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  1. Moist sister(s) complaining in the Manifesto.
  2. How does Jake LaMotta live to 95?
  3. When you read the thread from the beginning, they do stand out. You know what else stands out? The fact that those genuine question(s) went unanswered by the OP So you'll have to excuse the masses when they have trouble distinguishing who the first troll in that thread is.
  4. Actually, at least two people asked him and that was within the first 5 responses. But you go ahead and spin it whatever way fits the sisters' agenda
  5. Yep. Being asked 'what part of the speech did you like?' is pretty much the epitome of trolling.
  6. Again. How in the hell was my question trolling? Menstural boy up there is the problem, not me. If he doesn't want to discuss the current state of the Tigers, and expand upon what he thinks should be done going forward, then maybe he shouldn't offer his opinion in the first place.
  7. yep, all me. Couldnt possibly be you that needs to shoulder any blame for that.
  8. I mean I know it's going to be a cold day in hell when you ever admit you're wrong about something, but to completly whiff on noticing when other people are doing it is a special kind of sociopathy.
  9. Let me know when you're done being a condescending #####. There was nothing wrong with the question I asked and you being a ##### about me questioning your supposed infinite Tigers knowledge is doing no one in here any favors.
  10. It's beyond ridiculous that you can't be questioned without turning on the #### act. Worse than a woman on her period. He's had a nice 2nd half, I understand the optimism on the bat, but he's a hack in the field. Pray he can play first because he's going to be a liability anywhere esle and you have Miggy locked up through what, 2023? So that DH slot isn't going to be an option.
  11. Don't you already have a DH locked up for the next 5-6 years.