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  1. Davis signing is okay. Decent player at.a cheap price. I’d like to buy Pace a subscription to so he could watch some tape. Because anyone who has watched Buster Skrine on tape does not want him on their team. He is awful. PFF has him ranked 103 out of 112 corners. He is probably the worst slot corner in the league. He has been flagged for more penalties than any player since 2011. He has been flagged 74 times in that period. The Jets fans are thrilled to be rid of him. Why Pace thinks this is a good signing is beyond me. Pace has made some good signings, and some dumb signings. This may be the dumbest.
  2. It will be interesting who pays Foles. Whoever it is they will discover he is Case Keenum or Josh McCown.
  3. Parker needs to be replaced. But this isn’t all on his shoulders. The Bears D let the team down on that last drive. They needed to make a stop and they didn’t. Mack has been a stud all year. He was invisible in this game. Mitch didnt play well in the first half. A lot of things they could have done to win this game. But the Bears far exceeded our expectations. I don’t think most of us would have anticipated winning 12 games, or winning the division. Mitch improved as the year progressed. He has a long way to go, but he improved. The D has a load of pieces that should be here for a number of years. Nagy had a sensational first season. A lot of positives to take away from this season. On the other hand, had they won this game, I think they had a real shot to go to the Super Bowl. The Bears matched up well with both the Saints and the Rams. The Chiefs might be the odds on favorite to make it from the AFC. I think they match up well with them too. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. You don’t get many chances to go to the dance. The Bears May have squandered their best chance to win a Super Bowl in many years. Mitch may never get another chance. Marino went in his rookie year and never again. All in all it tears your heart out. But there are reasons to imagine they may be in the playoff race for a number of years. Let’s all hope that is true.
  4. The Eagles weakness is their secondary. The Bears didn’t really take advantage of that. Brees will toast them.
  5. Imagine what the score would be if the Bears were getting anything resembling adequate QB play.
  6. The Bears d-line has not played well today. They are not getting much pressure. And they are letting Blount run all over them. But good enough to win.
  7. I agree completely. What makes Brady and Brees so good is, not only their ability to read defenses, but their accuracy. Accuracy was the reason the Bears took him over the other two. But that accuracy has not been evident. A perfect example is a throw he made on a pass to ARob over the middle. ARob had half a step on the corner. If Trubisky leads him it is an easy completion. Instead he throws it to ARobs back hip, and the corner breaks up the pass. We are seeing way too much of this. I heard a podcast where they were talking about Tim Tebow. This came from one of the Bronco receivers. Tebow had all the skills to be an NFL QB. The problem was he couldn’t see the field and process that information quickly enough to be successful. We hope that Trubisky gets better at that. But accuracy is something that can’t be taught. If he can’t improve that he will not succeed as an NFL QB.
  8. In the last game, 121 of Trubisky’s passing yards came when the Pats had dropped in to a protect shell. That is more than a third of his passing yards. In each of the last two eeeks he had two easy interceptions dropped. The stats do not reflect his play.
  9. I think we should refer to Mitch as Trubortles from now on. He is Bortles North.
  10. PFF currently has him graded at 31 out of 36 QBs. The only QBs graded worse than him are Bradford, Tyrod Taylor, Rosen, Josh Allen, and Tannehill. I think Nagy has schemed well in creating open receivers and easy throws for Mitch. I just don’t think he has played well at all.
  11. Coming into this week Watson had been hit 70 times. The next closest Number of QB hits given up is 49. Watson is getting his brains beat in. I still think he has demonstrated tremendous talent. I think he is much, much better than Trubisky.
  12. Here are the problems with Trubisky: 1. He doesn’t read defenses well 2. He doesn’t see the field effectively 3. He doesn’t read through his progressions 4. He struggles throwing into coverage 5. He does not throw an accurate deep ball 6. He doesn’t handle pressure particularly welL 7. He makes poor decisions He does scramble pretty well, and he is athletic enough to be effective as a rusher. If you give him a clean pocket, he can hit wide open receivers. So for him to be effective you either need receivers who can get separation, or scheme the receivers open. But honestly there are a lot of QBs that can be effective throwing from a clean pocket to wide open receivers. i hope he can grow and improve. But I am not particularly optimistic.
  13. I think there are a few things we can say with certainty. One is that there were three top QBs available in the 2017 draft. Pace had the first choice, and he chose the wrong guy. Mahomes and Watson are both worlds better than Trubisky will ever be. I’m beginning to believe Trubisky’s ceiling is Andy Dalton, perhaps Blake Bortles. And he may never equal those guys.