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  1. Have a burger question. For when grilling burgers at home, what buns do you use?
  2. Not correct. I had been with TruGreen for about 15 years before stopping this year due to money worries with Covid. I now have a good amount of crabgrass (and clover) where I had not had it for years.
  3. I really dig the dance scene at the end.
  4. A bit scary how large these can be now. It is as if the chickens are the size of ostriches.
  5. Whatever you do, invest in a good grill cover.
  6. Unless you will be in the house for a year, I would advise not “cheaping out”. Definitely use tar paper and stick with the same bundles of shingles. You will need extra for the ridge too. I would suggest drip edge at the bottom row as well Just do it right the first time so you do not have to redo it in a few years. Plus, you will see it every day.
  7. Not sure I would say Anna is a Hall of Famer...
  8. If nothing else, you could check your league mates at 1.05/1.06/1.07 and see if you could drop down and recoup something else of value. If you have to pick RB at 1.04, Patricia might not be long for Detroit so Swift might work out.
  9. Z14:
  10. Just made this trade. 2.06 was OTC. I sent 2.06 and Hunter Henry for the other owner's 3.06 and 2021 1st. He had the worst record this past season. He didn't have the 1.01 and with his only other pick so far this draft, he took Joe Burrow. Just need to hope there is no MAJOR supplemental draft this year to sap the strength out of the 2021 draft. I feel good about this one. EDIT - With the 2.06 pick, he took Justin Herbert. I feel better about this one.
  11. With 1.08 OTC, I sent 1.10 and 3.10 for the 1.08. With the 1.08, I took Justin Jefferson. It is just that this is where I see a tier break, even though I think it will be interesting that Jefferson did most of his damage this year out of the slot and that is where Thielen does most of his work.