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  1. Caesar

    PGA Golf DFS

    I decided to delve into the PGA dfs scene this year. Helps that I didn't want to cash out over $600 on my football winnings, so I had some cash left in there. I have also heard that golf dfs is a lot of fun, and so far, I have to agree. Didn't cash the first week at all, but was close on both my entries. Last week, I did a little better. In for $18 and cashed out $15. This week, I am tied for first in the albatross after the first round. Phil/Cantlay/Putnam/Armour/Svensson/Knous My process is basically I have no process, but I am learning. In this particular week, I stayed away from guys who started on the Stadium course, so that's probably why I did well in the first round. Will see where I'm at after today and tomorrow when everyone has had a chance to play it.
  2. Caesar

    Supreme Court Rules Sports Betting Legal According to this, PA is GTG. 7. Pennsylvania The Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course booked the first legal sports bets in Pennsylvania in mid-November 2018. The move came just over a year after Gov. Tom Wolf signed a new sports betting bill as part of a broad legislation push that included online poker and DFS. The October 2017 bill became effective after the Supreme Court's May 2018 ruling upending the federal ban on single-game betting outside of Nevada. A number of other sportsbooks have also obtained a license to operate in Pennsylvania. In a June 15, 2018 letter to Pennsylvania officials, the NFL expressed concerns about consumer protections, data, enforcement issues under the bill.
  3. Caesar

    Supreme Court Rules Sports Betting Legal

    I read it is legal there now. ETA: Maybe it is a casino nearby to the stadium in Pittsburg that I saw had approval.
  4. Caesar

    Supreme Court Rules Sports Betting Legal

    I live in a tri-state area. All three states have a bill proposed, but it seems the Ohio one is still just a placeholder. Looks like Kentucky and Indiana might be closer, which is close enough for me as a casual wager-er.
  5. Caesar

    Supreme Court Rules Sports Betting Legal They don't specify which states, so its more of a thread bump than anything. Anyone know any updates for their state?
  6. Caesar

    What is the best mattress?

    My wife and I recently decided (mostly I decided) we need a new mattress. This one looks interesting. I'm probably not ready to pull the trigger on it yet, but will be next month or in March. If you get this before then, let us know what you think.
  7. Caesar

    House of Cards on Netflix

    I watched the last season back in November. I kept meaning to come in here and reiterate what everyone has stated. It was horrible. The ending was idiotic. I kept looking for episode 7 because nothing was resolved.
  8. Not to pick your list apart, but Hue Jackson was an Offensive Coordinator, QB coach, and RB coach before being a head coach. ETA: I agree that the new NFL is better set up for offensive minded success.
  9. If we are disagreeing that he got a raw deal, then you are probably right. I'm not saying he should be head coach in Cincinnati, or anywhere, just that I think he didn't get a lot of support in his first two opportunities. The Raiders fired him after one season, an 8-8 season, and then went 4-12 the next two years. The Browns were a dumpster fire from the time he showed up. He probably didn't make it better, but I don't know the details of what he was dealing with there, so that is why I said he MAYBE got a worse deal. He did himself no favors, and I don't want him as coach of the Bengals. I think it would send the wrong message. Vance Joseph has also been linked, another mistake to even consider in my opinion. But I don't run the Bengals, and I never will. I just suffer the decisions. I won't spend a dime on the team in any way until Marvin and Hue are both gone. I've been saying that since he was hired on as special assistant. I watch the Redzone channel. I don't even watch the Bengals games, but I do hope they win. I just didn't expect them to with Marvin and I sure don't think they would with Hue. I'm also old enough to remember the Dave Shula and Dick LeBeau head coaching years, so I'm a little worried to see something like that again. Bruce Coslet? OH, crap! Its happeneing in the NFL all the time. One year and fired? Talk about a hair trigger. I don't know who the right guy is, but I know the Bengals failures over the years have had two things in common: preparation and in-game adjustments. both of which I put right on the head coach. I want someone who has proven to be effective in those two areas, and I think the talent on the team will take them to higher successes.
  10. In all seriousness, if they make Hue the head coach, it could further alienate the fan base. Not that I think Mike Brown cares, but it would. I'm a Bengals fan, and I might be one of the few who think Hue got a raw deal in Oakland, and maybe a raw(er?) deal in Cleveland, but they need a whole new approach and I don't think they get that with Hue.
  11. Is Gene Hackman available? John Voight? They can interview Denzel Washington, ya know, just to make it look like they are following the rules.
  12. Does anybody else get the impression that Spacey sees this whole thing as a joke? Delivers pizza to paparazzi while wearing a "retired since 2017" hat? I don't think he believes he did anything wrong. That might be the scariest part of all (assuming the allegations are true)
  13. You think Roethlisburger is one of the top 10 of all time?? lol He barely cracks the top ten during the years he's been playing. Take your blinders off. He simply started the trend for a QB to be too fat to tackle. Its all he's got. numbers are all based off everyone around him being good, which is the only reason he even gets mentioned. Dude wouldv'e been out of the league 5 years ago if he had gone to Tampa.
  14. Caesar

    DraftKings week 16

    I should have clarified that this would be a gpp lineup. I feel like Cooper's ownership will go down because of his dud last week, but he has a good matchup. I do like Barkley as a pivot, but I am wondering if my personal need in my season long (shot at $25K) is clouding my judgement on him. Indy D has surprised me recently, and it just doesn't feel like the Giants are committed to, well, anything. I will have to look closer at Samuel as the stack play. I was sold on McCaffrey, and considering Ian Thomas, but didn't feel great about him at TE for 3500. I think saving 900 on the chance that Ertz isn't the focus TE is worth the gamble in what I see as a great matchup for TE.
  15. Caesar

    DraftKings week 16

    Was high on Mack and now this just makes me feel even better. Was planning on fading Chubb, but might reconsider now. Anybody interested in starting Heinicke at QB this week? 4K at QB gives you a lot of room to get in an extra high priced guy. Looking at Heinicke/Mack/McCaffrey/Anderson/Cooper/Hopkins/Goeddert/Cohen/49ers for the main slate.