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  1. Ryan is too much of an every other year QB for me to count on as my first QB.
  2. Starting him over Carson and Josh Adams now that Collins is out.
  3. I like his ability, but his body can't withstand the rigors of the NFL.
  4. I just saw MVS on the field. Until now, I wasn't sure that he was even playing.
  5. As an owner of Allison and MVS, I'm relieved to have clarity. I'm starting MVS with confidence this week.
  6. I can't wait to jettison him from my roster.
  7. Doesn't change things much, due to Williams.
  8. As an owner of both DT and Sutton, I hope DT is traded. My question is, given his declined play, what teams could he realistically make better, given his salary?
  9. I have DT and Sutton. I hope Sutton overtakes him at some point this season. DT is a bum, but not droppable yet in a lot of 12 team leagues.
  10. I've been on these forums since the late 90s and I miss reading his posts.
  11. I wanted to start J. Smith but the OL injuries scared me away. I would avoid the entire offense this week if you can.
  12. Cobb game logs show that he doesn't play well against MN. I expect higher production from Allison than Cobb this week.
  13. As an Olsen owner, I'm starting him with moderate confidence. However, it sucks that Mariotta may be splitting snaps.