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  1. As an aside, I'm soliciting for suggestions on Soundbars - looking for best bang-for-your-buck (and something that kids/wife will be able to use easily). I've had a bad experience with Vizio soundbars before (with bluetooth subwoofer cutting in/out) - so any suggestions on which way to go would be great! I was looking at the Samsung HW-T60 on Sams Club, but if anyone has any suggestions that'd be great! Hoping to stay <$300
  2. I convinced the Mrs. and got the green light for the 65" Samsung Q80T - was thinking about waiting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday to pull the trigger on the order (basement probably wont be finished until beginning of December. I have Comcast/Xfinity, will I have issues w/ the refresh rate on live sports (I hope not!)
  3. I thought Spillane looked good too - however w/ ample time to look at the tape I'm sure TEN will find ways to exploit our ILB with their TE group. I'd personally like to see Ulysees Gilbert in there - all reports indicated he looked great in training camp but has been a healthy scratch for most of the season (my guess is maybe due to special teams). I'm sure they'll have the ILB group in rotations with Spillane, Gilbert and Marcus Allen to make up for Bush's production.
  4. Anyone ever purchase a Samsung Q80T? I am going to be finishing the basement over the next month or 2 and am looking for opinions on TVs The room will be pretty dark w/ minimal sunlight hitting the screen (not sure if that's a big deal anymore), TV will be used mostly for watching sports, movies and video games. The last TV I bought was a Vizio 47" in in 2010, pretty sure whatever TV I get is going to blow my mind. Looking for a 55-65" probably, and budget is between $1000-1800ish. TVs I have my eye on so far are the Samsung Q80T & Sony X950H. TIA
  5. Was at the Steelers/Dolphins game this week - Walton was in on a few goal line downs (including the TD passes to Albert Wilson and helping push Allen Hurns in the end zone)
  6. This post is bereft of fantasy advice, Chasing Lazard sounds like a good album or band name
  7. He's on my bench for the forseeable future (barring injury from Shady and/or Darrel Williams)
  8. This is my feeling - glad we had a fitting epilogue to Jesse's character.
  9. Is Tyrell droppable in most formats now? How long do Plantar injuries last?
  10. Started last week vs. Washington - anything to see here?
  11. Let say he's on the free agent wire in your league, what % of your FAAB budget do you bid? Is 15-20% too aggressive?
  12. It will be a massive surprise if they do not keep both players - if they keep Matakevich over UGIII I will revolt
  13. I have a 9 yr old Chocolate lab - we recently rescued a 1.5 yr old chocolate lab and decided to go with Authority's All Life Stages Salmon blend dry food and are very impressed with the quality. There was noticeable improvement in the coats of both puppies within a few weeks.