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  1. So I just applied and was approved for covered options. Tell me how to make boatloads plz.
  2. I have a feeling this is going to bounce around between $5.50 and $7.00 for the rest of this week. Could be quite volatile but I won't try and time highs and lows. #HODLING.
  3. Was on a work call when this happened otherwise would have scooped up more below $5. Well done already making gains for those that did.
  4. This is just ridiculous at this point.
  5. $166.67 here. But not even hoping for it. Just looking to get over the top for a down payment on a house. Not something I would be able to do in this area for a few more years otherwise.
  6. How are you all feeling about holding over the weekend here? I can't help but think that this upwards trend in cases continues and Monday opens red from fear of either extending current shutdowns or closing up again.
  7. Schwab bid/ask spread is $6.55-$6.58 right now
  8. Even though I sold and bought back in, missing a good chunk of profits, it feels so good to no longer have CYDY FOMO. I'm back in the group hug!
  9. I think this will be a huge key as then all of the Robinhood money would come pouring in.... Right now those on RH cannot trade CYDY.
  10. Annnnnnd I'm back in. Was fully divested at $3.75 average sell cost only to buy back in for a few more shares than originally at $5.04. That's how you're supposed to do stonks, right? Miss the gap ups and FOMO your way back in? #whydidisell #inchetwetrust
  11. I've missed out on a decent chunk of gains myself and I am debating saying screw it to buy back in at this much higher cost basis.
  12. I sold half my CYDY holding @ $3.51, so naturally it's going to run up hugely now. You're all welcome.
  13. Oh hello. It's been a while since my last proper run (6/1) and also since my last visit to this board. In fact, I looked at my Garmin this morning before my run and it was at a dismal 4% battery. Yikes. I had tweaked my ankle on a run nearly two weeks ago and it's been surprisingly slow to heal considering how minor I thought it was. At the time of the run I didn't even feel much but felt it next day when pushing off or rotating inwards. Went for a test run with my wife yesterday (she's 4 months pregnant and pregnant lady pace is a good recovery speed) and seemed good enough. I couldn't let Team Juxt go out on top with any glory so was planning to give it hell and deal with anything afterwards. Had a nice downhill route lined up and made my 90 second trudge from my apartment to the start. Was a quiet, cloudy, and humid morning, with only the birds chirping and the rumbling of the garbage men in the distance. On one hand the downhill might have been too steep but on the other hand I could feel my good ankle pushing off and my less good ankle being a freerider on this highway to hell, so the momentum likely had some benefits. I came to a turn 2/3 of the way through, lost a second or two there, and managed to round it out in a solid 5:28. Work and personal life have been a bit nuts lately so haven't checked in here as much as I would have liked. Looks like everyone is crushing it! All times under 7:00! Now to go back through the last 10 pages of this thread to catch up with my morning coffee.