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  1. Like the time him and Eli handed over the KKK to him?
  2. Yeah, I wouldnt be surprised if the Dr is also crazy. Maybe this is dumb, but I dont mind ghosts in this show, but aliens I can do without.When the alien stuff started, I'm like "crap, they just made this totally unbelievable like Indiana Jones 4." Then I remembered I'm watching a show about ghost. I am not yet buying the alien thing...My money is that it's Cthulhu.
  3. I don't even know their schedule, but I do know I wouldn't feel comfortable starting him 1)on the road and 2) in the Cleveland winter13:@OAK 14:KC 15:WAS 16:@DENMaybe only applies to me but the league in question does not subtract for turnovers...
  4. Looking at the Browns fantasy playoff schedule, is it insane that I am thinking of adding BWeeden to my QBBC?
  5. He was named by the Night's Watch and his parents were raiders. It is like a regional bastard name.Kettleblack is the worst btw.
  6. Mord reappears in the books. A lordship with the walking around money from Tyrion's purse?
  7. Anyone play DayZ? Got ARMA II on Steam Sale and played a few hours this afternoon.
  8. King Beyond the Wall is definitely not Mance's official title. There is no actual King beyond the wall...And how is the Sword of Morning a title for Arthur Dayne? Did I miss something there?
  9. The King Beyond the Wall and The Sword of Morning are not nicknames they are titles. Like The Warden of the North is not a nickname.
  10. What the ####? Read his entry about the draft....he seems to be a Jets AND a Giants fan. Party foul.He was an AFL fan and an NFL fan That not allowed? I was a Maulers and a Steelers fan.