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  1. What are your thoughts on the choice for opening day starter?
  2. thanks for reminding me. I was thinking about that one when I saw it, but forgot about it. Will give it a try.
  3. Couldn't remember the name of the show, but I was going to mention that it was on Netflix. Only four episodes. I think the soy bit was the most interesting part of the series.
  4. I got promoted to Rookie. First order, join the holy shuke clan. :crickets:
  5. I hate when I see an upper/lower end qualifier in front of a range. Its really annoying. Really just makes me think everything is a scam. (on this note, the housing market listing a house for a range is also stupid. freakin' California) Ex. Up to $17-$34.50 an hour or "rates as low as 3.25-4.25%" Does this annoy anyone else besides me?
  6. I have decided to accept the position with the Reds. It really wasn't too difficult of a choice. Pending a background check, I will start around the first week of March. GO REDS!!
  7. I wish. Busy time of year over there and I might not see anything on paper until Monday.
  8. This is actually BIG in how I feel about this. It just shows they had the ability all along to do it. Even though it is one of the top 50 companies in the US, there was never a question about ability. It was about their willingness to even ask for it from the people who could make that decision. Even if that decision had been "no", I would have at least felt like they tried, but they didn't even submit the request.
  9. I prefer to hold off on that right now publicly. Nothing is guaranteed yet but i will post it assuming everything works out. I will say its a new position they just created, but it takes over multiple responsibilities.
  10. Yes. This is what I am thinking as well. I think I will be happier in the new job. I do have other reasons, but I will keep those to myself for now. Its just a really cool opportunity that I will likely never have again.
  11. I met with over 20 people down there today and they were all really great to talk to. Lots of excitement for the season, sure, but I think they are just really good people. That makes a difference because the hardest part about leaving my current is the great people that I work with. Honestly, I think my company would have to do a lot more than just match base salary, and I just don't see them doing that.