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  1. Part (most?) of why I asked for recommendations is having seen good sets and crappy ones and hoping people had ones they felt were well-made.
  2. No “participation” trophies. You had to actually WIN. No bike helmets Drive-ins Drinking water from the sink Skin-a-max Only one tv in the house No microwave ovens You got news from the newspaper or the tv AM radio Only one car Mother’s didn’t work
  3. Good morning. I am asking for advice from FFLers on a draft board for a live draft I am having next week. Looking for something like a sheet that has columns for the teams and rows for the rounds; as part of it I envision sheets of labels (by position) with the players names so a person drafting can walk up to the board, pull off the player’s label and stick it on the proper slot for the team/round. Whatcha got? Thanks all...
  4. So, so in... This is one of those movies I always watch when I scroll around and see it is on.
  5. I wonder if this is truly correct. Sounds too crazy to be believed.
  6. Well, as men, we know what we were looking for when we were young. So why WOULDN’T we be overprotective of our matter what their age?
  7. 101 Ways to Break a Collarbone
  8. The Autobiography of Jackie Mason.
  9. I like the idea of paying off my mortgage as soon as possible. I admit it. My wife and I have had a 15-year mortgage now for a while and it will be paid off in 2 years. And I cannot wait! I want the security of having it paid, and this is the key, because I cannot predict how long I will be employed. How do I know my job won’t be eliminated or outsourced (I work in the medical IT software field and this does happen). Gimme the security.
  10. I don’t even want to guess at how many stitches I have had.