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  1. That is beautiful work. Love that joinery.
  2. So, I moved some money a bit, and talked to the wife. I have decided to splurge and buy a contractors Sawstop table saw. The safety feature is pretty important to me because my son, who just turned 11, has shown an interest in doing some woodworking with his old man. I think that cost is well worth it to get him into a skill that doesn't involve a PS4 controller. And if his interest fades, well, at least I will be safer. This will be incorporated into a mobile work station to include a router table and dust collection. I'm hoping to have this built by the end of September.
  3. I started a woodworking thread, and that is a pretty good hobby. It can get expensive, but it doesn't have to. Even you don't want to go full building and making stuff, you can just restore old furniture and resell it, or donate it, or whatever you want to do. I bought a damaged $700 dresser for $17 and fixed it up. Put another $15 into fixing it, and now have a nice dresser in my son's room on the cheap. Could probably sell for a couple hundred if I wanted to (I do) but my wife won't let me.
  4. Cuba, Curacao, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Turkey, France, Italy, Greece, Israel, Spain, China, Japan, Australia, India, Philippines, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, UK (Diego Garcia), Dominican Republic, and the United Arab Emirates Also Guam Oh, and California
  5. Back in 2004, I had was single, and lonely, and I pretty much hated myself. Trying to learn how to talk to people on the outside, going home alone at night and fighting depression. I got a dog. I was on recruiting duty at the time, which means long hours, and not much money. That poor dog was there for me when I needed him, and I was not around enough to take care of him the way he deserved. I tried to give him affection when I was around, but sometimes, I was overwhelmed by life and even man's best friend couldn't get me out of my funk. I didn't happen right away, but the dog became aggressive. Too much isolation and not enough love. He ended up biting a neighbor, and I had to put him down. the neighbor was fine, but I was never the same. I have learned to live with the guilt, but I have never forgiven myself for that dog, who deserved so much better than I could offer him at the time. I get choked up just thinking about it, even now. After that, I learned to try not to always be selfish. To think about other's plight and feelings. I always want to treat living beings with respect, never miss an opportunity to tell them how much they mean, and to show them the affection and attention they deserve. My username is a constant reminder of that. That dog's name was Caesar. I owe him my life.
  6. Same here. I think a lathe is pretty far down my list. Not because I don't want to learn, but there is just so much else to do first. I do have a bandsaw on the list somewhere, but there again, my list could be 100 items long if I just gave it an afternoon to think about it. I think it really depends on what you like to do and what projects give you the most satisfaction. If you like turning, then maybe that's really all you need. It will be cool if people start posting pictures of their work they are proud of. I'm hoping to make something to be proud of eventually.
  7. This is why I am not in the market for a new table saw. I think its ok for now, but I do need some new blades, I think. I just looked up some prices for some good blades, and OMG, for the price of 3 new blades (combination, crosscut/plywood, and rip cut) I can almost get a new table saw.
  8. I'm waiting on THIS to arrive. It's expensive and a long lead time, but this is the kind of system I need to maximize the time I have for this hobby.
  9. I know what you mean. One of the reasons I want to devote some time to it. I have at least two projects on every level of the house, plus a few in the garage. Top floor: shelf for laundry room. small bench to go between sinks in master bath. Basement: Finish the unfinished area into 5th bedroom. Make a cabinet to hold toys and hide wires to sound system. middle level: chair moulding in dining room. Large shoe rack with sitting bench for mud room Garage: New workbench. Cabinets for tools and stuff. A couple more tables for other tools that can roll out of the way. Outside: Build out deck. This will not get all done this year.
  10. The one I saw was a 60V max system circular. I think they had another cordless one by dewalt, but I was worried it wouldn't be powerful enough to do what I needed it to.
  11. totally agree. It makes a nice tight joint and very easy to do. Love the pocket hole jig.
  12. I can add these to the list. i bought the air compressor and the nailers in some kind of bundle. Have come in handy a few times. Are you talking about the pocket hole jig or some of the cabinet making jigs? I have several of these as well, and they are handy when that is the kind of work you are doing. I also have a jigsaw and I don't know what brand, but I hate it. Its capable of doing mitre cuts, but it doesn't have the capability to lock in at 90 degrees, so if I even slightly take pressure off it moving forward (for example to make curves), then the damn thing tilts downward. I have cracked my knuckles on the board many times with that stupid thing.
  13. I almost went with the cordless dewalt circ saw, but at $300, I just couldn't justify it. I'm not sure how much I would need one to be cordless with what I do. Now that I have said that, I will probably need one within 3 months. I have a 11' by 21' garage that I can use, so it is not too big, but not too small, either. I am working on space efficiency ideas right now. Next project is a rolling workbench that will incorporate the table saw, router, and possible dust collection into one movable unit. I built a rolling workbench before and it turned out great. It was my first big project, and it still works fine, but now that I know what I know, I need to expand on the idea of it and make it more of what I need. The router table being one of the biggest things I want to have.
  14. I would think a hammer and chisel would be a little easier than rasping out. Once you get a starting hole, you should be able to line the chisel up along the grain and just chip away little chunks until its a enough hole. Without a lathe, I don't know if I would try any other power tool. Are you using forstner bits on the drill or are you just using a big ### drill bit? The only other idea I have is to pour some oil in the holes you have already drilled and wait a few days and then try to do a controlled burn out of the center wood. Its a good question and exactly what I hope gets people talking in here. Good luck.