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  1. Saw them on the CR tour in Chicago. They were fantastic that night too. I did get a text from my son on Wednesday that they were in town. I was in the city that day and for a fleeting moment, it sounded like a good idea. But between a ####ty day of work and being on the wagon, I dreaded the thought of trying to occupy myself for 3+ hours until the show started.
  2. More like run away loser, amiwrite?
  3. It was between this and Jawbox for my J. The rhythm section of this band, so ridiculously solid
  4. but, but, but, I was told Obama was the worst president ever.
  5. Its like mandatory military service in Korea, Canadians must skate. Votto Saunders Lawrie
  6. Thinking the Japandroids - Celebration Rock probably hurt the most.
  7. I know I'll give it another listen, but didn't grab me. And that direction (NESW or whatever it's called) song is simply god awful
  8. And within 25 minutes of posting that, friend from Denver texts 'Hey! Coming in next weekend'
  9. It's only 3:10 on Friday and I'm already getting itchy. The big test of the weekend will be a drinking buddy's 50th birthday. If I can survive that, I should be home free as the calendar for the following weekend is clean.
  10. This is where I'm leaning.