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  1. Without a doubt that info confirms me as a truther. I rate Dionte higher than McLaurin who I would rate somewhere between an upper wr3 to lower wr2.
  2. Wow! He is being traded as a low end wr3? I definitely value him as at least a mid-wr2. I guess that makes me a truther?
  3. Sutton got it done, but I don't think any crow eating is necessary. A rookie qb making his first start against a (now healthy) defense while the Denver O-line has not been without issues protecting the qb. 4 of 5 for 74 with one of the catching needing to be high-light worthy... two tds (one of which could easily have been an incomplete). Kudos to Sutton, but this could easily have been a 3 of 5 for 48 and 1 td. To me, THAT (3-48-1)was a reasonable outcome to expect for Sutton with (imo) the td being a 50/50 possibility (I really expected SD to harass Lock all day long), I benched Sutton for a "surer" option. It didn't work out for me, but I think the logic in benching him in Lock's first start is sound. But, as we know, the game still must be played and Sutton delivered...but not crow.
  4. Fun to watch, perhaps. Fun to prognosticate, not so much. In a 12-team PPR league with very short benches and already taking a zero (two byes at the wr position)...I had Sanders in the lineup. Deebo is available in free agency. I gulped and dropped Samules for Diontae Johnson.
  5. Better yet, it should be settable (or simply AUTOMATIC) that MFL simply cancels any open trades as soon as the trade deadline passes. No action by the commish or individual owners should be necessary. Like you, as a former programmer, I know this is a very trivial patch.
  6. How fast the merry-go-round spins. Just a few short weeks ago I was patting myself on the back for have a super #4 wr on my squad for the stretch run. Now he has slipped into a carousel of other misfits including his rookie teammate.
  7. What I want to know is fast forwarding to week 13 and beyond...assuming both Sanders and Samuel are healthy, is (and if so which) one of them the clear #1 or does it become an unpredictable mish mash? I am casting my teary-eyed vote for mish mash.
  8. +1. Especially with me probably taking the loss by holding him thru his bye and having to take a zero at one wr slot as result.
  9. Tim Patrick is interesting. But you'd best be factoring in a low ceiling. It certainly looks/feels (to me) that he is wr2 in Denver. James Washington is probably a short term bandaid. With the wr1 and wr2 (you decide which is which) looking like week 12 casualties, Washington would become the defacto wr1 for a week anyway. But I don't have a lot of confidence in Pitts passing game right now. They go against Cincy this week? If so, I could see them trying to establish the ground and pound if they get Conner or Snell healthy. That would kill most of the value for Washington even if he is wr1. If it unfolds that way, I think you'd be hoping he got a TD to salvage his day. Isabella. Don't have much knowledge of his situation to this point, but I'd be very fearful for his consistency. Very possibly could explode one game, but VERY low floor and good luck trying to guess which week to start him.
  10. Gotta think the altitude had something to do with it. However, the field was pretty messy as well. I didn't see all the game, but in the part I did see, several guys had trouble with their footing.
  11. For those with deep benches, he is certainly worth a speculative add for a couple of weeks to see if he sticks in an interesting situation.
  12. Thanks Bri. I currently have a waiver claim in, but good chance I won't get my guy and will end up with waiver wire dregs.
  13. Good adds. I view Gage and Agholor (higher ceiling) as now/short term need pickups and Lazard as a longer play with less chance of being useful this year but with a highest ceiling and very possible dynasty value.
  14. I've been holding D Walker for a bye week which has arrived. I'm leaning toward dropping him for a likely lesser option rather than risk a zero. I was "sure" he'd be back by now, and yet here we are. Anyone have info as to whether he is likely to play this week?
  15. So my team in my team in my long-time friends and family league is not as potent as I thought immediately after the draft: My 6 keepers (20-man roster and 10-team league): Kerryon Johnson David Johnson Keenan Allen Derrius Guice Odell Beckham Hunter Henry And a bonus pick (4th round pick but realizing that close to 60 keepers are already off the board, the 4th round pick is perhaps akin to a 9th or 10th round pick): A.J. Green Except for qb, k and defense, that's pretty much my starting lineup. It's very possible that not one of these will be on my team in 2020. One thing is certain, I will be picking 1st or 2nd. ugh