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  1. I think Michael Thomas is in for a surprise. He never saw any double coverage with Cooks on the field. I am glad to see Cooks out of NO. They never used him to his full potential. Sending him on fly patterns on every play made no sense. I would like to have seen them use him with more screens and slants and see what he could do with the ball after the catch. I suppose Ginn is gonna stretch the field every play now opening things up for Thomas? LOL.
  2. How would a fumble be scored? Same way? Also - how would fantasy sites count a 2pt attempt that is returned the other way?
  3. Yesterday Ben Roethlisberger threw 3 INT's. (3:42) (Shotgun) 7-B.Roethlisberger pass short right intended for 11-M.Wheaton INTERCEPTED by 77-A.Rubin at PIT 39. 77-A.Rubin to PIT 37 for 2 yards (66-D.DeCastro). (14:18) 7-B.Roethlisberger pass deep left intended for 84-A.Brown INTERCEPTED by 25-R.Sherman at SEA 35. 25-R.Sherman to PIT 39 for 26 yards (84-A.Brown). (Pass formation) TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. 7-B.Roethlisberger pass to 84-A.Brown is incomplete. ATTEMPT FAILS. Seattle #25 Sherman intercepted the pass in the end zone. However his stat line only shows 2 INT's. Our league does not score the 2 point conversion attempt but we feel it should count as an INT and -2 in our scoring system. Because we also award 2 points for completing a 2 pt conversion pass. I tried to search this here in the forums and I don't see it being brought up before. We host our league on myfantasyleague which normally has the most complex and complete scoring system. Anyone else dealing with this?
  4. Hoyer over Brees. Can't get past just how bad the Saints defense has been. Eli - 6TDs Mariota - 4TDs Cousins - 4TDs Rob Ryan was fired - so there is a slight fear the new staff might light a spark on that defensive unit. Also a fear that Hoyer coming back from concussion could take an early hit and be knocked out of the game. But I need points and after Gano and Panthers Defense ruined my Thanksgiving, I will be looking for an early Christmas present.
  5. Bell not closeI can't imagine why anyone would possibly accept that deal for Bell. 4 week season apparently.
  6. Bradford is not better that Foles. That is just insane. Can you find any statistical data to back that up? Or are you going on their draft position or what scouting reports said about these guys 5 years ago?
  7. Apparently Denario Alexander is not available.
  8. Its the system. Any QB can succeed in Chip Kelly's system. That is why it was smart to let Foles go! (Still bitter Foles fan and dynasty owner)
  9. Nick Foles Record as starter under chip Kelly. - 14-4 (0-1 in the playoffs). Perfect System Fit Michael Vick - 2-4 The guy just as good Mark Sanchez - 4-4 Don't sell me the system works for any QB. Because the one guy that does not fit AT ALL is 14-4 as a starter with other worldly numbers in 2013. In 2014 he is 6-2 with no running game (remember how the Eagles lost at the 49ers - afraid the run the ball from the 1" line with the game on the line), offensive line in shambles, and his best deep weapon sent packing. Oh by the way Maclin had his break out year too - thanks to Foles. I never understand why the media and fans don't give Foles his due. Hopefully he will be given a chance in St Louis and continue his career path that in on par with the way Brady started his career. Nick Foles first three seasons (as the unwanted guy) 28 games - QBR 94.2, 61.6% completion, 46 TD 17 INT. Tom Brady first three seasons - 32 games - QBR 85.8, 62.6% completion, 46 TD 26 INT. Here's to hoping Nick goes on to have a great career and prayers Sam Bradford can survive an NFL season.
  10. Who would be in Tier 2? Gronk is for sure all alone at the top. But Graham still has to be the clear #2 TE in fantasy. Don't try to sell me that Julius to the Jags will be anything. Kelce, Julius, Bennett, Eifert are all still a step behind. Plus I don't think you make a big move for a guy like Jimmy Graham if you don't have plans to use/feature him. He will be the clear cut #1 receiving option in Seattle. I don't think the fantasy hit will be as big as the board is making it out to be. Still #2
  11. yeah, and if I remember right he had a hard time learning the playbook in Buffalo or Indy. If he had a hard time picking up buffalo's playbook, I'm not sure if he will be able to pick up Andy Reid's playbook. How many 5 yard pass patterns can there be?? Fortunately with Alex Smith 5 yard routes are all he needs to run.
