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  1. OBJ is gone from Dodds' projections for Week 1. Was there earlier this AM.
  2. Amari Cooper? that's an easy call
  3. Dynasty league, my only other options at this point are Braxton Miller and Cooper Kupp. I'm probably leaving him in and taking a 0 if necessary. Would any of you sit him for Miller or Kupp? ...on the bright side I started Kareem Hunt on this team
  4. yeah that'll do the trick
  5. A lot of self-justification up in here
  6. People should know that pushing a crosswalk or elevator call button more than once does nothing.
  7. Anything that is a huge change in status. I got divorced and went from filing married claiming 2 kids to paying more in alimony than some people make in a year, filing single, and not claiming any dependents. I also switched jobs so I overpaid for Social Security, which comes back. My bonus at work comes at the end of the year, another unknown. You know how hard it was for me to nail the proper W-4 withholdings back in May? Very hard. After spending a night doing in-depth calculations I thought I set myself up to get $3K+ back (being cautious) and I ended up paying over $1K.
  8. Did mine last night. Usually I do them first week of Feb but I actually owed this year. :-(
  9. My son just turned 10 and he seemed down with the Easter Bunny yesterday. He doesn't believe in Santa anymore. My daughter is 8 and fully believes so maybe he's just being a good brother. When I was around that age my parents did a fantastic job of making it look like a rabbit ate some carrots we left out. That hooked me for another 2 years.
  10. I'm referring to the ability to quit at the appropriate time, not achievements. Tiger has been dragging golf along for nearly 5 years now. We all know he has no chance of being competitive, yet he keeps teasing the golf world and they take the bait. Romo never did any of that. He was hyped because he was QB of the Dallas Cowboys and he was a lot better than Quincy Carter. Not his own doing.
  11. The sports world needs more Romos and less Woodseses
  12. I thought this was a law that required congressional approval to increase the cap. hmmm
  13. The first text I sent to a friend of mine when I saw the vid was "I'm glad he got his ### beat" because I figured he was a complete ##### of the type I've seen many times in airports. I've softened on that a bit. The guy deserves compensation for the excessive use of force and United should find ways to accommodate crews without bumping paying customers. I've also seen people who have gone the other way. Thought the video was horrible and then realized Dao was/is a crazy some#####.
  14. My dad worked for American Airlines for 30 years, so knowing a bit about the complexity of the business operations I tend to side with the airline. However it's a good point that a paying customer should never be displaced for employees as a matter of regular policy. i.e. the standard procedure is to bump paying customers because they have to send a crew to another city. They never do it for standard non-revs, but but they do it for crews. Why? They'll say because if they don't bump some folks, then a whole plane of 150 people somewhere else is impacted. Well, that's their own operational issue. I'm not saying legally, just in terms of the proper way to run a business.