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  1. FFPC League Gave 2018 first(no idea where that pick will be) Maclin, 3.04 Got 1.03 Stafford
  2. FFPC Booker/Martavis Bryant for Shepard/2017 1st (probably high pick)
  3. FFPC Crabtree for Crowell and two 2017 seconds
  4. FFPC Jay Ajayi and 2017 4th for Tajae Sharpe
  5. I think that 2016 is going to be a lost year for the Bears. I've lowered my expectation, I thought they might win four games. I've lowered that to two or three. I think the Bears will be in the mix for the first pick. It is a really, really bad team. They looked unprepared, uninspired, over-matched, and out coached. This is a team that said they were going to draft a QB every year. Two years in, they have yet to draft a QB. This would be a great opportunity in a lost season to get reps for a developing QB, but they don't have one. I don't know what has happened to Vic Fangio. Last year he looked like a genius, taking sub-par talent and making an average unit out of it. This year he has more pieces than last year and the defense looks clueless. Right now they look like one of the worst units in the league. McPhee looks like another free agent mistake. He can't get on the field. That is probably why Ozzie Newsome didn't make any effort to sign him to a long term deal. They were probably worried about his ability to stay healthy. I don't know what tape Ryan Pace watched in evaluating Bobbie Massie. And I don't know what leads anyone to believe that Charles Leno can be a starting left tackle in this league. They are both horrendous. I do think that with Sitton, Whitehair, and Kyle Long the middle of the offensive line might be good as they jell. But tackles are harder to find than guards, and now the Bears need two. I hated the Eddie Royal signing. And he has been on the team for 19 games and he has done well in one. White looks totally lost. I think at least he is playing and can develop. Jeffrey should be gone. No reason to pay him Demaryius Thomas money. He isn't worth it. I thought at the time, as mentioned above, that the Bears might have been better off firing Fox and keeping Gase. Now I believe that to be true. At least the Bears should be in the position to draft their QB of the future next year. I think the Fox and Pace will get one more year to turn things around. This year is going to be a dumpster fire.
  6. Still stand by that?
  7. Britt has had double digit fantasy points in five consecutive games. That is on a terrible team with atrocious QB play. That is impressive.
  8. FFPC Walford for Bennett and 2017 first
  9. Massie is the worst pass blocking tackle listed on PFF. Overall he is listed at 67th. His grade is the worst of any tackle listed. Leno is listed at 46th out of 67. He is a decent run blocker, but a pretty bad pass blocker.
  10. Actually, you are right, because the Browns have hope. They cleaned house and have some exciting players on offense. Coleman looks good. Pryor looks good. They will get Gordon back. They drafted three other WRs. Crowell and Duke look good in the backfield. They have accumulated a lot of draft picks for next year. They will draft their QB next year and be moving in a positive direction. I don't know what the Bears can hang their hat on. They have spent a ton of money on the defense. The front seven has a lot more talent than last year, but the results are about the same. They are getting a little more pass rush, but the secondary still stinks. I do think that the middle of the offensive line will be pretty good, but Leno and Massie can't pass block. So the QB is getting pounded. I understand why the Bears had to get rid of Bennett and Marshall, but they are both better than anyone currently on the team. Langford is below average. Maybe Howard could be solid. White is a year or two away from a break out. I'd like to see some flash. Right now he looks lost and slow. This guy got drafted so high because of his forty time. Did his shin issues last year take away some of that speed? Jeffrey is a good player, but can't stay healthy and wants a monster contract that he isn't worth in my eyes. You cut Gould and right out of the box his replacement misses a 31 yard field goal. Everyone is talking about how well Royal played last night. So in 18 games that Royal has been with the Bears he has produced in one. Yippee!! With what I have seen so far I find it hard to imagine that the Bears win more than four games. Maybe Pace has done a good job of not handcuffing the team to lengthy contracts, but some of these draft picks have to pan out, or it is back to the free agent well again. So far Floyd and White not looking good.
  11. Cutler is not a great QB, but there are a lot of bad QBs in this league. Cutler certainly played poorly. But this was a team loss. The draft picks and the money was spent this year on improving the defense. So far I haven't seen much improvement. They made Brock Osweiller and Carson Wentz both look like they should be destined for the Hall of Fame. I was impressed with what Fangio got out of so little last year. But now he has more weapons and he is getting less from them. This whole situation is getting really bad fast.
  12. I'm so glad I have no Bears on my fantasy teams.
  13. He should get fired. I don't know if the Bears will win a game this year. They truly suck.
  14. Looking forward to Fox getting fired. Absolutely terrible team.
  15. This trade just went down in my league. Julio Jones and Jeff Janis for Jordy Nelson, Rashad Jennings, 2 2017 1sts, and 2 2017 2nds.