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  1. He does equivocate with "excessive smoking" and admits to being a light smoker (10 smokes a day). Also at 6:00 mark...when he takes off his glasses to speak with "Mr. and Mrs. United States". That just kills me. Indochina: Winchell had his insiders and it was four months later that President Eisenhower first mentioned "falling dominoes" during a press conference.
  2. Walter Winchell popularized the phrase "America - love it or leave it" in his defenses of McCarthy. His role in the red scare cost him his episode from 1953. Things haven't changed much. He also popularized "G-man", "making whoopee", "Tell it to a judge", "giggle water", and "flicker".
  3. Nothing quit like politically humping dead people. Just a reminder of how dumb M#######s are.
  4. Fmr Trump Voting Commission Official Forced to Apologize for Falsely Accusing People of Voter Fraud
  5. Make the flag from natural fibers, and then ignite. Better affect for fire.
  6. Well it's new for the young that struggle with the math and science.
  7. The “scientists” who support Trump’s choice to run the EPA are creationists with opaque funding sources This is the same group from the OP link; The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation
  8. Here is a blog post that has links to the original studies...from 2011.
  9. The people that use the "Trump hate" are projecting their approach to modern politics. They mostly rely upon gut instincts and feelings rather than the collection of data/facts that are sorted through by logic and reason.
  10. Here's a nice video from 2011 that explains. This is where climate change denialists started with the entire "Hey, its sun cycles!" But the study was done by solar physicists not climatologists, and they didnt say anything about climates on earth.
  11. Your link to the babylonbee article was not a link to a parody, it linked an article that used satire and sarcasm. I'll just avoid both, since I am doubting you can tell the difference.
  12. So sarcasm is allowed just as long as I use an outsourced form of sarcasm and dont create original content in the forum. Got it. I think.