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  1. I own Destiny 2 and BO4. Just never had the time to play Destiny 2 and haven't started BO4. I spent a lot of time on the first Destiny and BO3. I'm sure I'll put some time into both and then pick one.
  2. East Coast Bias

    *** Official FFA Lotto Club ***

    That's why I feel I can never leave.
  3. Going to be living about 3,000 miles away from my family until the summer so I'll likely have a little more video game time. It's either going to be Destiny 2 or Black Ops 4. Not sure which. Definitely want something with PVP but not a battle royale type.
  4. Four days in Greensboro is a long time. I doubt you'll find much to do outside the concert. A lot of people like Stamey's for BBQ. It's been on a few different Food Network or Cooking Channel shows. For burgers, Hops is a good choice. You'll find it on a lot if best burgers lists.
  5. East Coast Bias

    Ravens vs Titans - Week 6

    Needed that one.
  6. East Coast Bias

    Ravens vs Titans - Week 6

    Nice drive for Crabtree.
  7. East Coast Bias

    Ravens vs Titans - Week 6

    Thoughts on blocking now?
  8. I didn't even know this thing was coming. I'm out near the airport and have been without power 30+ hours.
  9. East Coast Bias

    Fake IDs - then and now

    They said I fraudulently got a driver's license so they suspended mine. I had to write a statement saying what I did and retake the written test and driving test.
  10. East Coast Bias

    Fake IDs - then and now

    I took my brother's social security card and birth certificate to the DMV when I was 18 and got his license with my picture on it. 15+ years later they started using some facial recognition software and I got a letter in the mail informing me my license was suspended for fraud. It's on my permanent record. It was worth it.
  11. East Coast Bias

    Titans 2018

    Roger Lewis Jr signed to the practice squad.
  12. East Coast Bias

    Titans Bills game

    Actually I don't.
  13. East Coast Bias

    Titans Bills game

    Beat the Jags. Beat the Eagles. Lose to the Bills.
  14. East Coast Bias

    Titans Bills game

    Bills win.