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  1. I just want Tiger Woods to miss the cut.
  2. Got this one yesterday: My AJ Green for his 2019 4.12. Not saying "worst EVER" but pretty freakin' bad.
  3. Would you mind imparting your grilling details for these? I would like to try this.
  4. I think it would be good for the NFL to make it legal between the end of the Super Bowl and OTAs. Why restrict it during that time?
  5. Does anyone else worry that Metcalf, due to his astoundingly low body fat percentage, will continually break down because of how tightly put together he is? It's like there is no flex to him.
  6. PPR Gave: Dede Westbrook and Quincy Enunwa Got: 2019 2.02 and 2019 3.02 Basically, I thought both were JAGs.
  7. Biggest thing I see as a parent is teaching them how to learn. I never cared how they did for grades as much as I wanted them engaged in what they did. Teach them about focus and persistence, not as much the actual classes.
  8. Didn’t work for me AT ALL. Was just a big waste of money as it is pricey and I was told you really need to take it for a few months so it can build up in your system.
  9. Oh, please. Tell me your team’s town and there are probably instances of wrong behavior we could find. What is the purpose of going this route???