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  1. Liked Mercedes quite a bit. Really like Finders Keepers, almost done with it.
  2. Not sure about dress code but I wore non beat up jeans and a collard shirt. Left the hat at hotel. Grand Lux in Venetian? It’s solid.
  3. I must say the new chicken tenders at McDonald's aren't too bad. Not overly breaded and good white meat. I was drunk though when I tried them.
  4. I know the commercials on TV always make the food appear to be better than it is, but the new burgers at Chili's look pretty good. I always thought they had decent burgers. I remember back in the 80's and early 90's I used to love the Chicken Fried Chicken entree at Chili's.
  5. To each his own but I can't believe some of you found The Drawing of the Three underwhelming. That's my favorite in the Dark Tower series.
  6. I read the first one in the series and liked it quite a bit. Have the second and third books just haven't gotten around to reading them.
  7. Starting Mr. Mercedes tonight. Heard good things about this series but I'm leery cause King has been so bad lately.
  8. As usual, good post Fatness. Looks like the 'Skins are a one point dog on Sunday. Rain in the forecast as of today. Like an 80% chance.
  9. Thought I read somewhere that Kirk finally admitted he was faking and his hammy was fine during that at bat.
  10. Well last night went as expected. Hope the boys can heal up for Sunday as its Dallas week. #### Dallas!!