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  1. I'd be down for a day game there, evening time over here. I'll have to fire up the VPN and see if it'll work for this. Haven't dabbled in online poker in quite a few years and ready to donate to all of you fine folk. Only took a worldwide pandemic to give in to all the vices.
  2. I cashed out part and got in for $0.30 lower but certainly did not expect this....should have waited even longer.
  3. Don't forget to eliminate those pesky nightshade veggies as well.
  4. Always room to jump back in a bit lower and buy some nice steaks with the take-out steak (been reading that online steaks thread and now I'm hungry)
  5. Zoom really f'd themselves with this privacy thing. And me for buying in at a high point. Looks like I'm in this one for the long haul to try and head back up.
  6. Hopped out of 2/5 of my CYDY position @ $3.37, hoping to buy in back closer to $3 before some more good news tomorrow or over the weekend.
  7. I'm willing to pick up 100 shares of LK near the end of today to see what happens.
  8. I'm a HRM strap guy through and through. Have never tried the sensor. To me it's worth the investment for accurate data and it hasn't ever really failed me. You should be able to get one on eBay or something for like $20-30 if you want to go that route but completely understand that defeats the purpose of the all-in-one feature of the watch.
  9. I don't have any amazing Vegas chet stories like above but like 8 or 9 years ago chet gave me some extra Blackhawks tickets he had just like that, parking pass and all. Took my younger bro and had awesome seats. Stand up guy, that @chet :inchetwetrust:
  10. I'm going to be in Chicago for about ten days during this time for two weddings and seriously considered this race until I saw the price tag. Is it really worth the $145 for 8 loops on a 3-mile path? Or are you just paying for the certified course and time?
  11. Like immediately after, or 35 days after, when I qualify for it....Come on October 19th for registration.
  12. Also a little bit on CCL after a 20% drop today.