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  1. @El Floppo gets the gas face
  2. Here's the story scary stuff, glad the prosopis prognosis is good
  3. Minor league ball player, I think with the Phillies org, had this happen to him recently. Lost an eye when a band snapped back at him.
  4. Condolences, sho. My mother's a ridiculously independent woman and we go entirely too long in between conversations. It doesn't help that both of us hate talking on the phone, and I do try and talk to her at least once a week, but all too often it extends beyond that.
  5. I have no problem with the singing, the guitars. Love it. Those horns just destroy me though. They're like nails on a chalkboard annoying.
  6. There are few things that make my skin crawl like the horns of a mariachi band.
  7. I've seen them twice and they killed it both times. What I did notice is I think that last night was the 3rd night of 3 in Denver. Anytime I've seen them do 3 nights here, they change it up at least one of the nights and do the country thing
  8. It's not awful, but I could understand not enjoying a full country set if you weren't expecting it W/ Steve Earle
  9. Birthday boy lighting the lamp. Can finally legally celebrate
  10. what a pathetic, little legged child you are.
  11. He's probably one of those :e: guys they won't tell you who he is here.