candidate or spread out to make some of the non viable candidate viable. They still need to allocate the delegates. Its not winner takes all.
  8. In Sparks, after first alignmet, Bernie is the only one “viable” with 47%. No one else over 15%. after second alignment: Bernie 59% warren 35.5% gabbard 3.2 % steyer 2.2%
  9. They seem to be following Iowa with a first alignment and then anyone under 15% has to find another candidate. How does that work with early voting?