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  1. Alex Collins is another name that also could be a possibility.
  2. He certainly has not given us anything to retain hope. But I'm going to hold into next year. He is a lottery ticket for which we had the slightest of hope for this year. And although that window did open and he has disappointed, I'll give him the "rookie year" pass into next year before abandoning ship completely.
  3. I'd whipsnap the accept button on that (dynasty) if I was getting Sanders and giving Mack.
  4. I am going in the opposite direction. I am/(have) dumped MVS and have added Lazard. This is on dynasty teams though on some of my rebuilds where I am hoping long-term he becomes the #2 that we (or at least I) thought MVS was. But on some of my rebuilds, I hold out the slimmest of hope that once Devante comes back, Lazard will continue to get looks and gain market share over all the non-Adams wrs and could become a stream starter.
  5. Pascal had a disappointing week. But so did the entire Colt offense. His last few weeks have been hopeful and I'd add him to the list of player to sit at the end of your bench and you might find you have something useful this year. I'd personally upgrade him deom a major flier to simply a flier.
  6. I have acutally recently (this week) picked up DJ, DT and Slayton. I have hope (but not expectation) that DJ and DT will be useful this year. DT is a clear drop at the end of the season (dynasty) even if he proves useful this year. DJ is both a this year and clearly a long play. Slayton is stricty a "next year" play.
  7. Wowzer... somehow that seems fitting for the dumpster of a team Snyder has created.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. And the Gurley reminder is most helpful. I agree he doesn't have a ton of value right now. But with him be activated for week 10, there surely is an uptick of interest. I just got a low ball offer tossed my way today. I was intent on holding, but I am thinking I will see if I can get 60 to 70 cents on the dollar for him. If so, I will take it. On a different (dynasty) team with more going for it, I'd definitely hold. I just can't afford nothing for him (ie, he never regains form) on this particular team.
  9. I see Dr. Dan weighed in. Anyone else with medical experience or other pertinent experience care to weigh in on Guice's odds to finish the next season? After stashing him all this time, with his return near, I am getting cold feet. I am thinking of selling him (dynasty) before he has a chance to prove or disprove his worth. Appreciate any other analysis of what we know of his injuries to this point and the perceived likelihood of permanent loss of ability or recurrence of season-ending injury.
  10. Give the Commish the ultimatum. If that fails, start the new league. - though due to records/playoffs this year, you'll probably need to wait until the offseason. But the knowledge that this will not continue beyond the end of this season would hopefully keep any more owners from bailing out. Hopefully whichever platform you use will allow you to structure it exactly as it is now - rosters, draft picks, draft order. It would be a bit of work, but certain it is doable.
  11. I don't want to mention names just in case other league members are here, but it will for players with a similar low floors but who I see signs that the floor will be rising slightly and who I also see a glimmer of hope to have their ceiling rise to flex3 with occasional sorties into flex2 territory (out of the 5 flex positions). Names you have know, but names that you'd be jumping up and down to have on your roster. After waivers run tonight, I'll be happy to post if you like. Edit to add: I put in waiver request in this order. Edmonds (whom I had not chance at due to waiver priority), AJ Brown, Devante Parker, Corey Davis. Devante Parker is whom I received. He will probably be on the bench this week where Ingram was (bye or no bye week).
  12. If I needed an immediate start/points, I'd take Pascal first. If I could wait, I'd have DaeSean and Pascal about even. I'd have both in front of Coutee whom I just don't trust to stay on the field.
  13. In a short bench redraft (start two rbs, one on the bench mandated). I am dropping him this week with one of my other two rbs on bye. League also requires at least 50 yards to get any yardage points. Just can't risk a goose egg. And I am not at all hopeful that things will get better within the next 6 to 7 weeks (when playoffs start). Though I am holding in dynasty (though much more willing to trade than before and perhaps for 90 cents on the dollar now), in short-bench redraft, it is "Bye, bye, Dixon" time.
  14. AJ with Wilson would be great for Seattle football. Although, given their offense, I am not sure it would leave AJ as an WR1. And fantasy-wise, it seems like it would kill Metkalf shares.