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  1. I honestly hope Rich Hill's blister issue pops up 3 pitches into his first NLDS start because the way they've babied him has been ridiculous
  2. His Signature move, the Pagan Ritual
  3. So Tanner's one hundred and what now?
  4. ooo! i like alcohol.
  5. What makes a grown man hand write a sign on poster board and take it to a sporting event to hold up?
  6. More like Mammaranda... am i rights?
  7. Otis Has Tremendous Mitts?
  8. Soooooo When's the last time a team with a tie on their record won the World Series?
  9. We'll let Dentist chime in on that one.
  10. I have a feeling the #BFIB are going to get a chance to show their true colors real soon
  11. Speaking of... Skyline Chili fell into that meh category too
  12. One of the bigger 'meh' meals of my life. Didn't live up to the hype
  13. Ef him and his kid.
  14. QG didn't forget him!