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  1. Unfortunately, for me, that is what sticks out the most about him. Like you said, he just didn’t look like anything of note in that game.
  2. Um, nothing prevents the Red Sox from signing Betts after the 2020 season...
  3. So is it JUST the Roth IRA or is it 401k until maxed and then the Roth IRA?
  4. Basic question: My son (20) is in the working world and I talked him into contributing 10% to his company 401k. Should he be doing a Roth instead?
  5. Might have a top-5 entrant here. I get: 1.02 I give: Saquon Barkley Deebo Samuel Sam Hubbard 1.05 The good part is the other owner said it is negotiable.
  6. Heated, at least in any bathroom with a shower.
  7. If you EVER anticipate selling the house, I would suggest you leave the knobs for the fan blowers. I have a fireplace wood-burning insert and if it wasn't for the blower, it would not heat much more than the living room. With the blower, it helps heat the house. (We use this heat to supplement the oil heating of the house. The thermostat is set to 62 and the insert gets us up to 70ish.) I would just think having the blower to allow for additional heat would be another selling point.
  8. Weird. My dad is a vet also and he is able to get a new set, at no cost, every two years.
  9. It looks like if I had a heavy snowfall and went to use this that I would destroy my back trying to pick up that much snow. I get that using it to plow would work, if it was a light snowfall.
  10. I read posts in this thread but continually feel ultra-ignorant about all except for the basics. I have been contributing to 401k’s/403b’s for 20+ years but still feel ignorant on matters.
  11. Once ever. 12th grade. Got in a fight. Dude came up behind me and hit me in the back of the head. Only time in my life I went berserk. Four people pulled me off the dude. Adrenaline shakes for an hour. The dude was an ###### from forever, got suspended for 2 weeks. My only time ever, bounced for that day.
  12. Tough to choose between Angie Harmon and Stana Katic.
  13. Is Tyreek Hill worth the 1.01 in a PPR league?