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  1. Carried off field, into tent for 10ish minutes. Came back out to jog on sideline, then back in game.
  2. Cook fumbled, returned for TD. Now he's down on the ground being looked at.
  4. He's still seeing good target volume. The last 5 weeks 8, 8, 13, 6, 9. 9th in the NFL over that span.
  5. Had Taysom lined up to start over Lamar, even before the covid positive. Now with Tua out, I'm thinking hard about Fitzmagic instead. This will drive me crazy for 3 more hours.
  6. I haven't see anything from Ballage that makes me think he'll have much of a role once Jackson is back.
  7. We also have contingency plans. Currently Robby Anderson, but the Ekeler news may make it all moot
  8. He got the 'rona
  9. Playing the guy with Hill this week and he's currently in the TE slot...