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  1. Curious as to how other leagues payout prize money...... What % of the pot goes to the league champion? (ours is 1/3) I've been thinking about this for a while now..... Most times the league championship game has players who were either no names or not on most rosters throughout the season.... (our past few super bowls have had names like these in the championship game: Greg Ward, DeAndre Washington, Mike Boone, CJ Anderson, Tim Patrick, Josh Reynolds, Jeremy Langford, Bilal Powel, Karlos Williams, and the list goes on and on...) ..... I think winning a division or having the most total points in a season means more to me than winning the Super Bowl... That shows continued success and is much more difficult to do. I understand being the last one standing and having to have success to get to the postseason..... but when I look back at our Title game matchups... I literally laugh at some of the lineups.... I've been thinking about proposing upping the prize money for division winners and total points champion at the expense of the League Champion.... Just wanted to hear some thoughts on this... Maybe I am way out of line.. Who knows.... GT
  2. .5 PPR .1 point per yard 6 pts per TD Pick 2 : DeAndre Washington David Montgomery Deebo Samuel Robby Anderson Curtis Samuel
  3. .5 PPR .1 point per yard 6 pts/TD Robby Anderson or Deebo Samuel
  4. Pick 2: .5 PPR, .1 point per yard , 6 pts for TD Robby Anderson, Deebo Samuel, Curtis Samuel
  5. .5 PPR ; .1 point per yard, 6 pts for TD's.... Robby Anderson, David Montgomery, Deebo Samuel
  6. Pick 1 Flex Spot: .5 ppr (1 ppr for TE) : .1 point per yard, 6 pts per TD Miles Sanders, Curtis Samuel, Eifert, Coutee Deebo Samuel
  7. Flex start .5 ppr , 1 pt ppr for tight end pick 1: miles sanders, Charlie Anderson, trequan smith, damion Willis, will dissly , Deebo Samuel, Keke coutee, JJAW, or Jaron Brown
  8. Ajayi or Coutee..... half point ppr, .1 per yard, 6 for td’s
  9. Pick 3 (.5 ppr : 1 ppr for tight ends) Carson Ajayi Burton Eifert
  10. QB: luck, Big Ben, or Alex Smith Flex (.5 ppr, .1 per yard) Carson or Dorsett
  11. I'd rather lose with him in my lineup then lose because I had him on my bench..... don't bench a stud......
  12. No your not if you really thought that was awesome. I am indeed a Colts fan, in that I hope they win every game, win the Super Bowl, I go to 2-3 games a year, and I have tons of Colts' gear - but yes, I am 100% more a fan of my fantasy team than I am of the Colts. I don't think the two ideas are mutually exclusive though. I wanted Luck to play terrible but the Colts to win. Seems pretty simple to me. This is the Super Bowl for cryin' out loud. nope.... You're not a fan......