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  1. Current level of Mexican illegal immigration is not as much of an issue anymore, and they are pretty damned good at just digging tunnels under walls anyway. That's how everything comes over. Oh yeah, and pot is gradually becoming legal in the US. What a complete waste of time and money just to make some racists feel better about themselves.
  2. Gonna have to go with U2 ZooTV outside broadcast with The Sugarcubes and Public Enemy opening. Love all 3 groups. That show was ####### incredible.
  3. I thought it was great. Need to see it again but I think I like it more than TFA. The last 45mins is the best action of any Star Wars movie IMO. The prequels should simply not exist, this is enough pre-ANH for me. Also more proof that Lucas is a horrible director. Now we have 2 movies by other directors (this one by the guy who did friggin Godzilla) that are far superior with the same base material.
  4. My new most disliked one is Santa Claus is Coming to Town by (I think) Frankie and the Four Seasons. "You better watch out.. you better not CRY EYE EYE!!!" ugh.. is that guy's entire musical legacy the annoying EYE EYE noise he makes from "Big Girls Don't Cry" ?
  5. Thanks Sinn Fein
  6. I'm going to be in London next month and I'm trying to figure out how to buy tickets to a Crystal Palace v. Everton match. It seems you need to be a member of the club to buy tickets? StubHub doesn't seem to have any. What's the best way to buy tickets from the US? Is there a way?
  7. A) Redzone has no commercials B) If you only watch Redzone you won't see much or any of that C) Redzone mostly shows just the scores, so everybody looks great
  8. If it weren't for Redzone and DFS, I might stop watching. Because of those I'm into it more than any time in my life.
  9. The only candidate I've felt really good voting for (going back to 1992) has been Obama. Although I don't love Hillary it's really not that hard to vote for her. I don't buy that she's any more corrupt than a typical politician. Bernie or bust people (and the like) are crybabies. Not voting for Hillary doesn't help your cause at all. Try again in 2020, progressives. Like Bill Maher says, if they are out of the fish just order the chicken.
  10. My above contest against Assani was a $1 H2H So, yeah, if Assani (#8 ranked DFS player) is playing some $1 entries then we all should be too.
  11. Won $3.80 this week yay. I beat Assani Fisher H2H by 1pt
  12. Was thinking of taking Smith out of my cash lineups but 15-25mph is not that bad. If wind does end up being a big factor, a West/Ravens D could be a nice stack.
  13. Last week was my first losing week, BR down 10%. I'm rolling out 2 cash lineups this week. One with Brady and Antonio Brown, the other with Big Ben and Edelman. I prefer 1 cash lineup but this week I want a good piece of both offenses in case one of those 4 players has a monster game. I have a fairly complex method for my cash entries because I don't like them being completely double-or-nothing. I've been spreading them out like this: 55% Heads Ups, 35% Double Ups, 10% Triple Ups The HU are good for not having a total washout when I have an off week. I post about half of them (limit to 1 opponent) and game select the other half. I post my HUs as soon as my cash lineup is set - usually thurs or fri. I select HU opponents on saturday night to hopefully scoop up some fish.
  14. Thanks I ended up putting both of them in but I still have some HU to enter so I'll do a lot more shares of A. Good point that A is safer.
  15. Trying to decide between 2 cash lineups for the main slate. Maybe I should run both? They are identical except for these differences. Which would you go with? Team A: Newton, Pitta, Crowder Team B: Cousins, Olsen, Howard Team A has a significant QB advantage but Crowder is a little risky for cash. It could be all DeSean this week.