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  1. This. A Hipp Jersey is on my bucket list
  2. The fact that you owe $20k to SS suggests that you were a 1099 employee...that you do owe. Student loans are a lender issue. Don't know what SNAP is and can't comment Same with Texas Unemployment laws are but if you're working now you should coordinare withn them. Be thankful that you're young and the Obamacare penalties that you are exposed to are anywhere near the premiums you would be paying now. I paid the penalty
  3. Sounds like he owes them for something. It's become a come to Jesus moment. A lein on a bank account? They are really flexible. Work out a schedule to repay. I kmow!
  4. I'm not a tax accountant, but I helped food service friemds with their tax returrns, as well as my own . I'm a government contracts and not for profit guy.and have been involved in system conversions.
  5. It doesn't go away. Deal with it now!
  6. Dude, I'm an accountant andn the instructions are ####!
  7. I'm an accountant. There's this thing thing called an Income Tax Credit that will actually credit tax liability and may result in cash back But you have to file.
  8. Rok, why are you a social outcast???
  9. Didn't click the link but I've got a food service aquaintance that is on Medicaid and food stamps and gets that #### taken care of. But he files his taxes every year.
  10. Believe me. That's a good thing.
  11. Sure you can. Obama took care of that $596/mo.
  12. Yeah, maybethat you'e sterile. NTTAWWT, I've got stories.
  13. Wow, I thought aliases were verboten here. Anyways, do you know air conditioning?
  14. Ouch, you're questioning his experience.
  15. If I can get my info together, Rok can resolve my a/c issues so I don't have to join that thread.