  12. Blame the refs.... Luck got screwed. Didn't the comeback kid get the ball back with 3 minutes to go and fail to get a first down? Rotoworld Andrew Luck completed 20-of-34 passes for 172 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception in the Colts' 30-27, Week 2 loss to the Eagles on Monday night. Luck saved his night with the three touchdowns, but he could have easily tossed three or four more interceptions. And the interception he did throw shouldn't have been one, as T.Y. Hilton was completely mugged on the play. The 5.1 YPA average is nearly two yards off his career mark. OC Pep Hamilton continues to be the problem in Indy. He consistently dialed up runs to Trent Richardson, who was having an okay night, but not a good enough one to warrant 22 touches. When Luck was asked to throw, it was short passes. The Colts travel to Jacksonville in Week 3. Luck is an obvious QB1 in a favorable matchup. Sep 15 - 11:41 PM I like how Luck apologists point to Foles numbers being exaggerated by dump off passes to sproles and watching him do all the work. But did'nt Luck throw two tds to his RB? I guess the same rules don't apply. Should have been a 3-4 interception night for Luck. But the Colts lost because of the refs.....
  13. The stat line is deceiving. Foles couldn't complete anything downfield outside of a couple shots to Zach Ertz. Instead, he simply dumped balls off to Darren Sproles and LeSean McCoy and let them do all the dirty work. Foles just isn't seeing the field like he did in 2013. He'd be a bigger story if the Eagles hadn't been able to overcome 14-point halftime deficits in back-to-back weeks. He missed a wide-open Jeremy Maclin in the end zone Monday, and threw another pass well behind Ertz. Foles will remain on the QB1 map next week vs. Washington. Sep 15 - 11:48 PM Rotoworld: Foles didn't win the game for his team. Luck didn't lose it.Now exchange the fortunes of Foles and Luck and what's the narrative?Rotoworld: Andrew Luck, the King of All Qbs, does it again singlehandedly dominating the Eagles Monday night. Nick Foles again sucks so hard it hurts. Start looking at Sanchez in the next few weeks.I noticed how Rotoworld does not mention that the 1TD night could have easily been 3TD's if Cooper and Celek did not drop TD passes.
  14. At least Foles did not throw a costly INT while in FG range where they could have gone up by two scores - which then led directly to the game tying TD drive. Then come back out with a chance to win the game with 3 minutes left and go 3 and out - leading directly to the game winning FG. Luck lost this game tonight. Foles won't get any credit again. Media will blame bad calls and Trent Richardson for the loss - Luck is just bullet proof as he has been anointed the next great one.
  15. While we're doing hypotheticals, imagine Foles was a 1st round pick and Luck was a 4th. Would people still feel the same about Luck given what he's accomplished so far?Luck has taken a team that was the worst in all of football the year before he got there to the playoffs in back to back years and won a playoff game last year. Yeah, I think people would still feel the same about Luck. Foles, I don't know.And Foles took over a team that was 4-12 the previous year and had a 2-4 record before getting his chance to start. Then went 8-2 to win the division and had a lead the last time he was on the field in their only playoff game. I wonder if Foles threw 3 INT's that game against the Saints but won (helped by the star player got hurt (IE Jamal Charles)) - then the next week goes to Seattle and throw's 4 INT's in a total white wash loss - if we would still be talking about Foles as a guy who is going to be a 10 year starter. Gotta give the NE Defense credit though. They faced the likes of EJ Manual, Geno Smith 2x, Josh Freeman, Case Keenam, Jason Campbell, Ryan Tennehill 2x, Thaddeus Lewis and only managed to intercept one QB 4 times in a game. Andrew Luck! Just gotta give Luck the free pass. He is a gamer! The #1 pick! The once in a generation talent! ESPN and Mel Kiper say so!