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  1. I'll just get this out of the way now. I ####### KNEW I SHOULDN"T HAVE STARTED WRIGHT TONIGHT
  2. And to think that Getz called him lazy
  3. Why would anyone ever leave Milwaukee if they didn't have to?
  4. why only 2 semesters?
  5. I'd tip an epipen in his honor, but have you seen how much those things cost now?
  6. its not your fault, chief
  7. so where did the student loans come from?
  8. omg! you totally stand out here, why wouldn't you stand out there too? make this happen
  9. '86 was my first Femmes show
  10. Don't you want to know how low it can get?
  11. You did it for the love of your daughter and family. Your wife, your son, they will never forget the lengths you went to for her. And as insignificant as these next few words I'm about to type are, they need to be said. Neither will we.