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  1. Our cleaning company uses pressure washers and sends em as far into oblivion as possible. Then they end up in the drains. You don't want to see the pictures of some of the things we have pulled out of there.
  2. It was hard for me the first time I went again as a fan. I had to balance a few things on knees and with hands and with two 2 year olds wanting to move around as well. I never would have thought about it until it became part of my job to make sure those issues get fixed.
  3. If this is the unofficial Rush thread now, a little sad news today. Produced Presto and Roll the Bones RIP
  4. I will add one that nobody is going to listen to. When you go to a ballpark or stadium, don't just drop your peanut shells on the ground. Not only does the salt corrode the gutter system, but the shells themselves back up the drains. Unless you are at Wrigley, because, well, its the Cubs. TIA
  5. That is fine, but you live in NY according to you profile. I don't believe the Mets and Yankees are operating at a break even pace either, but for some teams like the Marlins, Royals, Pirates, etc., that is much closer to the truth than people want to believe. Do they stand to make buttloads of money when they sell the team for a 400% profit? absolutely. But most of these sports owners get their millions from other sources.
  6. Key words there, and they're pretty important. What is the Yankees and Dodgers payroll compared to the Royals and Twins? I understand that 48% of the broadcast revenue goes into a pot and is split among the 30 teams. The other 52% goes to the team that gets that contract. YES network (used to) pays a heck of a lot more for broadcasting the Yankees than Fox Sports Kansas City pays for the rights to broadcast Royals games. I don't have the exact numbers, but suffice to say that the Yankees make a lot more in broadcast revenue than the Royals. Yankees payroll is over three times that of the Royals. Teams payrolls are generally based on what they are going to get for all revenues combined. You also have to take into consideration the cost of opening and running a facility. Maybe you think its nothing compared to payroll, and its a small percentage, but its not nothing. Also, do you think the deals are for a season, or for a per game basis? If its the latter, then they will not be making their full amount for the 2020 season because they won't be playing a full 162 game schedule. This article is a couple of years old, and the number it uses are even older, but I am sure the number have increased at the same rate for both revenue and expenses for most teams. Broadcast revenue and revenue sharing made up approximately 53.4% of the total revenue. You also will notice that of the expenses listed, only ballpark and game operations might actually take any real decline due to not having to pay for things like cleaning up after a game and ushers and ticket takers. So, if a team is operating at a break even pace, losing 46.6% of its revenue while the cost of almost everything else stays the same would put them at a loss. Even if you cut the players' salaries in half (the current player's ask) and assuming full broadcast revenue (not likely), you start out taking almost a 20% loss. You can look at other revenues like stadium naming rights and advertising on the outfield wall, which might make up the difference. Again, old numbers and I don't have real ones. I am just stating based on everything I know and read about, the owners would take a bigger loss. That's not to say I am on their side. I think there is a way forward for baseball to be played this season. I just hope they can come to an agreement soon.
  7. You may be 100% correct. I am not sure about that part of it. As far as I am aware, Bonilla agreed to those deferred payments, as do many other players, but I don't think they had anything to do with injury. It was more like asking for a guaranteed pension upon retirement added into their contract. Its a win for the team because they defer the money to later, and it can be good for the player because he keeps getting paid long after they can't play in the league anymore.
  8. its really pretty simple math if you know the numbers, but since the players don't trust the numbers the owners are giving them, it stands to reason they are not going to agree to what is being proposed. As far as I can tell, the owners will lose a crapton of money if no games are played at all, BUT they will lose even more money if they play the games with no fans and pay the players 50% of their contracted salaries. If you consider a payroll of 200 million for the year, 100 million would be paid in salary. If the broadcast revenue is the only thing coming in, that has to be at least 100 million for the owners to break even on playing the games. If the broadcast revenue is only 75 million, the owners lose 25 million more by playing the games than if they don't. That is simplified, but it gives a general idea of what is being faced. The biggest incentive for the owners to play the games at all is the future of baseball. I think you can kiss goodbye (and may have already) a lot of fans if they don't play baseball which will cut down on revenue over the years to come. Is it 25 million spread over 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? I don't know that answer, but I think long term, they lose more if they don't play the games. Still, that is hard to swallow for most teams. Many have already furloughed and given pay cuts to full time staff, but really we are talking pennies in savings compared to the players contract salaries, but that is probably a different discussion. All in all, when playing sports as a player, you have a limited window of opportunity. A career ending injury this year could potentially devastate a player. While that is true every year, playing for a quarter of your market value would make that much worse. I don't think either side is really being selfish. I think they are looking out for themselves and need to come to a workable agreement. If I were a player's rep, I would propose deferred salaries spread out over a time that is workable to the owners. This allows the owners to not take as big of a loss this season, but the players still get what they are contracted to get over the long term. It also protects against players in their last year, either due to retirement, or something worse. I see it as the only way to really get past the financial hurdle. Maybe the higher salaries are spread over a longer period of time, and the lower salaries can get all of their money within a year or two. It could work. Oh, and I voted equal blame because they need to figure this S out. Can't wait for baseball.
  9. Oh, I don't know that it is cheap, per se. I am not even sure what a board-foot of walnut goes for now. Some of it is kiln dried and some is fresh cut, so would have to air dry it and wait a while, but based on what I see, there isn't a huge difference in the prices. I think the people selling the fresh cut are trying to make a few extra bucks. There is a Woodcraft nearby that does have a nice selection of live edge woods. Some exotics with prices well into the hundreds. I don't have the skill to do something like that, but it sure would be fun to work with,
  10. Good work. Thanks for showing how it all came together.
  11. I keep seeing walnut for sale around here and I would like to pick some up for a future project, but I'm still finishing up the extra room in the basement, so the next woodworking projects are an electric fireplace and a built in unit with drawers and shelves. No walnut in those. My wife and I have different ideas on the furniture down there, so I've lost my creative license, for this project. I did run dedicated circuits in the garage while I was running electric to the new room, so at least now I have an outlet for the table saw, one for the sliding miter saw, and then a few more for other needs. I'm pretty excited about that actually.
  12. Its going to be rough. Schedule was built to allow for a two week delay in case of the virus still looming. Week 1 games would be pushed to the end of the season and week 2 games would be played during teams respective byes. If that should happen, there would be NO bye weeks after the season actually starts.
  13. Cutting Edge is a good one. Midnight Madness was awesome cheese. For me: The Long Kiss Goodnight
  14. Just got done running conduit in the garage. I now have a separate breaker for the room I am finishing in the basement. I have a dedicated outlet for my table saw, one for the chop saw, and three additional outlets for whatever the hell else I decide to plug in. Finishing the rest of the basement is coming along. I have the electrical run, the drywall is up. Doors are installed. Lights are in and working on the dimmer and the additional lights in the two remaining unfinished areas are now working since I have power. Next step is to mud. I think I will suck at this, but I watched enough videos that at least I won't suck worse than some.