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  1. A new Sahara showed up in my work parking lot last week. I've seen one other on the road and that's it. I wanted to wait for the Ocean Blue but once I finally got around to seeing the color I decided I didn't like it. Ended up ordering the Granite.
  2. It's time to update. I think I'm going to download that Sea of Thieves game. Looks like something I can play with my son.
  3. Finally unboxing my XBox One X that's been sitting here since launch. Don't have the time I used to have.
  4. Jeep struggling to keep up with JL orders. I'll be lucky to get mine by summer.
  5. Colts released Johnathan Hankins. Was at Ohio State when Vrabel was there.
  6. @Bri Sylvester Williams released. Suh signing imminent?
  7. Klug cut. More money for Suh.
  8. It wasn't posted. Suh has a visit scheduled.
  9. New logo as seen on Twitter.
  10. Sounds like Kline is sticking around.
  11. Dion Lewis added. Avery to the Jets.
  12. Malcolm Butler inbound. 5 years $61 million.
  13. Been in this since 2011 I think. Might as well play again.
  14. Switched to the Note 8 a couple months ago. I use Outlook for my work email but I don't always get notifications when I get an email. My notifications are turned on. Any other settings I should check or alternatives to Outlook?