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  1. And yet it seemed to attract you first. Hmmmmmm.
  2. Star Wars without John Williams chewbacca Btw, why didn't Chewy get a medal? Racism.
  3. x2 /thread x4xOcho XEleventybillion
  4. He aint even from here!
  5. I know when I want my daily fix of right wing lunacy news, I think: "I should go check the fantasy football message board."
  6. How about the one between you and posting privileges?
  7. :lmao: I loved watching the other two faces when Joe was babbling that was awesome. Yes, even though I knew the outcome, I watched it on Tivo with the wife. Joe did this a couple of seasons ago, too. I forget with who, but he chose the good looking girl over the better cook. It may have been when Miss Delaware beat Adrian. But I'm not sure. Well, I mean, the guy looks like a turtle without his shell on. He probably thinks it's his only shot. Besides, you know, having a lot of money.
  8. Teach me your ways. I have no idea what you just said.
  9. For those rooters out there, where's the latest and greatest roms? I used to be really into it, and my original Droid X was never a problem. A few years ago, I got a Samsung Galaxy III when they came out. Flashing it didn't go as well. I ended up with CyanogenMod on it, and something is wrong with it. My phone works, but it will drop out much more often than it should. When I'm on it, I basically have to pace around my house trying to find a good spot. And I'm on Verizon. Sometimes it just restarts on it's own, and it says my system UID is not consistent. So, bottom line, I need to spend an afternoon reflashing this thing. But, it's been a few years since I have done it, and I don't even know where to look anymore. Any help would be appreciated. Will take a PM, if necessary.
  10. #WhyIStayed Scottish Edition
  11. Does kinda suck that the only reason the stripper won was because first Leslie made a mistake, and then Elizabeth made a mistake.
  12. I would submit Judgment Night. Each song was a collaboration of a rock band and a rap group. Pretty stellar soundtrack. Partial to the Helmet & House of Pain song "Just Another Victim".
  13. OU fan right? Yes, does this have some bearing? It's just weird you don't have the same level of vitriol for your new wideout who tossed a woman down a flight of stairs.I mean if you think FSU should be ashamed for this than certainly you feel even worse about OU allowing DGB and Joe Mixon on the team. .....but that's none of my business. Joe Mixon - you are correct. He should be off the team. Other than die hard football fans no one even knows who this kid is. He hasn't played a down for OU. Yet to be seen if he will ever play for OU. I think he is suspended for the season. DGB - ditto, hasn't played a down for OU. Will he? Only time will tell. OU would have loved for him to become elgible, but it didn't happen. I don't think DGB was ever charged with the accused pushing a woman down the stairs. He was charged with smoking weed IIRC. With that being said, neither of these knuckle heads are the face of OU, and have not played a down at OU. Never won a heisman, never been in trouble before, never had 3rd and 4th chances to "get right." Never put the University in a situation that compromised their integrity. Could it all change certainly. Again, my point was that it is time for Jameis to grow up, and he has been given ample opportunity to do so. 1 strike 2 strike 3 strike 4 strike Just grow up Not to sound glib, but why should he grow up? He's going to the NFL and going to make a lot of money regardless. Why not act immature and whatnot if he wants to and there is little to no repercussions. "Voice of Reason" is what you decided to go with? How about "The Enabler"?
  14. who microwaves steakums?Yea that's just gross. People eating processed "meat" is what's gross. "Oh, you pan fry it? Well, that's totally okay, then."