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  1. One thing that is certain is that the Bears offense has stunk. I've been concerned about the o-line. So far the o-line looks terrible. Langford has looked alright, but he is very pedestrian. I think Howard takes a good chunk of that job by mid-season. Kevin White hasn't shown anything in the preseason. Jeffrey has been underwhelming so far. Zach Miller hasn't played, and they have nothing behind Miller. Really doesn't look good going in to week one.
  2. What has to be mentioned is that the Bears D was on the field a lot, because the offense was so anemic. But that may very well be the theme for the season.
  3. I do agree that the team should be much better on defense. It was amazing what Fangio did with what he had last year. But the improvement by the defense may be offset by the offense stepping backwards. They should be better at the guard spots with Long and Whitehair, particularly Long. But Massie and Leno are below average at tackle. We will see what Larsen is, but I don't see any depth at all. If your starters aren't that good, then injuries will kill you. Forte is still better than any of the options they have at RB. Howard may be the answer there. Miller is already down, and they have nothing behind him. I said Royal was a mistake when they signed him. However, I thought it was a mistake because they paid him too much. I thought he would contribute. I was wrong, he is useless. I do think Braverman might be better than Royal already. Jeffrey is already dealing with soft tissue issues, and behind him they have nothing. Cutler had a good season last year. How much of that was a result of Cutler's growth, and how much of that was Gase? We will see this year. Overall, I am becoming less and less optimistic about this year. I do believe that the defense will be much better, but the division isn't getting any easier, and the Bears offense is very iffy. If Miller and Jeffrey can stay on the field, if White can realize all that talent, if Cutler can build on his improvements from last year, and if this line can jell, despite the changes, if Howard or Langford can really step up, then the Bears can be much better than last year. But that is an awful lot to expect.
  4. One spot is filled.
  5. I have two openings in a long running ten team auction league. It is QB/RB-RB/WR-WR-WR/TE/ flex/K/D. There is one keeper per team. You can only keep a player that costs $20 or less. And then you can only keep the player for one year. We do the auction in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago on Labor Day. It is $200 to get in. All the money is paid out except expenses for the auction and website. It is good group of guys and a competitive league. Happy to answer any questions. Bryan
  6. I disagree. They have a point about the offensive line. Bobbie Massie wasn't very good last year and he is the new starting RT. Charles Leno wasn't all that good last year and he is the starting LT. We hope that Whitehair is solid and contribute right away, he may replace Grasu. All in all, not a very good group. And I am not all that impressed with Langford or Carey. Let's hope that Howard pans out.
  7. This is not a good sign. PFF has rankings out for the QB, o-line, and RB situation for each team. The Bears o-line is ranked 30th. This is what they have to say about it: 30. Chicago Bears Projected starters: LT Charles Leno, LG Ted Larsen, C Hroniss Grasu, RG Kyle Long, RT Bobby Massie Roster depth: Cody Whitehair, Nate Chandler, Cornelius Edison Key stat: The only projected Bears starter with an overall grade above 50.0 (on a 1–100 scale) last year was Kyle Long, at 61.1. The Bears had four offensive linemen last season with an above-average grade, and three of them left via free agency. Neither Charles Leno nor Hroniss Grasu looked great in their time at left tackle and center, yet both are expected to be starters in 2016. Kyle Long is moving back to right guard, where he looked very good in 2014, and Bobby Massie is taking over at right tackle; the former Cardinal’s 92.4 pass-blocking efficiency mark was tied for fourth-lowest among NFL tackles in 2015. The Bears RBs are ranked 28th. This is what they have to say: 28. Chicago Bears Starter: Jeremy Langford Backups: Jordan Howard, Ka’Deem Carey, Jacquizz Rodgers Key stat: Jeremy Langford’s eight drops were the most of any running back last season. I think it’s fair to say that, of all the sophomore running backs coming into this season as starters, Jeremy Langford’s job is in the most danger. Out of 52 qualifying backs, Langford finished dead last in elusive rating (10.3) and second-to-last in yards after contact per attempt (1.76). Jordan Howard (Indiana), on the other hand, was one of our top-rated running backs in the draft, and has impeccable vision. The rookie could easily be starting by the season’s end. They rank the Bears QB situation at 22nd. Here is the comment on that: 22. Chicago Bears Starter: Jay Cutler Backup: Brian Hoyer Key stat: Cutler’s 11 interceptions in 2015 comprised the second-lowest season total of his career. Jay Cutler is one of those quarterbacks that probably ends up as an average overall player, but will rarely be average in the process of getting there. He still makes some staggering throws, and still makes the kind of bonehead plays that have blighted his career and would frustrate the coach of a rookie QB. 10 of his 16 starts last season were graded either firmly in the green or firmly in the red, with only the remaining six somewhere in the middle as average outings. Brian Hoyer is an interesting player as a backup, because his play seems to turn into a pumpkin consistently around Week 10 of an NFL season. If the Bears need to call on him before that point, they’re likely in good shape, but if it’s after, you won’t find many worse QBs.
  8. I am in an FFPC dynasty start up that drafts in a couple of weeks. Since draft slots were released about a week ago. Since then there have been 11 trades, most involving four to six picks. That seems like a lot. Is that normal? The other question I have is how do you value 2017 rookie picks compared to picks in a start up draft? We have had a couple of offers involving 2017 rookie picks. I've heard that the 2017 class is supposed to be really strong. So I just don't know how to value the future rookie picks.
  9. I agree. It is like the guy doesn't recognize that rookie picks have a different value than start up picks. Pretty one-sided IMO