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  1. Kevin Millar coming up to bat in Anaheim
  2. Stunned to see Machado handle that as well as he did. That slide was dirty, but going for the skull is even worse.
  3. Spikes high doesn't happen like that in 2017 without being called dirty
  4. Not many better moments in hockey than Rask getting the Garden going. Just the perfect name for a goalie.
  5. I've seen Soul Asylum 5 times over the years. Most memorable was July 21st, 1991. Soul Asylum and Jayhawks at Metro in Chicago. One other band was on the bill that night. Pearl Jam Release date of Ten was August 21.
  6. Closer To The Stars Always one of my favorite SA tunes
  7. I'm going to be just like you....
  8. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah (Where's my ####### medal?) - Chewbacca Star Wars
  9. @Bruce Dickinson mentioned Trip Shakespeare in UH's Kasey Kasum countdown thread. Can't even imagine how many times me and my friends spun that Across The Universe album. LuLu was a solid effort too. The Crane
  10. Pardon Me Some cities have been the epicenter for some great music scenes over the years, but my favorite is probably 1980's Minneapolis And while Prince's name on the marque of 1st Avenue may be the first image that pops into people's mind when it comes to great music from 1980s Minneapolis, the bands that shook the walls around the corner, in 7th Street Entry, are the ones that have won my heart over the last 30 something years. The Replacements, Hüsker Dü / Bob Mould, Soul Aslyum each got major label deals and made an impact nationally. Other bands like The Magnolias, Suicide Machines and Trip Shakespeare were parts of its foundation and helped make it a special time and place. Back to Prince, one could argue that he's the greatest artist this country has ever produced. Brilliant songwriter, a born musician and a fearless performer. He could pick up and play any instrument and as far as I know did so for the majority of his recordings. My personal favorite songwriter ever, not just from Minneapolis, is Westerburg. No one has ever been able to tap into each and every one of my emotions like he has. He can make me laugh and cry, ponder life one minute and make me think 'who ####### cares' the next. In this thread share your stories, your love of the bands, both big and small, from this city. Doesn't have to be just that great run of the 80s, that just happens to be what I know and love.
  11. Machado gets plunked today, right?
  12. wa wa wa
  13. It was interesting. Just him, electric. No backing band. Honestly I wasn't thrilled about the idea of going to see him in that setting. I've seen Mould 7 times now between solo and Sugar, but I've influenced my 17 year old son into liking him and we missed him with Naurdacy and Wurster last time he came through and he wanted to go, so we did. Here's the set list from last night. Between Love Is All Around and Hardly Getting Over It, I was provided with some 'die happy' moments since I'd never seen him play those before. For the most part, the setlist worked. Not overly dependent upon a backing band. Closed his first set with Black Confetti which someone worked. Just killed it. I'd call it a unique, possibly once in a lifetime experience. If you're a Mould lifer, like me, I'd recommend going