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  1. Got him 5.02 (as WR2). Not bad value but was hoping for better.
  2. You just come across as a ##### here lady.
  3. Don't watch much wrestling but I am going to Raw tonight. Anything I need to know? Look for me, I will be the long-haired fat guy wearing an old NWO shirt in the 2nd row, tv side.
  4. I hope you voted libertarian otherwise if the only reason you voted for Burke was this then I expect most Libertarians in Wiscnsin did vote for Burke, as I did yea.. should have said Mrs. Burke.There's 2 Burkes running for the same governship? Lady Burke and Pothead Burke...
  5. Within two weeks he'll be startable at that rate.
  6. Yikes, I went with both of them. Is there any way that one emerges and gets 75% of the touches?
  7. Got him in round 11 last night (12 team redraft) and feel good about it. He definitely fell a bunch but he is my number three WR and that scares me a a lot.
  8. So in redraft, let's say .5PR to split the difference, where are you putting him now? I think I have him in the Lamar Miller, MJD, Steven Jackson tier below the likes of CJ2K, Rice, Tate, and Richardson
  9. I know a guy from high school with that same name. Looking into it a little deeper it's just a different Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi. Small world it seems.
  10. You got me. I guess I should go into another profession now that you found out us teachers were only in it for the money.
  11. Looks cool. Awesome to the nerds freaking out, I liken it to fans as various stadiums cheering and shouting for their various teams. We are all weird about something.