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  1. That's great. looking forward to seeing what you had. I did not do so well, but I didn't put too much into it. I did end up locking down $2500 in the FFPC Main, so there's that.
  2. I used Breida in the other one i entered.
  3. My Monday night showdown strategy is to put the guy in the captain spot who can hurt me the most in season long. This week, its T. Coleman. Anybody else use this strategy?
  4. Agree. I like him in the Captain spot. He is cheap comparatively.
  5. Sounds like I needed it more than you.
  6. Salvaged the week a little bit thanks to that garbage defensive TD by Dallas last night in the showdown. Captain was Cooper, then Barkley, Prescott, Dallas D, and the two kickers. 2.5 points from #1.
  7. I wasn't going to go through the whole thread, but went back a couple pages to see if this one was listed. I just watched with the wife and 17 year-old daughter. Daughter couldn't watch and had her head buried in the blanket the whole time. Wife hurt her throat screaming a couple of times. I don't usually jump at the jump scares, but this one got me good. and I knew it was coming. I don't care for the Blair Witch style of camera work, but the concept had my interest, so I watched to the end. I liked it.
  8. The cold here on the north side of Cincinnati wasn't the bad part for us. The worst part here was the 20+ mph winds. My poor little 2 year old twin daughters could only make it around to about 15 houses before we had to head home. I'm glad they got to do a little, and to be honest, they don't need too much candy anyway, but it sucks they couldn't enjoy it more. I handed out the candy after we got back home and I noticed there were fewer smaller kids going around, and that is too bad because those are the best costumes to see. Those toddlers dressed up just make people smile.
  9. Hard to come up with anything worth a crap in the showdown tonight. I guess I will put SF D in the captain spot and work from there.
  10. Yep. I’m liking those WRs also
  11. Thank you for this. I knew I was way off on the specifics, but the idea of it has always stuck with me.
  12. Conley will be even better if Dede doesn't travel with the team.
  13. I was one of the 5K+ who had Pit on Monday night in the Fanduel contest. Last year, I got knocked out in week 9, and I can see it happening again. I'm sticking with my strategy and picking against the Dolphins.
  14. Something just struck me that I heard when I was younger. I can't quote the source, or even the exact wording, but it went something like this: Intelligent people discuss ideas Average people discuss events Idiots discuss other people (I am not calling anyone an idiot, specifically) Decide which one you want to be viewed as and go from there. I think it might apply to making this forum better.
  15. @KarmaPolice I think Min @ KC and GB @ LAC both have a "chance" to shoot out. I think I fade the two you mentioned in GPP and aim for those for the stacks, and then sprinkle in one from those other games. Seems like it could be a solid strategy for GPP. First run at GPP Rivers, McCaffrey and Cook, Keenan Allen + Anthony Miller + Crowder, TJ Hockenson, Lazard, and the mighty Pit D. Completely boom or bust, but its worth a couple bucks. Its hard to fit the top two RBs in, but like you mentioned, I don't see a lot of value in there.