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  1. been there, done that. Busboy when I was 14, when it was slow it was either help wash dishes or bag cookies. Every shift worked came with a free plate of fried rice, but they would never let us have shrimp for the protein in it. Still, every time I was asked what I wanted, I replied 'shrimp'
  2. He'll be back when Francesa retires
  3. The other 2 weren't so bad, but yeah....
  4. Its about that time, isn't it?
  5. THIS! @RoarinSonoran
  6. 9,999 - have to take a point off for being a Pats / Red Sox fan.
  7. Moncada Is Cuban For NOM NOM NOM
  8. Word was that Glover could be getting the job in DC. Not only does that seem very un-Dusty (We're talking a snake eyes roll on the old Dusty Dice ), he just imploded for 3 runs in 1.2 vs STL. That may lessen the likelihood of Dusty handing the reigns over to a kid and open the door for Kelley or Trenien.
  9. If it was when @dal_boys_phan picked Counting Crows its 100% understandable.
  10. There goes that damn neck again.
  11. Seems as good of a reason as any to ban posty again.
  12. Yep. Real riled up over here. Pulse was high, veins in the forehead were popping out. The most you people get out of me is a headshake of disbelief when I'm forced to realize that you're actually simpler than I previously imagined. So if you'd like to claim giving me a sore neck as some sort of iVictory, have at it. You can even use it as lube for tonight's CJ.
  13. So on top of everything else, you guys are unoriginal too. Isn't that neat?