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  1. There is no way you can know if what you are saying is true. He may very well be over performing. He may also just be warming up. Years ago I thought like you and I dealt Arian foster for next to nothing in a dynasty rookie draft. Worst trade I ever made in my life. Williams could be a stud for the next 3 years and he is looking really good right now. I have him and right or wrong. I am not planning on dealing him.
  2. 12 Team Dynasty, PPR. Team A gave: Allen Robinson Team B gave: Mike Evans
  3. Why? Shanny Jrs Offense FEATURES the #1 WR. check the number of targets Garçon got in Washington with Shanny Jr. Norv's offense let's Gordon do what he does best, which is get down field and make plays. Shanny's offense is predicated on volume and short/intermediate crossing routes not pressing the ball down field hence the YPC #s for Norv's WRs being significantly higher than for Shanny Jr's WRs. Your statement is true in that Turner does feature more of a down field passing attack than Shanahan. However, one of the best parts of Gordon's game is his run after catch ability. When Andre Johnson had Shanahan as his coordinator, he had 2 of his best seasons statistically as a pro. His YPC was higher than Garcons and IMHO Gordon's YPC will be higher than Garcons as well. Johnson and Gordon are superior athletes to Garcon. More catches with a higher RAC should lead to a monster year if Gordon is allowed to participate.
  4. While I understand your point regarding the salaries of some other players, that thought process does not always hold true. I look at this as, if the GM knew JT was going to finally come through for them, does he sign these other players? Sometimes talent wins out over the monetary expense of other players. Wilson over Flynn last year is a good example of that. Thomas is showing that he has talent. IMO, thomas will get 15-20 receptions that could very well come at the expense of players like decker and welker. Peyton is so good at seeing the mismatch before the ball is snapped, with all the attention on DT and welker, JT will create a lot of 1 on 1 mismatches. In the end you may be correct, however JT is putting up solid preseason #"S right now, and thats with DT, decker and welker all on the field.
  5. Have you actually heard any rumors saying that denver is interested in Ivory? I think he would be a very good fit there, However I have not read or heard anything to support this. I'm not sure that Greenbay has a 4th, but without knowing that a team is interested, I could speculate that any team that has a need at running back and a mid to late 4th is an option to jump into the mix.
  6. Other than the fact that mallet is younger, does he add any upside that weeden doesn't.If we got him for a 4th or later I might say,why not. Bring the kid in and lets have a competition for that qb spot. If he were currently on this team I don't see him as a lock to beat out weeden. Not saying he wouldn't, but surely not worth a top 10 pick.
  7. Call me crazy but I'm buying.I think he may be one of my keepers now. I'm worried that if I let him go he'll blow up next year... And that sir, is the curse of owning mcfadden. i am cursed as well.
  8. Can anyone tell me how how tate is used. I don't see the seattle games. His catch to target ratio is very good at about66%. I am asking because I may have to use him, and was wondering if he is used similarly to percy harvin. I know his RAC abilitiy is good, so he is intriguing. Where as if he is being thrown the ball more just on curl routes or short outs to the sideline, ( any route that leads to a quick tackle or he is lead out of bounds.) I would feel his upside is limited and I would be more leary to count on him. Seattle throws the ball so little that I would think any progress by RW or slight change in the play calling could make him very valuable. Anyway any insightas to how he is used would be appreciated.
  9. I have no doubt Jackson will be elsewhere next year, but I'm not looking to grab/hold Pead. He looked very mediocre from what I saw this year. I suspect the Rams will be content to roll with Richardson, and draft a mid-to-late round RB, and let he and Pead compete for backup, with an outside chance at starter. You may be exactly correct. i have no quality argument against it. I just figured that when they drafted pead. They at least hoped he could be their future rb. Not the same with Richardson, He is more of a pleasant surprise for them. So while I would expect richardson to have a very definitive advantage going into next season. I still think pead will be given an opportunity to compete for the job. And you never know what a player will do with a year under his belt to learn, and an opportunity. look what arian foster did. Personally if I have a player on my roster who i think at least has a shot at an open rb spot. I'll wait until he proves he can't do it. instead of hoping I can pick him up after he proves he can.My theory would be different if jackson was coming back or if a decent free agent is signed.
