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  1. No worries especially if it was from memory. I thought maybe you copied and pasted a list.
  2. People are on edge around here (Nebraska). Potential for a bunch of snow that will melt quickly affecting areas that are already saturated/flooded.
  3. Even though he's never acknowledged Phillip Rivers as his illegitimate son?
  4. Is it their success that makes them unlikable, or other reasons? Or a combination of both? Nick Saban and Urban Meyer might be disliked for completely different reasons.
  5. Probably shouldn't have sprained ankle guy guarding him out there.
  6. See, I will give you Bowden especially later in his career, but not sure about Bill Self and Roy Williams. It's all perception obviously, but they seem like a couple that put on a good face. ETA: And Bill Self made a snarky comment about the Big 12 getting better in basketball when Nebraska and Colorado left. He was right, but still.
  7. Some discussion in the NCAA basketball tournament thread got me thinking about this. I theorize that in general most coaches that are successful are also kind of #######s (jerks). Not talking about how the home fans feel about them. Al McGuire was the first one that came to mind. .787 Winning percentage at Marquette. I liked him as an announcer, but not sure if people thought he was a jerk when coaching. Maybe Jimmy V? Nebraska recently had probably one of the most likable tandem of football and basketball coaches in Mike Riley and Tim Miles, but they couldn't be defined as successful at Nebraska. Super nice guys though, which is kind of my point. Is being kind of a jerk a trait of most highly successful people in general? Whatcha got?
  8. I thought for sure this was going to be best song about farting or wiping butt.
  9. I had to Google this one. First time I've heard it in my life. Did I live under a rock? I like it.