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  1. I had targeted GB in week 12 at home against the Bears but at this point I'm willing to use them most places as a wild card. Completely depends on how the pool shakes out and where others are with their picks remaining.
  2. I am 90% set on using TB this week as planned. But if CMC makes his comeback tonight against ATL, then I'm really considering leaning CAR.
  3. Was touch and go for a while with the Chargers but the better team came out in the end. No big upsets this week in my pool as only 7/333 people had the Seahawks. 10 have the Rams so still some hope for tonight. Feeling pretty good over the next three weeks with TB (@NYG), NE (@NYJ), and LV (v.DEN). If NE loses at the Jets then, well, fine.
  4. Cannot even believe that Eagles game. 1 down, 1 to go for the weekend. Let's go Bolts!
  5. I'm with you on PHI and also LAC for my double pick week. Trying to set myself up nicely down the road. My plays are shaping up like this: Used: BAL, BUF, IND/CLE (DP), LAR, DAL, DET Current: LAC (v.JAX) & PHI (v.NYG) Planned Through W14 (saving KC to plug in W13 or W14 for a team on a bad streak and can also move SEA up from W14) if the pool is thinning out. Week 8: TB (@NYG) Week 9: NE (@NYJ) Week 10: LV (vs. DEN) Week 11: PIT (@JAX) & NO (v.ATL) Week 12: MIA (@NYJ) & GB (v.CHI) Week 13: TEN (v.CLE) & MIN (v.JAX) Week 14: SEA (v.NYJ) & ARI (@NYG)
  6. It's a double picks week in my pool and I'm taking PHI and KC. I'm a believer in PHI after their tough showing last week.
  7. I'm not sure anyone in a million years would have expected Belichick coming off of a bye to be so inept against Denver. Maybe NE's offense is really that bad except for Cam. But he was terrible too. At least Detroit rolled on for me and one entry left after MIN crashed and burned as well.
  8. After much consideration here, I'm splitting my three entries between NE (v. DEN), MIN (v. ATL), and DET (@JAX). Riskiest week yet but minimum one entry will be left, with the possibility to open things up later in the season with the other two entries.
  9. I've been reconsidering using MIA here because I do think they have future value in either weeks 11 (@DEN), 12 (@NYJ) or 13 (CIN). If they are the team that they showed last week, I would love to have them in my pocket later on during this stretch. Taking at hard look at MIN if Julio is out for ATL. They're struggling just as much as NYJ right now.
  10. Last week I picked up Reagor and immediately put him in my IR spot. Worth a flyer at the very least.
  11. Top prize is about $50k, paying down through 5th. Entries were 1/$75, 2/$125, 3/$165, 4/$200. I think previously I only ever made it to week 5 or 6, probably took some unnecessary risks in some years and had huge upsets in others. This year I started with 4 entries and luckily only put one entry on IND against JAX in week 1. My other entries from week 3 to 5 so far I have picked the same teams for all 3. Need to start diversifying at some point though.
  12. Narrowing down our choices for our daughter arriving in a few weeks and this thread is making me feel better. That most anything will work as long as we're not insane. Still lots of pressure to tag someone with a name for life...
  13. Different kind of survivor question. In your experience have survivor pools typically gone the distance throughout the season? In the pool that I've done the past 3 years, it's been the following setup, entries, and length: 2017: 2,500-3,000 entries, 360 left after week 5, double picks begin week 10, ended after 17 weeks with 4 survivors 2018: 2,500-3,000 entries, 205 left after week 5, double picks begin week 10, ended after 14 weeks with 1 survivor 2019: 2,500-3,000 entries, 734 left after week 5, double picks begin week 10, ended after 13 weeks with 7-way split (all lost in week 13) 2020: 2,500 entries, 445 entries left after week 5, double picks in week 3, week 7, and week 10 to end of season, will end ??? The reason I ask when it could end is, if you predict that the pool could end after 12-13 weeks, you can go all in on good teams earlier than usual. No point in saving them for weeks 13-17. Would you employ this strategy and hope that the pool gets wrapped up earlier than later? Or try to hold onto one or two good teams just in case they're needed for later? My current thought is to try and hold on to some of the top 8 teams to use at least one of them during the double picks weeks and pray for the best with the second half of the double pick.
  14. Splitting 3 entries between MIA (-8.5), TEN (TBD), and NE (-9) to keep options open for later in the season. All at home and all very winnable games.
  15. Didn't really consider MIA prior to this past weekend but given how dominant they were over SF this could be a good week to use them when they have very little future value the rest of the season. Maybe I'll split my 3 entries betwee NE and MIA. TEN could also work here against HOU. The past 3 weeks I've been all-in on one team but it may be time to hedge a bit. So far I've been: BAL, GB, IND/CLE (Must Pick Two), LAR, DAL BUF, SF, IND/CLE (Must Pick Two), LAR, DAL BAL, BUF, IND/CLE (Must Pick Two), LAR, DAL