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  1. here ya go I need to work on my paparazzi skills I Need WINNERS!get some better shots or your off the team Who's Hottest?Oops! You don't have permission to view this photo.This work?If this doesn't work, I give up.Jugs galore!I like the milk price sign in the background.
  2. I loved Statis Pro Baseball, Bowl Bound and Title Bout. I have the new CD version of Title Bout for my computer.
  3. Or some court-ordered child support payments so MITYH can buy a 'Vette and cruise past Steve's house on a regular basis.I know that this is a trip, but Yellow hat has to be careful if the birth certificate has him as the father if he actually is not. Judges have ruled in cases where the guy listed as the father, later find out otherwise still are ordered to pay child support because the child recognizes him as the father and the father has treated the child as their own.
  4. Lets talk. I am all for it assuming little things like my life don't get in the way.I have already contacted a couple gyms here, and one in Austin (there 2 days a week) - I will at least join for a month to see what goes on. A guy at my current gym boxes and he is also looking into it.From the looks of the gyms here in SA.. I am leaning towards the one in austin.How's the training going?It isn't. Taking all I got not to gain weight right now. Wise move. It is very much in your best interest to continue finding excuses not to do this.J never known you to 2 classes of BJJ under my belt (see other thread)... the boxing gyms are just plain unattractive to me (I would never go). I'm sorry to disappoint all those who felt this was ever a macho deal. It was always a common sense deal. I can only grin in amusement at those of you who seemingly think this is a shot at my ego.Don't recall ever making an excuse, fact is I have many priorities in life - this ranks among many other things i am curious and interested in yet may never do. Little things like my job, wife, kids, lack of free time get in the way.I stand by my original premise without a second of doubt. No chance a 5'6" 125lb guy takes me out.PS - Re: the video: Gatti fought at 145lbs, 20 lbs higher than we are discussing. In that video I'd put him much higher.Of course the little guy has no chance to take you out, because you come up with a million excuses to make sure he never does. You remind of the guy whose buddies are holding him back from fighting, but he really has zero interest in fighting and claims he would have whipped everyone's butt in the bar if he wasn't getting held back. Every local bar or tavern has them. Carry on with your fantasy.
  5. Wife is now pregnant with camper Steve's love child. Wife still has no memory of how this happened. Camper Steve still stands by his story that nothing happened. Man w/Yellow Hat agrees to raise said love child as his own.
  6. Fresh Water PH drops over time, that's just what it does. If you fill your tank with neutral (7.0) water, it wall drop to the mid to low 6's in about a week to 10 days. Try buffering your water to keep the ph stable, there are also test kits for "buffering capability." You'll find that weekly water changes will keep your PH pretty stable on it's own as you'll be adding new water which is most likely between 7.0 and 7.6 depending on your town's water supply but at the beginning when you're going longer than 7 days between water changes you'll find that your PH is more volatile.I've found for freshwater fish it is best not to mess with PH. Your fish will adapt to the ph of your tap water and is better for them than constantly messing around with the PH IMHO.
  7. Manu and Parker better than LeBron? Finals don't start until Thurs, both teams will have plenty of rest.
  8. Looks good so far. What type of fish did you decide to go with?
  9. Actually both untrue. I only bring this up because this is your first tank. If marine is something you actually wanted but did not go with because of the above mentioned reasons you made a mistake.My first reef tank was a 37 gallon way back when and it cost me about $400 total for fish, corals and everything. Was also very easy to maintain with very little work and all of my corals were healthy and grew like weeds.You would be the first person I have ever met that has said that keeping a salt tank was very little work....Bi-weekly water changes like all tanks and occasional water tests. Possibly Calcium drip for certain SPS corals or clams....................Empty out skimmer cup and that's about it. Set your lights on a timer, get an auto feeder, auto top off for water loss.I've done salt water changes. Couple of buckets took me as long as it takes me to do my 110 and 55 combined.....I'll stick with the freshwater. I'm good with what I've got....Well first of all I am not trying to convert you... If you are happy with fresh that's cool, but I see a lot of folks wanting salt and being scared off by others who simply don't know what they are talking about. I do bi-weekly 15 gallon water changes on my 75 gallon reef. I have an RO unit hooked up to my main water supply with a 20 gallon holding tank. Simply add the salt a few days before the change and make the switch. total water change.......10 minutes. With a Fish Only With Live Rock tank and no complicated corals you only have water changes and the emptying of the skimmer collection cup. Not a life changing work schedule.Out of curiousity - what percentage of the water do you change on your tank? I think I read most of the water.........Why such a large change?I'm talking just a couple of buckets. It was about 15-20%. Had to get the PH right, the buffer right, the salinity right, and the temp right. If the first three take too long then I had to go back and add more warm water to get the temp right again and then all the levels of the first 3 were off. And think about your outlay. You have an RO system as well as a Protein Skimmer. I'm guessing a filter as well. And the corals are not cheap at all. Those pics you posted are not of some tank that cost $400. Not a chance in hell....Also, I'll take my lush green planted tank or extremely colorful African tank up against what was shown all day long. I don't know if it was the lighting or the picture but the three pics don't look all that impressive to me....I would love to have a nice saltwater setup, but I will have to wait until my retirement years to devote the time and money. The cost of live rock is pretty expensive by itself. I have a 75 gallon african cichlid tank that I get compliments on that the fish are very colorful like saltwater fish.
  10. He got into a fight when he was 18 and he stayed in a Holiday Inn. Does that qualify?
  11. I would give myself good odds with the likes of Pacquiao. He is listed at 5'6" 126lbs, in the pictures I call serious BS on the 5'6" part - he BARELY clears the top ropes. IN A STREET FIGHT (as in I would not box with him).Once you get to 150lb range, I have made no claims about that.5'8"-5'11" 150lbs >>>>>>>>> 5'2"-5'6" 125lbs. No comparison. This is good schtick.