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  1. REPORT: Packers looking to trade for Dolphins QB Jay Cutler. "There's nobody with more experience throwing to Green Bay players"
  2. Trubisky looks accurate. I like that the Bears are rolling him out.
  3. The Bears did play tough against a good Falcon team. They got crushed by the Bucs and got crushed by the Packers. They did beat the Steelers, but it turns out the Steelers are really bad. How do I judge that the Bears are bad? I don't know, simple stats. Right now the Bears are averaging 15.3 points per game. Three teams have been averaging less, Baltimore, the Giants, and Miami. Even the Browns are averaging more points per game than the Bears. The Bears are allowing 26 points per game. There are five teams allowing more. The Bears have only three takeaways on defense and no interceptions. I hope that you are right and I am wrong. I hope the team comes together around Trubisky and things turn around. But I am not optimistic about that happening. It looks like a poorly coached team without a lot of talent.
  4. The Browns started their rookie before he was ready. Kizer was arguable less ready to start than Trubisky. They made a mistake. They are accumulating talent. I'd rather have the Browns situation than the Bears. The Browns are loaded with picks, and have a lot of young talent. They will see what Kizer does the rest of the year, but they could easily draft another QB with the first pick in this next draft. I think the Browns will be a playoff team before the Bears will.
  5. Unless Trubisky turns in to a franchise QB the Bears made a big mistake spending a high draft pick, and a lot of draft capital on Trubisky. They could have rolled with Glennon and next season taken a QB out of a much better draft class. Chances are they will have a top five draft pick in the 2018 draft. Or they could have grabbed one of the free agents. There are some very good free agents, Brees, Bradford, Garappolo, Bridgewater, Cousins, and I think McCarron is available. A lot of good options in free agency, and a better draft class. If Trubisky turns in to a franchise QB it won't matter. But if he doesn't, the Bears have set themselves back for a good five years.
  6. Flynn got a starters contract at the time. Glennon was overpaid. I thought signing Glennon was a good thing, I thought he would be serviceable as a starter. What I didn't understand was the Bears were bidding against themselves with Glennon. No one else was clamoring to sign him. They could have gotten him a lot cheaper. And it seems he is not good as a starter. Although, he would look a lot better with good coaching and good skill position players around him.
  7. You are right. Flynn was brought in to be the starter and Russell Wilson beat him out. However, Flynn started games in Green Bay and looked good. He started a total of seven games in his career, six with the Packers. He earned close to $19 million in his career.
  8. I think Wright would probably be able to start as a slot receiver with a lot of teams. But you are right, the rest of the WRs are garbage.
  9. Charlie Whitehurst made almost $18 million in an eleven year career. He was with five different teams. He had 372 total pass attempts. Works out to $46,701 per pass attempt in his career. He has one passing TD and one interception. He could be the poster child for the back up QB who had a long career and did nothing.
  10. You are living in fantasy world. The Bears are one of the worst five teams in the league. They'll be lucky to win 5 games for the season. This is a really bad football team. Trubisky isn't going to make much difference at all. I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up 3-13. Fox should have already been fired.
  11. I think that we are discovering that a lot of teams are not what they seem. The Bills are leading the AFC east. The Jets are tied with the Patriots. The Patriots have lost two at home. The Rams are leading the NFC West. The Jaguars are tied for first in the AFC South. The Giants and the Chargers are winless. Not what I expected. And I think that we are going to discover that the AFC Central teams aren't very good. Things move fast in the NFL.
  12. TEs are almost always a project, no matter when they are taken. If you draft a guy who played DIII, then he is more of a project. Hard to imagine he does much of anything until year two or three.