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  1. Live in NC so FanDuel/Draftkings aren’t available. What are my options to place a bet or 10?
  2. It was fairly easy to get to gold but I won’t progress anymore. Will likely be gold IV for the rest of the season.
  3. K/D is going down as I get to higher ranks. Guess that’s better than randoms leaving all the time. Think I’ll settle in at the beginning of gold tier. Don’t see myself progressing past that.
  4. Started playing ranked and people don’t leave as much so way better than just regular matches. Not sure why I didn’t think of that earlier.
  5. A lot of randoms insta quit once getting downed. I can handle playing as a solo in duos but not against 3.
  6. Settled in at 1.1 K/D for the season. Only been playing duos which is a lot of solos as so many people are an insta quit when they get downed.
  7. That’s about 50% of my games but the other half I come out of the first area with multiple kills.