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  1. I am curious how others handle this situation. At my last place of employment, they would have HR make that phone call, so I never really had to worry about it. We only interviewed 3 candidates, so I only need to make two calls. The first one will be easy. He was out of our price range. The second one was a good candidate who I would hire under other circumstances. How would you convey that while giving the "bad" news. There is also the chance this person could still be offered a position if our number 1 candidate doesn't pass background, but that usually takes a few weeks and I don't want this young man to have to wait for an answer that long. Shtick always welcome.
  2. I'm right there with ya, GB. Its especially tedious to constantly hear about it from fan boys in the 40's (my age). I don't generally give people crap for their likes and interests. To each his own. I just can't fathom how there are so many people that are so into that stuff that they keep pumping it out, seemingly month after month. It doesn't even move the needle for me.
  3. You are correct, Sheik. I am hoping to get a World Series ring someday. When I left my old job, I told my boss "You all might be able to match the salary, but I'll never have a chance at a World Series ring here." His reply? "Well, you won't have a chance there, either!" 😂 A man can dream.
  4. This is a great post. I think you will find that there are many who have gone through, or are going through, something similar. That can be a great sounding board and area of support when you need it. This people on this forum have always been there to support others. Don't let the anonymity fool you, the real people behind the keyboards have the biggest hearts I have ever seen, and they really do care.
  5. I didn't like the part where it says they are expecting him to be ready "toward" the beginning of the season. oof. However, I also seem to remember him get a 2-4 week injury last year or the year before, and he was back playing within 10 days, so hope he's just a fast healer. ETA: Moustakas makes for real nice insurance at 3rd if Suarez is not ready, though.
  6. They said the same thing last off-season. It’s only a matter of time. I used to hate the idea. Now I am all for it.
  7. That and his injury/vertigo history will make potential trade partners wary, I think.
  8. I will start by saying I have no direct knowledge of the front office plans, other than to put together the most competitive team they can with the intention of winning THIS year, and into the next several. One of the guys on the grounds crew told me about the signing, and then we were talking to a few guys in the tunnel, and there is a general buzz and excitement here at the ballpark about the team this year. Your thoughts on them moving Senzel are not uncommon, but for any real upgrade, I think that might have to include India or some minor league pitching. I'm not sure if that would include Lodolo or Greene, but I have to believe they are trying to work any and all options. I think they are a slam dunk reliever and maybe an upgrade at SS or C to really be in the mix for a title. They also need to stay healthy and have a bit of a bounceback from Votto. I think this team has a good year, and hopefully we can finally get a postseason win for this city. Its been too long.
  9. I have thought about this, but it would be more like the Beatles thread. More a personal list than the expected. I would write a little bit about why or how some of the songs impacted me or the nostalgia they bring when i hear them. I would eliminate live songs and Feedback from the list, with a few exceptions where i actually like the live version of a song better. the beauty of Rush fandom Is that you can talk to 5 different fans and get five completely different top 10 lists. For the casual fan, Tom Sawyer and Limelight, etc. will always be there, but for the die hards, its much different. they were such a musical and diverse band that its hard to argue someone else’s favorites. I am not sure if I am the biggest Rush fan on the board, but I’d be near the top. I have gone months listening to nothing but, and i suspect i will be doing that for the next few. If i did it, it would be every song from worst to first. I think some might be surprised at my least favorite.
  10. Wouldn't ya know Double Agent came across the shuffle this morning on my way in. Followed that up with my favorite Rush song of all time - Kid Gloves. And if you are a Alex fan, you gotta love THAT solo. ETA: I meant to say Alex.
  11. I was second row center in Cincy for that tour. Most vivid memory was when they played Double Agent and the line "and the cross of holy FIRE", right when the word fire was sung, 25 foot flames shot up out of the stage. I still remember the intense, albeit very brief, heat emitting from those flames. It was incredible.
  12. I did. Was offered the job. When I brought it up in the interview as an answer to one of their questions, you would think they hadn't even read my whole resume. I turned down the offer.
  13. I kinda miss Bennigan's There was one across the street from the naval base in Orlando where I went to school for a year. Lot of nights working on the their 100 beers from around the world. Almost got my name on the wall.
  14. I've only been to the Western Row location of Blu Ash, and it was horrible. I have been told the original location is the way to go. I am mostly Skyline, but will do Gold Star in a pinch. Camp Washington was ok. I did enjoy the atmosphere. Only been there once. I actually like Price Hill Chili as well, and they do have a very nice sandwich menu if you are ever stuck on the west side being held against your will.
  15. That water stain in the ceiling tile is all I could see.