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  1. I love his old quote, when he was running for gov. he was asked if he'd ever tried it. His answer: "Yes. And I didn't exhale."
  2. So it's Bush's fault that Californias economy is in the crapper?Everything is always Bush's fault to cr8f, matthias, perry147, tommygunz, and the rest of 'em.
  3. 8 years of Gary Johnson would set the table nicely for a 2020 Chris Christie run. :fingers&toescrossed:
  4. what kind of mod doesn't let you play current wii games? should be software mod only to install homebrew.
  5. With the rules on his 501c4 PAC, he can't make any announcement of 2012 interest until Jan. 1st. :fingerscrossed: Salon piece I stumbled across:
  6. I get the same thing with my version of Word. Sometimes I've got a ton of Word docs open and haven't done anything to them. Pain in the butt to close each one separately when I've done nothing to them. There's always that half-second of panic:"Oh ####--I don't think I changed anything. Did I just #### up the file? What did I do? I don't think I want to save..."
  7. I read that the Nexus One just got an OTA update that wasn't Gingerbread, so I don't know what kind of phone you have, but I'm doubtful.Gotcha.
  8. My phone just asked me to reboot to install a new OS. Is Gingerbread on the way?
  9. I think it's open ended on purpose, we're not supposed to find "one true answer". There's a shot of the jukebox listings, right when Tony picks "Don't Stop Believin'", his other option on the card is another Journey single: "Any Way You Want It". That's as much a message to the viewer as anything Big ##### may or may not have said a season before.
  10. You may have heard a reference to the D'Alessio Brothers from the Gambino crime family in the 60s/70s.
  11. I'm sure a car registration fee bump will solve everything, right?
  12. Dear Excel (I consider you a co-worker): I just opened the file to print. Nothing changed. I don't need to save. TIA.
  13. If you were a warning sign, which one would you be?1. beware of dog2. high voltage3. curves ahead4. low clearance5. do not disturb6. fragile7. warning: may contain nuts
  14. Saw a story that CA borrows $40mil per day from the feds to make unemployment payments. Accurate? Don't see a link to the original LA Times piece.
  15. Whatever he's doing today, he should have started doing two years ago.
  16. DOW 25,000, S&P hits five digits, unemployment rate actually goes negative (more jobs available than people, we have to quickly legalize the underground immigrant population to meet demands), housing market roars back to life, income taxes slashed, and free public wi-fi for all would have been accomplished by now, so he'd probably just put his feet up on that big desk and coast through the rest of his term.
  17. California elected a leadership team that basically guarantees the state will need a bailout. At the same time, the rest of America voted for a Congress that would deny them one.
  18. If you change "eligible" to "registered", though, you'd save on millions of IDs. Why must the government provide someone something they legally can't use?
  19. I think it doesn't happen often enough to merit an incredibly expensive bureaucracy charged with ensuring every eligible voter is provided with a photo ID. I worry about preventing voter fraud enough that I believe anyone who does it should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. What's the incredibly expensive bureaucracy? There are four poll workers there at the desk already who ask your name. Just have them look at a photo ID... hell, let 'em use it to spell my name right, it'd save a lot of time. Most people have driver's licenses, which would work just fine. Those that don't would need another gov't issued photo ID. If they're don't have one, they can ask the gov't for one... which most states (including California) provide already anyway ($7 here. No idea how many people take advantage of it, but it can't be that many. Knock that price down to $0 for registered voters only (instead of minors who use the ID for border travel), and we're talking a cost of only tens of thousands of dollars to safeguard the institution of democracy) . There's nothing new to add. I don't get the "bureaucracy" you envision. The old lady at the desk looks at my ID. Like a bouncer at a club. That's it, and all the whining about ACORN and Black Panthers and what have you stops.
  20. Can you show me in the constitution where a citizen is required to have an ID?'re not one of them activist judges are you? A person has to meet X number of qualifications to vote... being 18, being a resident, not being a convict, and being pre-registered to name a few. Make presenting a free, government issued photo ID one of them. The government should spare no expense in preventing this crime that barely ever happens.Really, what's your beef with making sure the right person votes? Is it unamerican to ask for ID? Or do you think we shouldn't bother because it doesn't happen often enough to worry about preventing?