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  1. Got him 5.02 (as WR2). Not bad value but was hoping for better.
  2. You just come across as a ##### here lady.
  3. Don't watch much wrestling but I am going to Raw tonight. Anything I need to know? Look for me, I will be the long-haired fat guy wearing an old NWO shirt in the 2nd row, tv side.
  4. I hope you voted libertarian otherwise if the only reason you voted for Burke was this then I expect most Libertarians in Wiscnsin did vote for Burke, as I did yea.. should have said Mrs. Burke.There's 2 Burkes running for the same governship? Lady Burke and Pothead Burke...
  5. Within two weeks he'll be startable at that rate.
  6. Got him in round 11 last night (12 team redraft) and feel good about it. He definitely fell a bunch but he is my number three WR and that scares me a a lot.
  7. I know a guy from high school with that same name. Looking into it a little deeper it's just a different Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi. Small world it seems.
  8. You got me. I guess I should go into another profession now that you found out us teachers were only in it for the money.
  9. Saw it, Anna Pacquin was in there at the end. Good movie, the after credits trailer was cool as well.
  10. ADVICE: DON'T CLICK ON THIS You need to put spoiler warnings, dude. What did you think you were going to see? It says it's evidence as to who it might be. It is just screencaps from the show.