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  1. Thanks I ended up putting both of them in but I still have some HU to enter so I'll do a lot more shares of A. Good point that A is safer.
  2. Trying to decide between 2 cash lineups for the main slate. Maybe I should run both? They are identical except for these differences. Which would you go with? Team A: Newton, Pitta, Crowder Team B: Cousins, Olsen, Howard Team A has a significant QB advantage but Crowder is a little risky for cash. It could be all DeSean this week.
  3. Well that worked out. Up another 15% this week. My cash lineup scored 167pts. Doing much better at DFS than my FF leagues.
  4. Revenues are good but I believe they lost money last year because of all the advertising. I hope the reduced advertising (it seems) keeps them in the black. Also cautious because of the whole Full Tilt thing and UIGEA. I'm hesitant to get more serious and put thousands on there.
  5. Rodgers-Jordy stack carrying me in GPP right now. The talk motivates Rodgers big time.
  6. I play DFS (DK) with fun money so while I do only use 20% of my BR total, I skew a little bit toward the high variance side. I am using 1 cash lineup if I love it and really believe its optimal. I use that lineup in 80% of my entries but I split that 80% into about 45% H2H, 45% DU, 10% TU. The other 20% is GPPs and QUs. I use a different lineup for every entry, sometimes with a core if I really like it, sometimes all different stacks. I like my GPP lineups to have 3 or 4 low owned players and the rest can be chalky. The only time I'll go contrarian across 5+ in the lineup is in the free contests.
  7. I'm DK only and a little concerned about the health of the site. Things have really skewed toward FD out there this year it seems.
  8. You mean head-to-heads? Just starting to get into those, I joined them all tonight. Seems best to wait closest to sunday morning to get more pure gamblers craving action. Not too sure about H2H yet though, it's a lot of work searching for everybody on rotogrinders. Amazing that there are guys sitting there waiting with only 3 $1 H2Hs who are like top 200 ranked players. 50/50 and DU, I start joining those as soon as I settle on my cash lineup, typically thurs and fri. It seems the fields get smaller as it gets closer to sunday and you want the largest entry events. I never join anything under 200 entry
  9. Week 1: BR +53% Week 2: BR +15% Week 1 could have been amazing. I was ~500th in a 36K entry GPP going into Monday night and I was one of only 3 entrants in the top 500 with 2 players to go. Those 2 were Gurley and Rams D vs 49ers. We all know how that disaster went. So I ended up fading way back into the 1000s as all the Antonio Brown owners passed me and ended up with a small cash. This week Gordon is a clear cash start but I will fade him for sure in GPP, he's so chalky. Him and Landry for cash I'm almost certain. DeAngelo is still priced very well on DK, I'll want that. I really like Pryor as my cheap WR in GPP. 10 targets last week and CLE is a huge dog to MIA whose secondary got lit up by Garoppolo. He's a bargain at DK at $3,400 ($5,800 on FD). People will be off of him because of the QB.
  10. I play them with a very small amount (10% of the week's spend) just to have some action. Makes me feel better focusing on Sunday only for the real thing.
  11. Good God why do they keep bringing on Sutcliffe? We don't like you go away. You're awful
  12. I've been struggling with this question myself. A lot of top DFS players run with 1 optimal lineup. But I have a hard time understanding why you would want that level of variance... Seems to me it's better to run with 2 cash lineups as long as you feel high confidence with both lineups. If you can't create a 2nd cash lineup you love, then go with 1. That said, this week I am trying 1 cash lineup and 8-10 GPP lineups all different (still setting those)
  13. Am I crazy or did something weird happen with Antonio Brown on DK? I had entered lineups and contests with him yesterday and those have all disappeared, and now he no longer appears in the player list. WTF? There are no Sun/Mon options for creating lineups either. I must be missing something obvious.
  14. Just a little update on me from way back in the thread, haven't been around much... Now active on Tinder, POF, and Match. Not really doing that well on those. Tinder has been absolutely nothing last couple months. I need better pictures and I need to update my profile - been lazy about that. Have gone on a couple Match dates with a 35yo blonde (I'm 44) who is pretty cute but a little big for my taste. Good news is the hot 25yo is now a full fledged FWB so I'm getting that just about whenever I want. She's cool with me dating but it's hard to be motivated with iDating when you've got that on the side. But I would like more action so maybe I'll get off my ### and work harder.