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  1. How abut buying a house while you're here?
  2. Congrats to you and your dickmittened brother, my iFriend
  3. Any Cub fan with those World Series ticket deserves to be knocked the #### out if they sell tickets to the schmuck.
  4. Full disclosure. Im at the bar right now in ####### tears because of the fact that I can't call my old man right now to tell him congratulations
  5. Not impressed. They probably would have gotten there last year with Renteria
  6. Gildo's a god dammed Rhodes Scholar compared to this ########
  7. Nothing better than the unintentional comedy provided by desperate attempts at oneupmanship.
  8. Dear god I only commented on what had happened, not what was going to. So what exactly are you laughing at?
  9. 3outs in and Marlins Man is already in full fledged attention whore mode
  10. Almost as impressive as AZcards
  11. Outside of the Arrieta HR off MadBum, they've pretty much been silenced by LHP this post season. Oh! And here's Kershaw and Hill
  12. I'm not ready for the shame that comes with letting the Inidians and the Cubs into the same World Series