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  1. thx guys, I am using MFL, not sure how they define the team defenses before they decide between, DT, DE or LB (we do not use Edge designation)
  2. Can anyone point me to a site that lists what defense each NFL team will run in 2020? Thanks
  3. You can.No.Thanks for the info, just looked through the whole thread and found this on the last post.So by way of example, just to be sure ..... - I downloaded version I on 8-10-09- I go to my input tab and click on "get latest projections"- I then click on "create cheatsheetThis then gives me an updated listing based on the latest projections and I do not have to download the latest rev which is now Rev L1 which was updated on 8-25-09Correct?If the answer is yes, will FBG's advsie if there are changes to the VBD program other than updates to player stats/rankings?I recall in previous years that every once in awhile FBG's would find and fix bugsThanks and have a great 2009 season all !