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  1. He had a magical eight games. The rest of the time he has been a solid back up QB. That is who he is. Last year he couldn’t beat out the sixth round rookie. He has had his opportunities to start, and other than that magical period in 2018, he has not been very good.
  3. FFPC 1 QB league contending team Gave Henderson Got 2020 1.12 and Sammy Watkins
  4. For a player who is younger, more athletic, and has more upside.
  5. I think I would have preferred the Bears signed Case Keenum. He was signed for $6 million a year. Foles and Keenum are the same guy. But the Bears are paying Foles $15 million a year, and Keenum was a free agent so you wouldn’t have had to give any compensation.
  6. This is largely the take of Matt Williamson. He was a scout. So chances are he didn’t formulate that looking at box scores and highlights.
  7. This is really depressing. If this is true.
  8. I believe that Winston can be a knucklehead. But I also think that he was asked regularly to make very difficult throws, On an offense with no running game, and a poor offensive line. Give him a decent running game, protect him, don’t ask him to throw deep consistently, and you might see a better result. He is young, and has all the tools. It is a matter of is he coachable, and placed in the right system can he succeed. The number of open opportunities is dwindling. Cam may have to settle. So I think you could get Cam or Winston on a prove it deal, for what you paid for Foles. I’d like to see Trubisky play up to his capabilities. That would be the best outcome. And then whoever is the back up won’t matter.
  9. Considering he has played on the Bengals, yes. He has played behind terrible offensive lines. On a team with one of the most poorly run organizations in the league. They make dumb move after dumb move. And he has had some success despite that. So yes, I believe with weapons, and a solid offensive line, he could be better than he has shown in the past.
  10. Signing Foles feels like taking your sister to the prom. At least you have a date, but it is nothing to get excited about, and nothing is going to happen.
  11. He is not going to magically morph in to a starter. He had a good run with the Eagles. He has done pretty much nothing outside of that.
  12. The first round pick to Seattle for Rick Mirer in 1997 was worse. He spent one year with the team. He started three games and went 0-3. Or Greg Olsen traded to Carolina for a third in 2011. He had five excellent seasons, and three seasons over 1000 yards in which he made the Pro Bowl. And the Bears are still chasing TE. The Bears have done stupider things.
  13. Except fo the fact that Foles has no upside and you could have gotten Winston, Cam, or Dalton for similar money.
  14. I’m wrong. They are showing the cap hit is $20 million in 2021 and 2022. The dead cap this year is $15 million. But you are right, no dead cap after this year. I still think Foles has no upside. Cam or WInston have upside, and I think you could get them for similar money. Even Dalton would be a better option. IMO.