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  1. Fake news!!
  2. Walter Sobchak: Eight year olds, Dude.
  3. Getting peed on by Russian hookers.
  4. Hell or High Water is good stuff.
  5. If it doesn't ####### rain here in DC going two days this weekend. One day after will stop off at a brewery that is just down the road.
  6. Tales of Dunk and Egg is a series of fantasy novellas by George R. R. Martin, set in the world of his A Song of Ice and Fire novels. They follow the adventures of "Dunk" and "Egg", some 90 years before the events of the novels. Three novellas have been published–The Hedge Knight (1998), The Sworn Sword (2003), and The Mystery Knight (2010)–and Martin has stated his intention to continue the series. A collection of the existing three novellas, with illustrations by Gary Gianni, was published as A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms on October 6, 2015.
  7. This is pretty awesome. Hopefully it doesn't turn out be an Internet rumor/hoax. Sorry if it has already been posted. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/24/world/europe/homeless-hero-manchester.html?_r=0
  8. This is a scary article too (it's three months old). https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/feb/25/small-part-of-manchester-that-has-been-home-to-16-jihadis
  9. Only kind of league I've played in. Though I've only been doing magic beisbol for 5 years. Here's a current DL list for a team in my league (not mine): Freeman, Nola, Cahill, Bum, Chapman, Hamels, Maeda. Just brutal.
  10. Wish I hadn't watched that.