  10. I think he is a hold RN. My opinion is Jackson will be gone,I believe his contract is up. I doubt that the rams make RB a priority in the draft. So my opinion is that he and richardson will be competing for the top spot next year so unless there is a more attractive player on waivers to pick up. I would hold. Richardson looks to be ahead of him at this point. But Richardson has not done anything to prove that he is a feature back. I have both and will wait and see what the off season brings.
  11. If you're going to be without Gronk or Davis this week, instead of looking at a guy with a high floor but no ceiling to speak of like Myers or someone unproven, fighting for action like Logan Paulsen, I'd advise you to grab Allen.Allen was already the RZ option over Fleener but wasn't getting many looks in between the 20s. I spoke in a thread dedicated to TEs how they were hurting each others value. That's about to change, at least for the next couple of weeks. Let's see how a single TE on this team would have been utilized and produced in a perfect world. (Name followed by targets and production) Week 1 Fleener - 10 - 6/82/0 Allen - 0 - 0/0/0 Combined - 10 - 6/82/0 Week 2 Fleener - 4 - 2/16/0 Allen - 2 - 1/3/0 Combined - 6 - 3/19/1 Week 3 Fleener - 2 - 0/0/0 Allen - 6 - 5/35/0 Combined - 8 - 5/35/0 Week 5 Fleener - 9 - 5/41/0 Allen - 5 - 4/28/1 Combined - 14 - 9/69/1 Week 6 Fleener - 6 - 4/42/0 Allen - 4 - 2/33/0 Combined - 10 - 6/75/0 Week 7 Fleener - 2 - 2/17/0 Allen - 2 - 1/9/0 Combined - 4 - 3/26/0 Week 8 Fleener - 3 - 2/24/0 Allen - 5 - 4/56/0 Combined - 8 - 8/80/0 I'm not saying 100% of Fleener's targets and production with swing over to Allen, because on average, it won't. These stats do however reflect how often Luck looks towards his TEs. This week IND faces MIA who's actually disallowed a single TE to score on them. They however, haven't really played anyone of real merit since O.Daniels in week one and have given up the 11th most receptions to the position. I'll use Myers as a benchmark, because he's so easy to predict, but I'll say Allen has a very similar floor this week but a much higher ceiling. If you're in a pinch and are looking for a TE, Allen is your guy. Although i have little use for this as my te position is fairly set. I appreciate the info presented here. I don't follow indy very closely and would not have noticed the combined numbers or potential for allen. One of the rare posts anymore worth reading.
  12. DeAngeloTurnerBoweCrabtreeMcCoyShonn GreeneHow do you feel Mendenhall and Beanie wells fit into this groupCrabtreeMendenhallWellsMcCoyGreeneI could probably be convinced to flip Wells and McCoy with a decent argument. To be honest, I'm pretty lukewarm towards the both of them. I wound up acquiring the #2 overall draft pick in my 10-teamer and paid a decent chunk to move out of it to #1 (#2 overall, #20 overall, #30 overall, and Owen Daniels for the #1 overall), mostly because I was just dreading the prospect of getting stuck with Wells, McCoy, or Brown. I would have just as happily traded down to 4 or 5 and picked up Harvin or Crabtree, but I wasn't getting any action that way, so I went up instead. I don't think Moreno is a great talent, but I'm a huge believer in that offensive line, and I think he's as good as, say, Matt Forte.Thanks for your opinion. Thats about where I have them slotted as well. I'm just haveing a hard time getting a read on these 2 at this point. Wells seems to be the most talented of that group(mccoy,wells mendy), but I watched the bulk of his OSU career and I question his heart. I like Mendenhall so far this year ,but again I question his toughness.
  13. DeAngeloTurnerBoweCrabtreeMcCoyShonn GreeneHow do you feel Mendenhall and Beanie wells fit into this group