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  1. About to have a Nugget Single Hop Pale Ale from West Coast ETA - this is from Green Flash I guess
  2. I've been slacking lately. Took me a while to finish GBH by Ted Lewis. Lewis wrote Get Carter (yes the movie with Michael Caine was an adaptation). GBH was more the same - a dark tale about the London underworld. Next up is quite different. The Crossing, book 2 of the Border Trilogy by Cormac McCarthy.
  3. ####### awful.
  4. Yeah Hendricks ain't coming out of my lineup. I'm a bit scurred tho.
  5. :shocking:
  6. Tatum Bell
  7. Fatness
  8. Said no one ever
  9. I really hope the Brazilian police are trying to save face and that Lochte/Feigen didn't royally #### up. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/olympics/bal-brazil-to-seize-lochte-s-passport-no-evidence-to-support-robbery-claim-police-say-20160817-story.html
  10. Lochte to have passport seized over false claims he was robbed? Oh boy.
  11. Crystal City is a pretty small area.