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  1. For those in CA... did every medical dispensary immediately start selling recreational, or is it only certain places?
  2. I switched to Sling a while back, which is good for me because I mostly just watch sports and news and it has RedZone. But holy god is their interface awful. Very painstaking to find channels and for some odd reason some channels cannot be made favorites.
  3. Can someone explain the Arizona and ASU rankings this week? I'm befuddled... ASU loses to Arizona by 6 at Arizona and... ASU only drops 1 spot to #4, which indicates the poll believes they are for real Arizona only goes from 17 to 14, which indicates the poll believes ASU is NOT for real What gives? I was expecting them to be close and both at about #8 and #9.
  4. OBJ is gone from Dodds' projections for Week 1. Was there earlier this AM.
  5. Dynasty league, my only other options at this point are Braxton Miller and Cooper Kupp. I'm probably leaving him in and taking a 0 if necessary. Would any of you sit him for Miller or Kupp? ...on the bright side I started Kareem Hunt on this team
  6. My son just turned 10 and he seemed down with the Easter Bunny yesterday. He doesn't believe in Santa anymore. My daughter is 8 and fully believes so maybe he's just being a good brother. When I was around that age my parents did a fantastic job of making it look like a rabbit ate some carrots we left out. That hooked me for another 2 years.
  7. I'm referring to the ability to quit at the appropriate time, not achievements. Tiger has been dragging golf along for nearly 5 years now. We all know he has no chance of being competitive, yet he keeps teasing the golf world and they take the bait. Romo never did any of that. He was hyped because he was QB of the Dallas Cowboys and he was a lot better than Quincy Carter. Not his own doing.
  8. The sports world needs more Romos and less Woodseses
  9. Only time my Pixel XL gets hot is when it's in the Daydream VR.
  10. Did anybody mention Nothingburger yet? All of a sudden in 2017 this has become a thing to mean a politician who has an idea with no substance. It's everywhere.
  11. I recently got this router: Do I like it? Well.. I have Spectrum (Time Warner) and I pay $60ish a month for internet. Had a 10 year old router that was getting me 26Mb/s and figured it was time to replace it. So I put in this router and BOOM.. instant 265Mb/s. It covers the whole house and broadcasts 4 networks (regular and 5G private and guest). Great router.