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  1. Yeah, being stuck at 0 almost feels like the contest hasn't started yet. Hurry up Sunday!!!!!
  2. Now saying 3 dead. 2 injured. Gunman also dead.
  3. I'm sitting here at work and a message popped up from our corporate office about this. I guess its pretty close to where the shooting occurred, but we haven't heard anything since then. I'm about 2 miles from there and my brother works a few blocks from there. sad. so sad.
  4. I might need a ruling on which is the most embarrassing Sliding across the frozed creek in the winter, hit a tree root sticking out, up in the air, landed on head. Concussion #1 Went down a very long, very steep hill standing up on a skateboard, hit a rock, up in the air, landed on head. Concussion #2 Sat in a car driving for 8 hours, just barely made it to bowling league night, didn't have time to warm up, slipped a disc in my back on first ball, left a 7-10 split. First and only ambulence ride. Ex left a hot curling iron hanging from the bed frame, streched out to look cool on said bed frame, scarred for life with 2nd degree burn on wrist. Made up story to explain scar because its embarrassing. Got married. Not sure if its embarrassing, but it sure was painful.
  5. I couldn't even think of one until this post, but for me, its this all day long. I really enjoy this movie.
  6. Good luck to whoever gets in. I would throw my name in, but i really suck at auction drafting.
  7. I just finished season 1. I liked it. I'm not good at doing reviews or talking things up, but it was my kind of show. I would say comparable to "The Killing" Its an anthology, so season 2 will be a different story completely, I guess.
  8. I just dropped a deposit on Carribbean Beach Resort room beginning of December 2019. I read that the reimagining was supposed to be over by the end of this year, but there is still a "under construction" discount on that hotel through the end of next year. The twins will have their 3rd birthday while we are there, so I want to get down there before we have to buy them tickets. Plus, I only had to put down a deposit and I can cancel if I need to. The older kids have been asking to go back ever since our last trip where we did the Halloween. I definitely knew I wanted to do the Christmas one next time. We shall see.
  9. The trick is to have so many teams that you have a share of every player on every team in every game so no matter what happens, it affects you positively and negatively. You can watch 13 hours of football with 100% mixed emotions.
  10. I hate 5-9, and 10 is barely ahead of those. This year I like the 1-4 spots. I think the talent that is still available at the 2-3 turn dries up pretty quick in the middle of the third. Jordan Howard, Joe Mixon, Aj Green, Mike Evans, Jerrick McKinnon, Devonte Freeman, Doug Baldwin (dropping now due to news), and Kelce have all been staples at the 2-3 turn. A start of Gurley, Kelce, AJ Green is pretty damn good. You can do whatever you want with strategy the rest of the draft with that start. I see a lot of people going for those rookie RBs in the 3rd, and I may live to regret this, but I just am not sold that last year was a trend as opposed to an outlier when it comes to rookie RB impact. I'm certainly not willing to spend a 3rd, but when you look down the board, I think Fitz and Diggs and those guys might almost be a reach there, so I think you need your 3rd pick before the 3.05 and that is why I like the first 4 spots. As for the 11-12, I also like the turn. I feel like when I draft from the middle I try to get too cute and wait and then miss out on some guys I want. At least at the turn, I tend to stick to my draft plan and it fits my style a little better. I drafted from the 7 spot and the 6 spot recently. Hate those teams. My FFPC main event spot is 10, so not too bad, but I better get mocking from that spot.
  11. Rick Astley has that same affect on me. You're not alone. She'll never truly understand.
  12. Can't tell me this won't be awesome.
  13. its all fun and games until somebody loses an Eifert.
  14. So, if you have the 1st or 2nd pick in the draft, and it falls right, would you be willing to go Elliot, McKinnon, Mixon in the first three rounds?