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  1. Vegas has the Bears win total at 5. The only two teams below the Bears are the Browns at 4, and the Niners at 4.5. Even the Jets, the Rams, and the Jags are at 5.5. So Vegas doesn't think much of the Bears.
  2. Interesting thing is his evaluation is not an outlier. That seems to be the consensus opinion. The Bears blew this draft badly.
  3. Every scat back is compared to Sproles. Sproles is a unicorn.
  4. Evan Silva's evaluation of the the Bears draft Overview: The Bears’ extremely ill-advised, desperation-driven one-spot climb for Trubisky cost them pick Nos. 67, 111, and a 2018 third-rounder. At UNC, Trubisky spent two years backing up Marquise Williams, who couldn’t beat out “Joe Callahan” as a Packers camp arm last year. In round two, Chicago dropped from No. 36 to 45 to add Nos. 119, 197, and a 2018 fourth-rounder. They wasted No. 45 on D-2 Frankenstein lookalike Shaheen. Ballhawking safety Jackson was my favorite Bears pick, although Jackson enters the NFL with significant injury concerns, and moving up for him cost Chicago the No. 197 pick in exchange for just a five-spot climb. Fellow fourth-rounder Cohen is a fun guy to watch, but he has almost no chance to make an NFL offensive impact at 5-foot-7, 179. Remember Garrett Wolfe? 60% of the Bears’ draft came from sub-Division-1 schools. Ultimately, the class will pay off if Trubisky turns into a franchise quarterback. Yet there is absolutely no way 13 college starts provide enough evidence to suggest Trubisky is a good-probability bet. It’s more likely that this was the worst draft in the entire league. Grade F
  5. i think that if the Bears found a value I would have been fine with them drafting a QB. I thought Kizer at 52 was an excellent value for the Browns. He has the tools to be a top flight QB. He needs to get his head on straight and be given time to develop. If he fails the Browns only spent a mid round second on him. Much less risk involved. But if you don't find the value you wait until next year with a much better crop of QBs.
  6. The overall context is important too. By doing that you were forced to give up third and fourth round picks in a draft very deep in needs you had. They didn't get a corner. They didn't get a WR. They could have grabbed more than one safety, more than one offensive lineman. But they ended up with only five picks in the draft, and they used three of those on small school guys who are making a big leap to the NFL, a safety who is injured, and a QB who started 13 games in college. That is very troubling.
  7. I went back and added that. They didn't need to invite him. But I doubt anyone in the organization knew they were drafting a QB that early. Fox didn't know.
  8. The funny thing is that just like this Trubisky thing, with Glennon the Bears were bidding against themselves. No one else was offering Glennon anywhere near what the Bears were offering him. So that was a ####### thing to do too. Actually I thought, after signing Glennon, the Bears would not draft a QB highly this year. I thought they would give Glennon a chance and see what he could do. I thought they would use their draft picks to build the roster and look at a QB next year, in a better class of QBs, if Glennon failed. This is disrespectful. Sign the kid, tell him you are going to be the starter, then invite him to the draft party and let him watch while he finds out you lied to him and drafted his replacement. It was an organizational screw up. Again makes the organization look bad.
  9. The trade was bad because you could have had the same player at 3. You bought in to the idea that teams were trying to trade up for your player and they weren't. You got screwed by bidding against yourself. John Lynch, a rookie GM, took you to the cleaners. In addition you hurt your reputation around the league. When other teams are questioning what you did it isn't good for you trying to deal with teams down the road. You have a team that has holes all over the place, but you traded away valuable draft capital, that you didn't have to trade away, for a player who would had been available at your pick. And you chose a guy who might not be better than the players chosen 10 to 13 picks later. Possibly not better than Kizer who was taken 50 picks later. That is why it is bad.
  10. This isn't good.
  11. My other worry with Floyd is that he is too small to be a every down player. He may end up as a designated pass rusher. He didn't look good against the run. I hope he continues to develop as a pass rusher, and can hold up against the run. We will see.
  12. That was supposed to be Pace's forte, getting players off of other teams practice squads, getting UDFAs, he was going to be creative in his acquisition of talent. I'm not seeing that much.
  13. I think it is interesting when anyone points to CJ Anderson as a #1 back. Do you know how many 1000 yard rushing seasons that CJ has in his four year career? That would be none. You know how many 100 yard games CJ has? That would be five. I think that there is a very real possibility that CJ Anderson is just not very good. I think that there is a very real possiblity that Booker beats him out. I would take Cook all day and twice on Sunday over CJ Anderson. I think Cook has a real chance to be a very, very good back in this league. I think CJ Anderson has had two big games in 2014 and people are still remembering those and imaging that is a sign of things to come. It isn't.
  14. He had some very good moments, but I thought he was very inconsistent.
  15. He is struggling to some degree because the team has struggled. His last two first round picks have shown very little so far. He has had some good picks, some good free agent signings, and some bad ones. But overall the team got worse from his first year to his second. Hard to feel good about a GM when the team went from 6-10 in his first year to 3-13 in his second. And in this draft he took some huge risks. If Trubisky fails Pace will be gone. He has hitched his wagon to Trubisky for better or worse.