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  1. Thanks for the opinion. The guy first overall had a team name.. something Scientists, and I thought it might be you. Anyway, Kelce and Theilen went at the 2-3 turn. Mixon, Howard, Guice, and McKinnon went the next 4 picks after I took Baldwin. Then T.Y. Hilton, McCoy, and Amari Cooper. I guess had I gone with Theilen, which I actually like Diggs better this year for where they are drafted, I would have had Theilen and maybe he takes Freeman or maybe not. Either way, I could have gone any one of those RBs, but didn't want to start RB/RB/RB. In hindsight, I think I will consdier that next draft because RB really drops off after the 4th round, IMO. Now that I am thinking about it, I was off Baldwin the last two years, but I like him this year, so I would have likely taken him over Thielen anyway. Minn is going to look a lot different this year, I think. If I had gone with Kelce and then gotten Freeman or Mixon in the third, that would have opened me up for Alshon in the 5th, but another receiver wasn't taken after Alshon for 10 picks, so given how it panned out, I think it wasn't a bad first 5 rounds. Starting in the 8th is where I started screwing up a bit taking guys a little early. Maybe I should have taken Kerryon Johnson instead of Garcon or Sanders. That might have given me a little more upside at RB. Fun draft, and I'm starting to catch the bug again. Took longer this year than most.
  2. I didn't play them last year, but didn't RTSports have a bunch of these leagues? Maybe they started charging a premium, but I do remembering a few years ago reading the analysis that they had the best payout % across all tiers.
  3. First one of the year. I don't have a good feel this year as I have not really been following as close as most years. I'm playing with house money at this point, so we'll see what happens. From the 2 spot. QB: Newton (9), Winston (17) RB: Bell (1), Freeman (2), Gio (8), Powell (10), Clement (11), Gore (16) WR: Baldwin (3), Tate (4), Sanders (6), Garcon (7), Stills (12), Allison (15), Moncrief (18), John Ross (20) TE: Engram (5), Watson (13) PK: Elliot (19) DEF: Chargers (14) Like my starters. Might be concerned about my depth. Whatcha think?
  4. My work is 30 miles away. "luckily" I leave for work at 5:25AM, so there isn't any traffic to deal with. Takes me about 35 minutes. On the way home, I can leave as early as 3, but most days its later. The later I leave, the longer it takes, up to 90 minutes. If I wait it out and leave after 7, I usually don't have too much traffic, but that just sucks.
  5. Was looking at the fire stick because I didn't spend for a smart TV. I really just need Prime Video, Netflix, and Youtube, but it seems the fire sticks don't have an app for youtube anymore? can anyone confirm? One of the reviews said to go with Roku. I could care less except for the fact that the fire stick is on sale right now.
  6. Big question for me at this point is will they make it back to .500 by the end of the season. I personally think they will fall short, but I do like the direction its heading. I think they get close and end up at 79-83, which would be pretty good considering the start. Some questions to maybe get this thread talking a bit. What do they do with Homer? Who gets traded? Who should be traded? Does Riggleman get a deal to take over permanently, and do you think that's a good idea? Do they contend in 2019? 2020? I know everyone was down on this team after the 3-18 start, but baseball's ebb and flow has always been and always will be. Oh, and I love watching them beat the Cubs (and hopefully the Cardinals)
  7. Got the screen made and mounted and the projector mounted on the ceiling. Looks great. I figured out the reason for the trim on the edges. Its to help keep the ends flat.... duh. The good thing is I can pretty much do that any time and you can't tell at all when the projector is on. We messed up the bottom right corner and got a little wrinkle, but again, can't really tell at all when the screen is on. Ended up at 128.5" diagonal. My wife really likes it as well. I had to order a 30ft HDMI. The 25ft one I have is going to be about 2ft short.
  8. Agreed. I had fake shutters and thought they looked stupid, so I took them down and painted the faded rectangle a different color, so now I have FAKE fake shutters, which is cool and a MAJOR status symbol. You should all do it.
  9. I usually bring my lunch but sometimes I get fast food or order Indian. I eat at my desk. Most of the time, I am working, the rest of the time on FBG reading about various stuff.
  10. They still got that declining population thing going on?
  11. I am glad you posted it when you did. I immediately cancelled my order for the 3100 on Amazon and went and purchased the 3700 on Best Buy. The reviews for the 3700 have me really excited for this. Hope to have it set up by the end of the week. On your next trip to Cincy, I owe you a few drinks.
  12. I am going to do this. I am looking at NOT doing the wrap method since I have done that with canvas and I hate doing the corners. Not sure what the real advantage of that would be in this application anyway. One thing on the non-wrap method I found interesting was the guy in the video seemed to put the border tape on first and then put on the trim whereas on the step by step, the website says to put the trim on first and then the border tape. I guess it doesn't really matter as long as you can get the border tape on straight. The only advantage I see to putting the trim on first is that it gives you an edge to put the tape against but the advantage the other way is a cleaner look (IMO) without having to worry about separation and some white showing. I'm thinking I will go with the cleaner look.
  13. And just like that its back up to $1299 at Best Buy.