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  1. I am starting Gordon with confidence. Williams definitely if Ware is out. Not big on either QB option... trust your gut there but I lean Rivers. + your nobrainers
  2. Coin toss - but I lean Watson... I just don’t trust Breez in December. Texans need a win and Eagles are tough but Watson is rare talent and steps up in these situations
  3. I think this is a close one but I would lean Mahomes. I have Ben going against Mahomes interestingly. If TY can’t go though, not sure the wr options but he may be in trouble if you are ahead and start Ben. Not sure if u can improve at TE? Good luck
  4. DeAndre Washington- not sure how you rate but he looks up to form to me. 12 teamer 14 deep. Most of the same bait mentioned in similar structures above are avail too
  5. He is a little slow at learning, too bad he can't land in the right offense. Green Bay could be a good fit
  6. Lol why do you spend so much time just go with 1 league, fbg projections, recommended waiver picks, enjoy some beer and count your money at the end of the season
  7. He is in my line up replacing Foster. He looked strong on his carries last week - looked like he was running down hill each play, the type of back they need in this offense. Hoping for 8-10 carries at least with a chance around the goal line.
  8. His stats are better against bills historically than any other team. Will be interesting to see if he can keep the trend.