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  1. In an effort to inflate my starting weight for the 100 days of pain starting tomorrow I stopped and picked up a Dr Pepper after my stroll around the lake tonight. 🥤
  2. Rent for a year. Have a car. I want to be around restaurants, shopping, etc. North Hills to office says 6.9 miles. Cameron Village to office says 4.9 miles. Still think those are bad ideas?
  3. I’m going to hit this harder than I’ve been doing for the next 100 days. I’m moving cross country for the second time in 18 months and would like there to be a noticeable difference when I get back to NC. I’m down about 20 pounds since December 1. I’m going to go for 2 - 2.5 pounds a week which would be 30 - 37.5 pounds over the next 15 weeks. Still have a lot of room for improvement in my diet and, honestly, I can push more in the exercise. Heading out for my second 3 mile walk/run of the day.
  4. Raleigh people - I’m making the move from Seattle to Raleigh this summer. Any advice on where to live? Just me and my son will visit every other weekend from Greensboro. Thinking North Hills, Cameron Village or downtown. Don’t want to live out in the sticks and schools don’t matter. I’ve lived all over NC (Asheville, Greenville, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Greensboro) but this will be my first stint in Raleigh for other than a weekend visit. I’ll be working near PNC Arena.
  5. I don’t remember it being broken but maybe that’s why I stopped using it.
  6. Also joined the bad day club. Went to a wine/food tasting. Drank all the wine. Then went out for pizza and beer. Was up for a 3 mile run/walk at 7:00 am though so back to it.
  7. My type of game. 3 kills 548 damage. Eliminated in 4:47.
  8. Enjoy. Playing with randoms is so frustrating sometimes.
  9. Will be buying a new belt tomorrow. Have moved down two holes to the last one and still feel like my pants are falling down. May buy new pants tomorrow too. Also picked up an XL shirt last week when I haven’t bought anything other than 2X in a long time. Probably down about 20 pounds since Dec 1 but am not getting on the scale regularly so don’t know exactly and I prefer it that way. Don’t want to obsess over the number. I feel better than I have in years. Still exercising outside regularly. Even in the weather that is Seattle. Actually look forward to getting out there now.
  10. I’m EastCoastBias08 on Xbox One if anyone wants to team up. Not tonight. I’m about done.
  11. Just picked up first season 4 win. 6 kills 1554 damage. Teammate had 9 kills and about the same damage. Time for bed now.
  12. I use the elite controller but don’t do any customization with it. Just like the way it feels. They are all I’ve used since they day the first one came out.