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  1. In Paris stay around the Tuleries Park. Many museums, including The Louvre walking distance. Take a train out to Versailles (about an hour trip). Most European palaces are modeled somewhat after Versailles.
  2. Does he do this before or after they make their opening statement?
  3. Looks like Labour may end up with the fewest number of seats since 1936. SNP also having a very good night. UK may get Brexit but lose Scotland. Lot of talk in Scotland of independence from UK. Doubt Boris allows that referendum to happen. Interesting watching the media coverage. All the candidates together on a small stage at local precinct when they announce the results. Winner makes some brief comments and other candidates can make some comments if they wish. Some "Loony" parties over there. Looks like characters from the Holy Grail.
  4. Was Ukraine aware of the deadline Congress set for the US aid to be given to them?
  5. The contest within the contest was two “precincts” being the first to release actual results. Line of workers at each location waiting for boxes of ballots so they can literally run them over to the table to be counted/scanned.
  6. According to exit polls just released ( and we all know how reliable they can be) conservatives are looking to win significant majority in election today. Labour party looking to lose highest number of seats in decades.
  7. I have no problem with anyone challenging lies. Maybe I jumped to conclusions on people’s ideology, but referring to seeing people demonstrating and yelling to prevent a speech by someone like at a college, or preventing people from attending speeches, companies preventing ads by organizations preventing ads being displayed, colleges not allowing open free speech by all sides, etc...I am assuming the above mentioned people lean liberal. Generally not government agencies. In the 60’s they were supporting free speech. eta: totally support the right to demonstrate-any side.
  8. I agree. Also, I never thought I would see liberals shout down free speech and be so extreme towards people with ideas they don’t agree with.
  9. The FreeBeacon is reporting Time’s 2019 person of the year will be “The Whistleblower”. eta: ... they were wrong. Its Greta Thunberg.
  10. Wash Post reporting there will be two articles of impeachment: 1. Abuse of power and 2. Obstruction of Congress.
  11. Listening to a lot of this in the car. Goldman’s voice sounds just like Doug Neidermeyer.