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  1. My wife is wanting to get a 75" TV for the living room. I am hesitant to go back to Samsung because that is the model we have now and it just starts turning off and back on randomly. It drives us crazy so now we don't even bother to use that TV. I am not sure why it is doing that, but my wife tells me it has been doing that for a while. I did exhaustive searches on how to fix the problem (one that apparently Samsung won't admit to) and find a lot of people with the problem, but none of the "fixes" work. I like Samsung, but I don't want my wife buying a TV if it is going to start doing the same thing as this one. Still, I'm not sure what other brands out there are even worth it. I guess if we find the right BF deal, anything would be fair game.
  2. Caesar

    Tyler Boyd without AJ Green

    Bengals fan here. The Bengals promoted Auden Tate from the practice squad today and that is significant. He is obviously no AJ Green, but I will say if there is a WR in the organization that can give you the "look" of AJ Green, then I think he is the guy. He is raw, and will likely make some mistakes, but if they put him in there to mimic what they would try to do with AJ, then I think it will keep Boyd freed up to work the middle. Tate made some highlight catches in training camp and preseason and Bengals fans are hoping he can move that into the real life football. This is his chance to work onto the game day actives. (if he is inactive, I would be surprised.) Also add in the fact that GIo and Ross were back at practice, and I think you will see Ross try to stretch the field as that was not really AJ's main function. They got Ross to stretch the field to open things up for AJ. If he is healthy, then the defense will still need to pay attention to him. Gio gives them an added target in the passing game that they haven't had in over a month, so I don't think teams will be able to key on Boyd. It'd be better if Eifert was there, but Uzomah was banged up a little bit before the bye week and seems to be closer to full health with the week off. There are enough capable weapons there that I think they will be ok. Sunday 1PM game at home against a team that gives up fantasy points to the WR position. Year, I think Boyd will be fine this week. We will see going forward.
  3. Awesome!! Nice job, good sir. I advanced using Chicago as well. Tennessee knocked about 2000 more out of the Fanduel contest, so we are down to 8317. It gets really tough from here on out, but I'm sticking with Green Bay this week.
  4. Wait. So from your earlier posts, does that mean you are the SOLE SURVIVOR??? Winner winner, big steak dinner?
  5. Week 11 is definitely looking like the one I will have trouble with. I will seriously consider picking Arizona over Oakland.
  6. Of the three teams you listed there, I have only used KC, but I am not sure I want to use the other two this week. Chargers break two of my guidelines. 1. They are on the road. 2. Its a divisional game. Raiders suck hard, but I try really hard not to pick divisional games, and definitely not the road team. NE only breaks the rule of being on the road, but Ten is that team that I never want to pick, but I also don't want to pick against (kinda like the AFC version of the Giants). NE should win that game going away, but Tennessee has enough of a team that I don't want to pick against them at home, even the Patriots. (full disclosure, I am still thinking on this and it may be the way I go) Weeks get tougher after this, and it'd be nice to have NE as an option, but that won't matter if I am out of it. The team I am considering is Green Bay. Yeah, they are 3-4-1 and the Dolphins are 5-4. I never expect to pick a team with a losing record over a team with a winning record, but it fits the other requirements. Its a non-conference game, and the Packers are at home. Could be cold weather, which I am guessing is not good for the South Beach squad. And looking closer at the records, the Dolphins have 5 wins, 1 on the road (NYJ) and 4 at home (Ten, Oak, Chi, NYJ). Only team in that group I'd call a decent team is Chicago. The 4 losses, 1 at home (Det) and 3 on the road (NE, Cin, and Hou). All teams that are currently looking at the playoffs on the road, but the home loss to Detroit is ugly for the resume. Green Bay has 3 wins, all at home (Chi, Buf, and SF). They tied a good Min team in GB, and have 4 losses. The losses are all on the road (WAS, DET, LAR, NE). Those are some quality teams, excepting Det. The both beat Chicago and lost to Detroit and NE. I don't see a clear cut differentiation between the two teams, to be honest. The Packers don't look right, but they have played some quality opponents. Miami looks ugly on the road, and competent at best when home. Maybe I am trying to talk myself into this, but I just think I will take Aaron Rodgers at home over a team that hasn't shown it can go on the road and play decent football. Only other place I can see using GB is week 13 against Arizona. NE would be used week 16 against Buffalo. I know its presumptive to think I will still be in it then, but in the contest I am in, it will go all 17 weeks, so getting knocked out week 10 is no different than getting knocked out week 16. There are 2-3 options I like week 13 besides GB, but really the only option I like for week 16 is NE. Green Bay is my pick, but like every week after week 2, I'm nervous about it.
  7. Ah. gotcha. Now your post makes sense. lol (and I agree)
  8. WTH are you talking about?
  9. This is a tough week. I am with you on this, and I am hoping to not be praying for a last minute miracle again. It can only happen so many times in a season, right? I'm calling this game Chicago 14, Buffalo 3. And 7 of the Chicago points come on a pick-6. What a clunker of a game. At least I won't be watching if I get knocked out.
  10. So, I actually did a little homework on this, and it turns out that you are right. I don't know if its most states or all states, or even my state, but it is a law on the books. I understand the law as written, but I do think that there is also a practical aspect of this. Its just not feasible to make that lane merge in that distance without holding them up while I sit in the right lane. So, I now altered my route. I take the preceeding exit, and it doesn't really add much time, but this way I avoid the whole issue. I really only need to do this during the high traffic times when people like to sit in intersections. And just so you know, I am not being a smart alec at all. I am being 100% sincere. The last two days, I have taken a different route because of you correcting me. I appreciate it and can admit when I am wrong.
  11. If its in the PSF, I think I will pass on that for now. I can look it up.
  12. I don't post in the political forum at all but I do read it from time to time. I wish it was rational in there, but it isn't. I don't think it is productive to get into a war of words with people on a message board. This is my opinion, so for what its worth, your post placed blame. In my experience, and in reading a lot of these threads, the moment someone starts the conversation in the direction of placing blame, it goes south. The one side feels the need to defend itself, and that usually escalates into unreadable attacks back and forth. It is usually accompanied by the "who, me?" innocent schtick as though the words weren't intended to be incendiary, but clearly were. If it hadn't been you, it would have been someone else. It is sad because I find this stuff interesting and I actually do like to hear all viewpoints on issues, but that just doesn't seem to be possible. Thus, my comment that rational discussion is lost. My agreement or disagreement with what you posted is completely irrelevant. I've just seen it too much in here and judging from following posts, I was not alone in my assessment.
  13. Any more information on this? All I heard was they were looking at somewhere in Florida. Was that the suspect or another package? I'm thinking suspect because, well, Florida.
  14. Only problem with your logic is the fans were calling for ML to be fired after his 4th playoff loss. Fans have nothing to do with it. Stupid owners, now that I can agree with. And since this isn't a hijack. I like the idea of going for 2. Makes the next decision a no-brainer no matter what the outcome.