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  1. If they are friends on XBox overall they should be able to go to their friends list and join the others game. There is an invite system as well within the game.
  2. Looks like he won the WFFC. He picked a good year to win it with the increased payout to first.
  3. I never let my son use the 3D. I read somewhere it was bad for your eyes before a certain age. He outgrew the 3DS quickly and moved on to XBox and PS4. I would probably get the 2DS.
  4. These go on sale sometimes. Not usually from sites like Amazon. You are correct that you don't want an XBox live card.
  5. Probably close to a foot here. Hopefully the power stays on.
  6. Mayfield to Landry for the long TD. Nice throw and catch.
  7. 1st and goal at the 1 to start the second. Will Cam or CMC get the TD?