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  1. Taking a stab at a possible explanation. Though the state is different than that in which smbkrypt24 works, 43 is just before his 45 day investigation window closed. Perhaps there is a similar window with Hill's case...and assuming the evidence of neither guilt nor innocence was conclusive, then this action would provide more time to continue the investigation.
  2. When I wasn't impressed with the wr/rb/te/qb available, I altered my normal strategy of waiting on a defense and decided to get off the defense streaming roller coaster. I drafted Jacksonville and Houston in a couple of leagues this year as a result. I had dearly wanted Baltimore in the league in which I got Houston but they went a pick sooner. All 3 defenses hit the waiver wire at some point. And I was stubborn enough waiting for my defenses to turn it around that I missed out on the surprise defenses this year. 😥
  3. Ah. I misunderstood this originally and thought it at odds with your previous post. After seeing your subsequent post, I see that you are not making the argument for Metcalf (as I originally read) but rather arguing against those who would do so.
  4. I did some digging and it seems my impression does not equal the reality. Probably being burned previously playing against Thompson and KC "rbs" and "check down" Alex Smith's reputation jaded my expectations (sigh). Here is what I found looking at passing targets which is really what I was considering when looking at Thompson: 2017 Thompson: 5.4 2018 Thompson: 6.8 (5 games [8 weeks] and one game with 14 targets looms large in such a small sample size. Without that game, the average drops to 5) Meanwhile rbs "benefitting" from "Check down" in KC... Here, I looked at 2016 and 2017. For 2016, I did what *I* consider to be "fair" in evaluating rb production that might translate to Alex Smith in Washington. Namely, I totaled Spencer Ware and Charcandrick West's targets (my thinking that Chris Thompson was likely to get "all" rb targets and not split with another rb as Ware/West did. Further and I can see some disagreeing with me, I included hald of Tyreke Hill's targets as I am thinking many of the routes he ran would be run by Thompson in Washington (I am quite open to someone proving me wrong here as this is based off my perception and not off of deep analysis). Even so, the results are not as favorable as I had expected. 2016: Ware (3) + West (2.2): 5.2 2016: Ware (3) + West (2.2) + Hill (2.5): 7.8 2017: Hunt: 4.2 So to me, at least, the numbers say that Thompson has gotten about what was to be expected from Alex Smith and I was chasing rainbows. That said, as the saying goes, hope springs eternal and I am willing to leave the recently picked up Thompson at the end of my bench in the hopes that he will become the real McCoy.
  5. This, to me, is what makes Thompson interesting. Though I had figured Alex "Check Down" Smith would be a good fit with Thompson, that did not seem to be the case while they were on the field together. I just added Thompson to the bench to see if McCoy might give Thompson a bit more attention.
  6. My attempt - trying to weigh upside versus consistency with a tie-break going to upside. In a "Win now" window, veterans would get a bump upward in most cases. Tier 1 - (1)Patrick Mahomes Tier 2 - (2)Deshaun Watson (3)Andrew Luck (4a)Russell Wilson (4b)Carson Wentz (4c)Jared Goff Tier 3 - (7)Aaron Rodgers (8)Cam Newton (9)Baker Mayfield (10)Drew Brees Tier 4 - (11)Mitchell Trubisky (12)Jimmy Groppolo (13)Marcus Mariotta (14)Phil Rivers Tier 5 - (15)Ben Roethlisberger (16)Kirk Cousins (17)Matt Ryan (18)Dak Prescott Tier6 - (19)Tom Brady (20)Lamar Jackson (21)Jameis Winston (22)Andy Dalton (23)Derek Carr Tier 7 - (24)Matthew Stafford (25a)Sam Darnold (25b)Josh Rosen (27)Josh Allen (28)Joe Flacco Tier 8 - (29)Ryan Tannehill (30)Case Keenum (31)Teddy Bridgewater (32)Jacoby Brissett, 
  7. I am on board with this: Kirk = #1 wr for Arizona. Getting a #1 at the end of the bench is something hard to pass up. While Coutee is very interesting, I think that Kirk's floor is higher than Coutee's (especially given his issue with his hammys and the current state of the Houston offense). And I think Kirk's ceiling is at least equal to Coutee's.
  8. I (sigh) am sticking with the fellow. If it happens again, gone!
  9. Ditto. Looks like we both under estimated the stink of the Pats D. (sigh)
  10. Yeah, something just doesn't seem "right" in regards to Allen. I cannot believe that, if all was well, he would not be seeing more targets/yardage. I now am valuing him as a high floor, low-end wr2 instead of the high-floor, low-end wr1 that I had him penciled in as at the beginning of the season. Whatever it is, sure hoping it is short termed.
  11. PPR, Dynasty. These snips are pretty much where I am. It would take a lower end rb1 to get my interest. Let's say Hunt, Fournette, Mixon, Freeman, Cook. Or a strong wr2 if I had wr needs. In redraft I would lower my sights a little depending upon my rb strength vs weakness at other positions.
  12. Does anyone have camp/pre-season info that might show which wr(s), Rosen has shown a preference for? Edited: I am supposing it is Kirk?
  13. Absolutely agree. Was in this league ovver 10 years ago and bailed out. Rejoined this year at my brother's request.