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  1. Jesse Jackson doing his part to end starvation in Venezuela. Bravo, Mr Jackson. This #### show continues. P.S. almost 48 hours later, U.S. Security forces are still invading the embassy.
  2. In that 2 hour video, I probably could be found somewhere in there; I work in the adjacent building. I would be hanging out with the opposition Venezuelans, many of the first I've met since I've been in DC. I know a number of Salvadoreans, Argentinians, and a couple of Colombians and Brazilians. This video is being filmed on the other side of 30th Street from the embassy in the area cordoned off for the Code Pink supporters. The Venezuelans are stationed directly in front of the embassy and south towards the waterfront. About 6:30pm, the US Govt (I'm assuming the State Department) issued the eviction orders. They had this device that delivered very loud and high pitched signals. I think from MPDC (SOD DS0-1) It's been 4 hours and I understand that the remaining handful of occupiers want to be arrested and the US personnel want to sweep the building for firearms and bombs. This #### was fascinating the first few days, but now it's tiresome. I've met quite a few nice Venezuelans. I'm working on a a buzz and will try to post some media. We'll start with a simplified primer of what's going on.
  3. LOL, #codepink
  4. Electricity to the embassy in Georgetown was cut about 45 minutes ago.
  5. And if we could post Venezuelan yoga pants!!!
  6. This ish is fascinating. The real Venezuelans have returned and the leader of Code Pink did the Cersei Lannister walk of shame down 30th St just after sunset, but has returned. I so wish I could link video directly.. .
  7. Would Andy Dick (Richard) qualify?
  8. I was wondering when this was going to happen. Going down tomorrow. Chains have been wrapped around the front entrance (my office is next door) for weeks and apart from an occasional protester, it's been relatively quite since the military attache buildings were taken by Guaido. In the last few days an entire manifesto had been posted in adjacent windows. I'm trying to get some work wrapped up before next week and when I return from grabbing a bite to eat, I discover the beginnings of a gathering, Secret Service agents, and some cameras. Americans (boomer age) have been filtering into a back entrance to the building. I'm done for the evening and checking out the activity outside. At one point, dozens of people (boomer Americans, Vietnam vet in a wheelchair included) pour out from the rear of the building to wave their signs and sing a ballad. I had a bourbon and cigarette in hand, so no room for a camera. Returned for my camera and submitting these pics. At one point we had five Secret Service vehicles stationed there. I'm staying, because this place was originally a residence (and FOR SALE). We'll see what goes down tomorrow. Hoping these are a good link. Misplaced a previous imgur account.
  9. KC, Sounds like you're locked out of just about every available tool to complete your process charting . Be resourceful. Microsoft Paint is your friend. An added bonus is you have quite a pool of experienced users here that would not hesitate to give you some assistance.
  10. Probably, more directed at MoCS, but anyone hear of Dash Rip Rock. Louisiana rockabilly (early 80's)?
  11. Noooo, please reconsider and bracket this lower. this song came out the summer before my senior year in Northern Virginia and received constant airplay. The week before, I was in Lafayette Park across from the White House for a marijuana smoke-out featuring Root Boy Slim. Interesting factoids?: This band was from (Annandale?) an adjacent neighborhood? Jim Morrison was close by as well! Concept came from a table flyer at Clyde's suggesting a menu option. I have a history with Clyde's, but appreciate Nathan's much more. The band received a single check for $66,000 (/4 members). Perhaps Ron Burgundy was a an additional check? Starlight Cafe was an eventual fail...(in the Potomac/Chevy Chase neighborhood?) adn one Yelp review. Army brat and "Fast Times" ####ed my ### up.
  12. The Pure Prairie League scored five consecutive Top 40 LPs in the 1970s and added a sixth in the 1980s
  13. I think scooter and hastur are on the right track. I like bread, but try to limit it. Avoid sugar. I ride Metro into work and walk the extra half mile rather than take the subway. And ride a bicycle because my knees are shot. Coffee, water, iced tea and Scotch with the occasional beer, bourbon&coke. 60yrs old, 6'3" and hovering around 200 lbs. Would like to be 185-190
  14. I'm going to have to do some researching. We played Guts (3-2-1?) in college(UNL)40 years ago. If I recall, it was high hand and pot matching. Picked up cards again with the poker boom playing hold'em. Played in pub leagues to win food/drink vouchers, a number of sit and gos in AC & Vegas, and my place after last call. We'd send somebody to 7-11 when they unlocked the beer coolers at 7am. Won a high hand jackpot in AC in a limit game, hitting a royal on the turn (I think I came) and slow playing the boat to my right. I think the jackpot was $300 or $500. I was also a member of the chiptalk forum and discovered faux clays chips (both cash and tournament & cheap; my ROI may have been greater than you ******* holding BTC, when production was discontinued). Also bought into customs group buys, "Private Card Room" (Chinese made tournaments) and an ASM cash set based on the Rounders movie. Instead of the bear logo, you have a donkey with denominations in cents. Alas, not much poker in recent years. My bathroom trips have become more frequent ETA: I'll blow the dust off my imgur account and post pictures of the ASM's if anyone is interested.