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  1. Ajayi or Coutee..... half point ppr, .1 per yard, 6 for td’s
  2. Pick 3 (.5 ppr : 1 ppr for tight ends) Carson Ajayi Burton Eifert
  3. QB: luck, Big Ben, or Alex Smith Flex (.5 ppr, .1 per yard) Carson or Dorsett
  4. Latest update: ‏@MyFantasyLeague 4m4 minutes ago Saturday AM update... Putting the final touches on testing. Barring any setbacks, the plan is to have the site back up within next few hours
  5. from their twitter page...
  6. I'd rather lose with him in my lineup then lose because I had him on my bench..... don't bench a stud......
  7. No your not if you really thought that was awesome. I am indeed a Colts fan, in that I hope they win every game, win the Super Bowl, I go to 2-3 games a year, and I have tons of Colts' gear - but yes, I am 100% more a fan of my fantasy team than I am of the Colts. I don't think the two ideas are mutually exclusive though. I wanted Luck to play terrible but the Colts to win. Seems pretty simple to me. This is the Super Bowl for cryin' out loud. nope.... You're not a fan......
  9. As a Spiller fan, I really wish he was on a different team. Might as well be since Nate Hackett clearly has NO clue on how to use him, it's unreal. Between the tackles over and over and over. And then lots of screens to Jackson but none to Spiller. It's insane. Has any reporter ever asked during a news conference about this??? I should come up there and interview Marrone and Hackett... first thing I'd ask them is why is he used like this???
  10. update:
  11. not the most reliable source.. but just read on Twitter... Howard Eskin ‏@howardeskin 10m #Ravens Ray Rice I'm told got into serious trouble with domestic problem w his fiancée at hotel in Atlantic City. Got arrested. Out on bail See if I can find out more...
  12. any insight to the RB situation.... Is this 3 headed monster type thing going to continue?
  13. Been trying to find that out too... have seen Spiller running around and catching some balls behind the Gameday Pregame show...
  14. Can any homers here explain why Spiller is not involved in the passing game at all???
  15. Gotta hold him.... stash and enjoy playing him later in season when it counts.....