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  1. Not as much ground as I lost. Followed up a 5-0 week with an 0-5 last week.
  2. Henry already with a couple long runs (18, 34) and at 60 in the first quarter.
  3. Titans stay undefeated and set up an AFC showdown with the one-loss Steelers next week.
  4. Jeffery Simmons @GrindSimmons94 · 4m If I ever get stiff arm that bad, I’m going to the locker room!
  5. Terrible call on 4th and 1 by the Jags.
  6. Alex Smith coming in because of an injury. Welcome back.
  7. Good luck. On the opposite side of a few of these. On ATL, WAS, PHI, JAX, CIN. Sitting .5 points behind you in the group at 792. First time I haven’t had multiple of the top 5 picks.
  8. Going to have a few of these tonight. First one was a little sweet so will do as you mentioned and cut the simple syrup on the next.
  9. Late game winning FG in all three wins. So different than last year.
  10. 62 yard pass to Raymond and then Henry punches it in. Titans back on top.