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  1. Mid 70's, Edwards AFB, CA (Muroc Unifed School District). Summer following sophomore year, Dad was transferred to the Pentagon and I finished my last two years of high school in Fairfax County, VA at a school exponentially larger than Desert High. At Edwards, I played tennis and golf, took advanced courses, National Honor Society, and was a photographer for the school. Ski club took us to Mammoth and Heavenly. The move to Northern Virgina resulted in action much like an east coast version of "Fast Times" released five years after the year I graduated. Our school was one of the first based on a concept of open classrooms without walls. Math and science classes remained enclosed, but English, History, Government & Civics classes were open and had class sizes of around 100. Many of us sat on the fringes and slipped out. I worked retail and went to many concerts. I did lines with (perhaps a DC rock legend) and knew a girl who eventually was involved in John Belushi's death. I graduated and went to University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a 1,000 miles away, taking advantage of my Dad's retained residency status. I ended back up in Northern Virginia working for government contractors and accounting/software consulting. I have never married (and have no children that I'm aware of), nor my sister closest in age to me. My second sister, 10 years younger, had a more stable childhood and most likely did not have the commitment issues her siblings possess.
  2. Yes! Werther's caramels and similar candy. I can't remember how old the crown (molar) is, but when I bit down on one of those caramels, damn thing pulled the crown right off my tooth. It was cemented back in, but I'm wary of that type of candy now. You may be good now. 15-20 years down the road, you've been warned.
  3. Has anyone used these: Craycourt Cast Iron Grates? I won one (basic random number generated drawing) with a griddle/hot plate insert from a guy's barbecue and grilling blog site close to 10 years ago. A bit pricey, but fantastic for grilling.
  4. JFK funeral? That would have put me about 4 1/2 years old. That would have also put me in Ft Bragg, NC.
  5. Christ, I was slinging drinks in a Chili' s in Bailey's X-Roads in VA during NBA Finals. Tips were good that evenong.
  6. @Beef Ravioli, thighs, drumsticks & legs are on sale at Safeway for $0.99/lb this week through Tuesday! You need a club card.
  7. I wore the Dad shoe, Nike Air Monarch, for years until shifting to New Balance a cople of years ago. Developed plantar fasciitis, and needed to find a solution. Superfeet inserts and a switch back to Nike arches has me sold.
  8. Gotcha, I've met a lot of of people during my marijuana consumption days, but would never consider them white trash. I've exerienced quite a bit in my college years. My benchmark would probably be that"Earl"TV series w/ Jaime Preslly. Also, feel very sad for the trust fund homeless in SF.
  9. Okay, I know bougie, but had to ask Google about Boughashish. Google asked if I meant Buy Hashish or Walnut Pastries. I'll take hash for a hundred, Alex. Imma gonna hang up and listen.
  10. Thighs and legs at .99 are my buy signal here in northern Virginia. Currently on sale now or last week at that price. Harris Teeter has offered at .79 in the past. Has anyone experienced Mumbo/Mambo Sauce? I purchased some wings to try with it.
  11. I grew up in the military and lived on Edwards AFB in the Mojave desert in Southern California between 8th grade and my sophomore year in high school,1972 through 1975. I can remember one minor eathquake of note in my time there. I believe we experienced moredisruption from the sonic booms of aircraft surpassing the speed of sound above the base. I also spent an evening or two in relatives' basements, sheltering from tornados in Nebraska while in college at UNL. I had a classmate whose parents lost their house in Grand Island from a tornado in Grand island in the late 70's. My parents are retired and live on Tybee Island just east of Savannah and have evacuated the island 3 out of the previous 4 years for hurricanes. The worst? being Matthew in 2016, with12 foot storm surges. Their house is on stilts, but they lost a bunch of stuff in a storage room in the carport below the house and their Mazda with water levels up above the wheel wells. I remember trying to beat Hugo, from DC to Savannah in 1989 for a wedding and being stuck in Atlanta till the next day. I was always under the impression that Savannah was kind of sheltered due to the way the coastline runs and a storm would push north towards Charleston and beyond to the Carolinas. Hell, I remember Northern VA had an earthquake that was centered a bit north of Richmond in 2011. I was working from home and had to grab a tv that was about to bounce off a cabinet. That was a huge surprise. We can prepare for tornados and hurricanes. but you get little warning with earthquakes. We're fortunate that the earthquakes of the previous few days were centered in sparsely populated areas with structures much closer to standards to withstand earthquakes. Anything near LA or SF, we'll see the likes of damage of previous Norhtridge and SF earthquakes.
  12. Took a little over 2 hrs and timed it just right with the corn. Smoked meatloaf finished