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  1. Aa fine a piece of cinema as you'll ever see.
  2. Yeah. It's not like you're @Sweatpants Boner Man ..... or are you?
  3. Belushi - Blues Brothers - Chez Paul
  4. Even the needs of the Christo's of the world need to be catered too
  5. FIL sent a jar home with Mrs Limp a while back and they were in an oil instead of a brine. Tasted Ok on their own, but the oil didn't really work with the vodka. Really needs to be in a brine
  6. Good god do I love a blue cheese stuffed olive and a couple of fingers of Vodka. Grocery chain around here (Mariano's) has an olive bar at each location. I can't explain how good the blue cheese stuffed one are. No idea where they get them from, they're probably out of some labelless jar, but each time I take a bite out of one, I pause and revel in it.
  7. Headventure on 30 in Crest Hill has an excellent selection..... or so I've been told
  8. Because he's been lied to too and has bought it hook, line and sinker.
  9. ####### former beer kid, man
  10. Oddly enough, just picked the book up to start reading it today.
  11. No brainer