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  1. Need 1 more friend for a quest : im TheHank278 - 7169 8953 4629 - I’ve added most of you guys but need some lurkers to add me!
  2. Had to replace Boyd - I ended up picking Daeshawn Hamilton over the other low tier WR's on waivers (Tim Patrick, Danny Amendola, Jamison Crowder, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Anthony Miller, Taywann Taylor) As an aside, is anyone thinking about adding Kalen Ballage?
  3. Keep the WR suggestions going, need some help now after Boyd's injury.
  4. Is this thing still on? Going to be starting this with my boys (7 & 5) - I need friends to send gifts to: Here's my trainer code: 7169 8953 4629 (Thehank278)
  5. Oh worthy FBG, I am in need of some opinions to make sure I'm doing the right move in my playoff. I am in a supeflex 14 man league and am playing the 6 seed. I have the following roster (Current starters in BOLD): QB: C. Newton (CAR), R. Tannehill (MIA), J. Driskel (CIN) RB: C. McCaffrey (CAR), S. Ware (KC), J. Wilson (SF), J. Adams (PHI) WR: A.Brown (PIT), M. Thomas (NO), T. Boyd (CIN), D. Hamilton (DEN) TE: R. Gronkowski (NE), C. Uzomah (CIN) K: J. Myers (NYJ) D/ST: Bears, Titans I need help deciding my RB2 and my FLEX, the flex can be ANY position including QB and D/ST. I am leaning towards Wilson vs SEA and Driskel vs OAK, I like Ware as the RB2 if he's 100% I just worry about potential setback or not playing. I like Driskel's chance of putting up good #'s using his leagues and arm vs. OAK. So what say you FBG, can you help a brother out?
  6. For those planning to pick up Fitzpatrick, what % of FAAB are you considering using? I am in a 2 QB - 14 team league so I am planning to heavily bid since I only had Jameis and Cam (I dropped Fitzpatrick a few weeks ago)
  7. Due to horrible TE play from Jordan Reed, I find myself here - what do I need to know? He looked good vs. Pittsburgh, but alot of TE's look good vs. PIT. With Kroft and Eifert likely out for the season, should I make a speculative add here? Looking for homer insight.
  8. Call it bold or dumb - I'm starting Barber this week against Atlanta - James Conner just made absolute fools of this defense and he did it by blocking in pass protection, catching the ball and breaking tackles - not sure that fit RoJo' mold, seems like Barber's strengths.
  9. Shocked Adams is cut and they are keeping 5 ILB - thought Adams easily showed enough for a roster spot meanwhile Matakevich is only a ST’er at this stage of the game maybe Adams gets to P-squad but I think that’s a big mistake
  10. Oh man. I should start this back up again. I have unfinished business here
  11. What % of FAAB is everything thinking if he is available - I currently have 8% (8 out of 100 budget).
  12. I’m pleased by what I saw with some of the rookie LBs - Ola and Matthew Thomas flashed, also redshirt Lb Keion Adams looks like a contributor too. Matakevich looks a step slower than everyone else in the lineup - he makes the proper reads but doesn’t have the athleticism to get to where he needs to go - I like his grit for special teams, but he’s clearly not a starting ILB - wouldn’t be shocked if Steelers made a trade for an ILB before preseason is over
  13. When you look at the track record for Tomlin/Colbert in the 1st round, I generally defer to their judgement rather than other prognosticators. Obviously LB (both ILB and OLB) are significant needs, however there is a dearth of playmakers on defense right now and everything I've been hearing, seeing, reading says this guy is a playmaker and can play a bunch of different positions (including ILB in sub-packages, where Steelers play often). Give me a guy that has a high character, excellent measurables, innate football IQ with a desire to learn more and I'll take him over a guy who may be more talented but lacks the desire, motivation and questionable character.