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  1. Lucky for me he cost me the game this week, so I don't have to worry about it next week
  2. Is Jarvis Landry actually playing? Yikes.
  3. Out for the rest of the game, taking thousands of title hopes with him.
  4. I've been waiting for the bump in the road all year. Fantasy playoffs seem like a good time for it to pop up.
  5. I've gotta start 3 from Ekeler, Landry, Golladay, and Amari. As of now Amari is the odd man out. That could change 30 or 40 times before Sunday though...
  6. How afraid should we be of Jalen Ramsey shadowing him all day? He didn't look like he was moving all that well last week.
  7. What are the thoughts on Golladay now that Marvin Jones is done for the year? 3rd string QB, 7th or 8th starting RB, no TJ Hock. KG is literally the only offensive weapon Detroit has left. Does that mean he gets all the targets or does he get 3 DBs chasing him around? Tempting start with TB up next, or a huge let down...
  8. I'm rolling with him because he's literally my only choice. Even if Andrews plays
  9. Lions, 49ers, Chiefs are the only teams to have a lead in every game this year. Mind blowing.
  10. It's him or Ekeler this week and I feel like they've both become TD dependent
  12. Fractured rib? Heard a rumor, haven't seen any confirmation yet.
  13. He just got dropped in my dynasty. I'm thinking about adding him to my IR, simply because it's open.
  14. Yeah, gotta be something to that. He's young and only a couple years removed from a great season. Probably not his old self anymore.