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  1. "So do I hold all these supposed allegations against her? I'm not a very judgemental person, but I'm strongly feeling like I should forget all these social misgivings about her. Or do you all think I'm just maybe being too forgiving since I've not had this feeling of someone else liking me and taking interest in over a decade? I really dont think I would have sex with her, but looking more for companionship. What do you guys think? Am I being desperate here and my emotions are blinding me to the truth? or go for it?" It really seems like this is for you.
  2. Let's wait and see what he says. I'm pretty sure I've solved this mystery though
  3. Garbrandt out for UFC 213. Sorry Clayton
  4. Clash of Clans No way is Avril better than Taylor though. Crazy talk
  5. That dog tried to eat that baby. Horrible