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  1. I am talking specifically the LL Bean Double L polo.
  2. Also, for sizing, I am 6’1” and weigh about 220 and I get the Large/Tall.
  3. Outside the occasional day I choose to wear a dress shirt, I always wear polo shirts too; and, like you, I do the short-sleeved for half the year and the long-sleeved the other half of the year. I wear mostly LL Bean polo shirts. I get their Double-L polo because I don’t like thin polo shirts. (I find most brands are t-shirt level thin. I like a bit of heft on the shirts.) Also, the LL Bean shirts offer “Tall” sizes. These work well for me as my torso is a bit long so the Tall shirts tuck in better. I find these polo shirts wear out after years of wear and do not shrink. They go for around $32 each. There are no logos on these shirts, nor are there pockets (which I feel should not be on polo shirts). I strongly suggest them.
  4. PPR (pretty standard PPR) Start one: James Conner (RB, PIT, at SF) or Marquise Brown (WR, BAL, at KC) I'm leaving ever so slightly to Brown.
  5. Good morning. PPR Kerryon Johnson or Devin Singletary? And is it close between the two?
  6. Still very warm in the basement. 75ish
  7. This is why I also think Bill brought in Brown...for when the Pats play the Chiefs in the playoffs this year.
  8. I recall significant there should have been.
  9. Collusion? Please explain. On NFL Network, just after 9:00am today, Ian Rappaport said to the effect of "Once Brown was released, teams were immediately able to contact Brown/Brown's representatives in an effort to bring him to their teams." He said it's a recent/new rule. So the "you have to wait until 4:00" thing was refuted by Rappaport.
  10. Am curious as to the language in the contract that might protect the Pats in the event we get to "AB being AB". (Manny Ramirez reference.)
  11. Other than when the new board was started (I'm going to get some facts slightly off; cut me some slack) and there was a thread where everyone essentially signed up, this thread has had more activity in it in one day than I can every remember.