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  1. Thanks Z! Had a virtual charity 5K for work across our four European offices. Had a few more base miles under my belt for this one and not being under lockdown helped with a nice and straight course. Plus I had to improve my ranking and slide in above @Dr_Zaius on the overall :competitionliveson: :BeatJuxt:
  2. Best of luck to your son and also yours @Alex P Keaton. Hope then end up being okay and everything ends up being nothing at all. FWIW, as I know everyone is different, I have had a tachycardia heart issue since late 2006 (started when I was 19) and have been able to manage okay. I'm no doctor but just saying there is hope for your kids to keep on with sports and everything. I had just finished running my first ever marathon about a week prior and was back at college standing in the grocery store aisle when all of a sudden my heart rate was off the charts. I didn't have any pain but it felt like it was beating out of my chest and was super scary. Went to see a cardiologist, they did some tests and hooked me up to a holter (sp?) monitor for a couple of days but didn't catch it. After an ultrasound looked fine I was diagnosed with Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PSVT). Basically, for no reason at all, the heart will start to develop a rapid heartbeat that can last for either a few seconds or up to 10-20 minutes. Can be triggered by too much caffeine, alcohol, stress, or nothing at all. If running or playing any sport, I usually just have to stop and focus my breathing for a few minutes to get it to go away or there are a few exercises I can try as well to get it to abate. The body is weird, man.
  3. Ah I see, thanks. I typically use for mapping. It's good for both running and cycling and can export to a variety of file types. Just a heads up in case looking for a replacement for Strava.
  4. What exactly is Strava routes (for the most basic of Strava users, comme moi)?
  5. So sorry for your loss @The Iguana. Glad you were able to spend some quality time with your sister and celebrate her life with good memories.
  6. What's your elevation Z? Back quite a few years ago when I was running Pikes Peak Marathons I would always go and camp out between 8,000-10,000' for about a week before the race and it helped immensely. I remember the first few days at camp I was huffing and puffing just walking between the car and campsite to set it up but after a few days I was pretty acclimated. To me that is maybe as big of a factor as the actual going uphill.
  7. 1000% in for this if it happens
  8. Sold out of some of my more volatile positions (MGM, BLMN, DAL, UAL, CCL) to come back in lower later this week or next.
  9. Great share, Share! The new gadget and convenience of the contactless pay side of me is wanting this bad but the logical side of me says my 920XT has lots of life left.
  10. If I re-run in the AM while it's still 11pm on the west coast in the US does that count as same day?
  11. Come on now, 20 seconds per "pause" is obviously 4-5x longer than would usually take.
  12. Hot and Fresh FBG BMF 10K Race Report Woke up not wanting to run at all. Have recently stepped into the most intensive marathon training so far for me and have been working back into fitness since time off at the end of Feb through April. Muscles were tired from the week and had not done any speedwork in ages but couldn't let TeamGrue down so after a 2x poop (I couldn't be left out of the double poop gang) and a bit of energy drink I stepped outside on a beautifully sunny day and made my way up to the highest point in Paris, Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre. I had thought about if this was really where I wanted to start for a variety of reasons but in the end it was not too far from home and provided a good mental mindset to know I wouldn't be overworking it in the first few km. I made a little gesture of goodwill to the big guy in the church to get my through this self-inflicted torture and was on my way. KM 1 & 2 (4:12, 3:58) If I had to do it over again, I would not start where I did for two reasons. Montmartre is full of old cobblestones and the first 500m were entirely on the cobbles. I was more focused on not twisting an ankle and just getting through it. At the same time, parts of Montmartre are incredibly steep and I found myself putting on the brakes and it took a bit to get to a comfortable pace. Found my stride once I was able to move to a proper sidewalk and maybe overcooked it for the second KM but still feeling alright at that point. KM 3 & 4 (4:14, 4:04) I had a route planned out and actually turned south sooner than I had wanted. Because of that my downhill route was a quick flameout after the first three KM. Tried to head back east a bit on KM3 to put me back on track but ended up a little short distance-wise at this part of the course. Would come back to get me at the end. My times saw me ease up a bit at KM3 as I was focused more on the route and once I had a holeshot to my next turn KM4 was back on a solid pace. KM 5 & 6 (4:13, 4:00) I don't race many 10Ks, fewer than five ever, and this was the point where I had to mentally suck it up. KM5 got to me a bit (this sufferfest is only halfway over!) and KM6 saw me power through down towards the river, right through some red intersections and luckily hitting the spots where the little man was red for me but it wasn't quite green for the cars. KM 7 & 8 (4:17, 4:16) CONTROVERSY ALERT! At the beginning of KM7 I hit an intersection that had just turned green. Cars were already on their way. Could I have made a u-turn or a left or right? Sure, but when you are balls deep in your own mind-#### and your heart is going full throttle, you're only focused on your game plan and the route that you had pre-determined to get you to 10KM. I waited until I could make my move and kept going. Happened again two minutes later. Was stopped for 40 seconds in total and completely ruined any momentum that I had going. I'll let the judges rule on this one. The river has some ups and downs as you approach and move away from the bridges but I was glad for the ups at this point as they allowed me to keep focus. All I could think of at this point was to keep turning the legs over. KM 9 & 10 (4:11, 4:12) Was able to find a smooth transition to the running path right along the river and gave it my all from there. With about 700m to go there was a turn into the tunnel and a split. Either take the tunnel with the smooth roads and have the GPS all screwed up or go left onto the small, cobbly slice along the. river with literal waves of cobbles from old tree roots. I needed my GPS integrity so I took the ccbbles and that last bit was like a strange urban trail run. That was my payment for missing my turn earlier and lengthening the end of the course. No matter how you shake it with the stopped watch and/or downhill route it was an all-time PR for me in the 10K by a lot so really stoked about that! One of my lifetime running goals is to break 40 minutes and hopefully by the end of this marathon block with some added speedwork I should get there. Proud to be amongst all of you guys that got out there and did this. Awesome group we have here! #TeamGrue4Lyfe
  13. That was not enjoyable. It's one thing to race a 10k or longer with other runners and crowds and another to sustain that level of mental energy solo. You're all bad asses. Before a full race report, throwing it out there for full disclosure that between kms 7 and 8 I needed to pause the watch twice for cars. Per Strava my moving time is 41:39 and my total time is 42:20. Feel free to dissect and count it as you wish, but I'm pretty certain that the pausing didn't assist and threw me off my mental game more than anything.
  14. Just got done scouting a few locations for my start line.... recon work to resume tomorrow.
  15. I think that if you haven't declared yourself out prior to the first day of the race period, and then end up not running, you get the time of the slowest person (on your team) that did run.
  16. Question since this is a longer race and I'm in a super dense city. I'm aiming to do this super early on Sunday but if I get stopped due to cars/other, what is the ruling on the pausing of the watch?
  17. A hard 10k is a destroyer of souls. No way would I want to re-run one within the span of a month, let alone two days.
  18. You crushed it man! Way to start us off bigly!
  19. waiting.... it's like 11pm here already. Hope you aren't this slow in the race this weekend
  20. Could go either way, moreso for the injuries factor than the storms. Would give a few days off to those with a slight injury nagging them to be able to participate.
  21. This seems.... not right. Hopefully the new shoes give you some breathing room.
  22. I'm in week 2 of marathon training and looking to slot our race into the week of 6, 8, 11, 6, 10, 6, Race/Recovery long run. Should be an interesting lead up. Still in base building so will likely take that 10 pretty easy on Friday.
  23. From bankrupt to pre-covid levels....
  24. This is how it's gonna be? It's time to pull out a topo map of the entire Paris region on!