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  1. How about you taking a moment a GFY? Most everything I've posted in here are legit comments and observations of this past it's prime team. If #1 Tigers fan could handle being confronted with them, it wouldn't descend into the madness.
  2. Disco Demolition. Easiest win in Tigers history and you're whining like a ##### about it
  3. So did Shane Greene's arm fall off inbetween innings there? Why bring in a LHP, to face Davidson, when Greene only faced one batter and threw 5 whole pitches in the 5th?
  4. Damn... Sorry. Wrong thread
  5. Enes Kanter has a warrant out for his arrest in Turkey for being a part of a terrorist organization. Likely because he's been outspoken about Erdogan and probably has a friend or two in his past that's gone a bit zealot once faced with a regime like that taking power. Nice NBA paycheckstill coming his way, but can probably never go home again. Remember kids, lists like these are harmless
  7. OK. Cheese trimmer got here in time for drunken Wisconsin farm fun. Now I'm looking at this thing and thinking to myself, 'Limp, you need a new beard / hair trimmer. For my needs, I pretty much just go with a 1 blade on the skull when I'm at the barber and figure I can do that myself. Beard... that comes and goes, varies in lenght depending on a combination of laziness and what life presents me with. Maybe even a little something something that can manscape the newts.' Assuming the cheese trimmer can't pull of these tasks, does anyone have any suggestions for hair trimmers? Preferably something all in one
  8. Sardines rule. What I never understood was my dad would look at two bags of pistachios, one red shelled, one normal. Every.single.time. He'd pick the red shelled ones. Never tasted different than the normal ones, but always the red. When it was all said and done, he'd have red crap all over his hands, like cheetos fingers, and have to clean himself up afterwards. Why go through the extra rigamarole for something that tastes exactly the same?
  9. Did wreaths at Abraham Lincoln last Xmas season.
  10. Robbie Ray looking like an ace tonight.
  11. Never said you're mad, said you're on tilt. Now go find me another irrelevant White Sox tidbit to deflect attention from the real discussion with