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  1. And what ground do you suppose this is going to happen on?
  2. With this happening on foreign soil, obviously our constitution / rights aren't overly relevant in this specific case, but... As we see an escalation in these types of attacks, especially the ones here at home, I find myself wondering more and more which of our Constitutional rights is the most dangerous to those they were put into place to protect.
  3. Getting replies is part of the plan. HTH
  4. Pretty cool..... Except for the Cubs ones. Those are awful
  5. So much for never jerkin it to Gidget.
  6. I've heard that she posts here.
  7. Its a non-stop stream of right wing / conservative lunacy. The #### these people come up with, like, share, never ceases to amaze me and he's my window into that frightening world.
  8. I stay facebook friend's with an old grade school friend's dad for gems like this one LOLZ
  9. I can see Loria now....watching the red carpet parade, from his own private box, like Hitler looking over the opening Olympic ceremonies in '36
  10. Last visited May 28, 2013 Jeebus... it's been that long?
  11. Where's @Hipple, Long, Ware, & Peete when you need him?