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  1. Like the time him and Eli handed over the KKK to him?
  2. I don't even know their schedule, but I do know I wouldn't feel comfortable starting him 1)on the road and 2) in the Cleveland winter13:@OAK 14:KC 15:WAS 16:@DENMaybe only applies to me but the league in question does not subtract for turnovers...
  3. Looking at the Browns fantasy playoff schedule, is it insane that I am thinking of adding BWeeden to my QBBC?
  4. He was named by the Night's Watch and his parents were raiders. It is like a regional bastard name.Kettleblack is the worst btw.
  5. Mord reappears in the books. A lordship with the walking around money from Tyrion's purse?
  6. Anyone play DayZ? Got ARMA II on Steam Sale and played a few hours this afternoon.
  7. King Beyond the Wall is definitely not Mance's official title. There is no actual King beyond the wall...And how is the Sword of Morning a title for Arthur Dayne? Did I miss something there?
  8. The King Beyond the Wall and The Sword of Morning are not nicknames they are titles. Like The Warden of the North is not a nickname.
  9. What the ####? Read his entry about the draft....he seems to be a Jets AND a Giants fan. Party foul.He was an AFL fan and an NFL fan That not allowed? I was a Maulers and a Steelers fan.
  10. you can ask us too, at least for the second one. The Tickler was not a target in the book.
  11. Basically, they were in the vicinity (give or take about 10 miles).Isn't Casterly Rock Tywin's HQ? Is it basically empty now that he's out at war?I do not think any of this is spoiler.This was the Battle of Oxcross from the books. The defeated Lannisters retreat to Casterly Rock/Lannisport, the seat of House Lannister. Tywin is currently with his army at Harrenhal. In the book the remnants of Jaime's army are at Golden Tooth.