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  1. Brenda's Beaver Needs a Barber. A real book and comic relief.
  2. Everyone has to assume they have it. Keep your distance. Do not go anywhere near anyone with a compromised immune system or already have health issues. People who have the symptoms are supposed to contact their doctor and get permission to be tested. Again assume you have it. Don't go to the hospital unless you have a respiratory health issue or compromised immune system. Its all the people who do not need to be going to the hospital that are going to delay those who need the help. Just stay home and only go out for necessities. On a side note, I don't think the supermarket and the other workers who are allowed to stay open are getting enough appreciation. These cashiers and baggers who are usually the younger crowd can not social distance and are touching everything because they have to. I wish they get their recognition. Some chains are already giving them raises. They are the unsung heroes here.
  3. They need to be fitted. But anything is better than nothing.
  4. The issue is a lot of people were skeptics. The message came out strong to distance yourself and stay in. If the government came out too strong the potential for mass hysteria would've been huge and if it worked a lot of people would've said it wasn't needed. I believe we are going to see a shelter in place everywhere soon. For how long I don't know. But there is obviously going to be an increase in positive cases reported because of all the testing that is getting done. The younger crowd will be able to handle it. The elderly will not and the hospitals aren't able to handle it all. I don't have an answer except for the government to get back to their ABC's and prepare more for these large events. Each state needs to stockpile medical necessities. We are not prepared at all.
  5. Where I live businesses just went through this about a year ago. The Columbia Gas explosions shut some businesses down. Now this. Feel sorry for them.
  6. Wow. That's just awful. I definitely would get real estate appraisals and maybe you and your other sis pay for another appraisal. The way he is being, keep it to yourselves if it comes up higher. Sounds bad and 2 wrongs don't make a right but it makes it even. If they are lower present the evidence. Tell him you don't want to go to court and no one wins that way and you want to work it out. But also look at it this way, he doesn't deserve to be there and sounds like he doesn't value any other opinions but his own. You will probably deal with other issues later on if he is involved so it's better that he is out. More room for you and your sis. And look at it this way, for the extra 10 K your selfish brother-in-law is gone. Worth it in my opinion. You can't put a price on a family vacation home. The memories you have and will create will be priceless. Now get a written contract between you and your sis when you become co-owners so this doesn't happen again.
  7. You say no written agreement. Was it written in her will? Who is the cottage deeded to? Also, if you three already bought out the 4th sibling, there had to be an agreement then on ownership. Now it's a three way ownership. Why do you have to buy him out just cause he wants out? I would think you all have to agree. I you don't then it stays the way it is. Also, if you do want to buy him out at a fair price, have a few realtors come in and price it out for you saying you are thinking of selling. Those are typically free. Some do go high cause they want the listing and end up dropping the price once they have you signed and it wont sell, so if one is much higher than the others you can toss that one. But if they are all around the same price then that should give you a pretty good idea at what it's worth.
  8. Draft better so you can make the playoffs. But seriously, this comes up every year. In redraft, just make it a rule at the draft so everyone knows that if you don't make the playoffs, your team is out. We do this because we pay out only to the teams in the finals. If no money is involved i wouldn't care one way or the other.
  9. Looked like a slightly dislocated knee cap and that’s not a long recovery. They do pop right back in like that. I bet he’s back next week. Probably not this game though.
  10. A couple weeks ago I got Andrews for Tyrell Williams. I have OJ Howard. Then got an offer for Andrews and my Hopkins for Carson and Tyreek. Wasn’t sure on both of them with injuries so I packaged Andrews and Hopkins for Chubb and Doyle. Kinda regretting it now but hopefully it pans out.
  11. Right so they can stick it to you. If there is a documented value and that’s the assessment Id have no issues putting that. Also they are asking for the value of your house. If they want to split hairs there is a house value and land value. But I wouldn’t go that route. Thought about it but couldn’t. The whole process is based on where you live not taking any consideration for the cost of living. I actually did the fafsa forecaster (just an estimator) saying I lived in the poorest section of the country but put everything tax wise the same so I had more money in pocket due to the home values and my EFC went down. Makes no sense at all.
  12. Id put what the house is assessed at for taxes.