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  1. Got a growler of Born Yesterday Pale Ale from Lagunitas. Sunday Funday!
  2. Perfection = Kendra Sunderland (likely NSFW, wait til you're home to Google).
  3. Saw Sturgill Simpson in DC last week. He was sick and his voice was off, pretty disappointing show. Shovels & Rope Friday night at 9:30 club in DC. This couple always rocks, can't wait!!
  4. AND IT BEGINS!!! http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/721008/Russia-America-nuclear-war-Putin-Obama-bunker-fallout-shelter-Syria-Bashar-al-Assad
  5. Just so much easier to be a pessimistic DC sports fan. Doesn't hurt as much.
  6. Neat thread guys. ETA: Go 'Skins #### Philly!
  7. Yesterday Drudge had a similar link to an alarmist story from a British tabloid (The Sun I think). Nothing to this, on to the next terrible MOP thread.
  8. Talk about an awful show.
  9. Ugh already dreading game 5. But, as Ramblin Wreck posted, at least we have our Ace going.
  10. Good sports day yesterday for DC. Sunday Funday indeed!
  11. I went in 2008 when Art Monk and Darrell Green were inducted. It was a last minute trip so not well organized. All of the hotels in Canton were booked so we ended up staying in downtown Cleveland and then driving the 45 minutes/1 hour to and from Canton. So, book your hotel early. Also, I didn't end up getting in to the HOF because the line was too long, too many damn Redskins fans. We went to the induction ceremony, I don't recall if we bought our tickets in advance. It was a cool environment though and I hope to get back at some point so I can actually tour the HOF.