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  1. Titans run about 50% of their plays for negative yards.
  2. Tannehill could be what Davis needs. Already thrown to him 3 times.
  3. Terrible 3 quarters but still a winnable game.
  4. Made it through the weekend with no soda. Headache is gone. If I make it through the week I’ll say I’ve officially quit the soda and will start making other changes in my diet. I’ll always be a food eater so won’t be doing 2 day fasts. Also did a 5 mile hike yesterday.
  5. Saw this today when researching YouTube TV. PBS targeting a Nov 4th launch.
  6. Day 1. I’m fat. 265.6. Not sure how I’m going to go about this yet. Did go for a hike last weekend and have one planned for tomorrow. I drink a lot of soda which will be the first thing I cut out. Sometimes I go days without drinking water so this part won’t be easy.
  7. It’s Manaea for the A’s. 4-0 with a 1.21 ERA in 30 innings this year.
  8. While I’ve never wanted to run a marathon, if I did it would be the MCM. I worked the event a couple times while at Quantico. Run a mile for LtCol Palmer. I was a Platoon Commander under him at 2d LAAD. He loved being a Marine and leading Marines. We were at his house for a Christmas party a couple months before his last deployment and he said it was going to be his last one. He was going to finally retire and watch his kids grow up. Unfortunately he didn’t make it back. Good luck. RIP
  9. Fumble recovered by the Titans. Great first quarter.