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  1. Rocking with Lamar Jackson and Kyler in my high stakes league. I think one of them creeps into the top 5 this year.
  2. Also something to consider - the Eagles invested a 2nd rounder on this guy. Thats a huge investment on a RB for a franchise that hasn't drafted many RBs inside the first 2 rounds. They will give him every opportunity to succeed as long as he doesnt put the ball on the ground (which seems to be his only potential weakness). If he cleans that up - I project a greater than 50% touch total as a very strong likelihood. Everyone is afraid of RBBC but there's never been such a significant skill gap/well rounded player at the position under the Howie/Pederson regime.
  3. FWIW.... Sproles will probably be the 3rd down back until Sanders proves he can pass black. Sproles is still elite in that area... still has some shake and soft hands as well.
  4. How many lineups do you guys plan on drafting? I'm thinking 10 - I'll do five nowish to try and capitalize on value... then another 5 closer to opening day when things are more clear. I've drafted two lineups so far lmk what u think. I'll post my favorite one shortly.
  5. If Kamara goes down... Ingram is certainly a top 5 RB. I would actually predict hes already going to finish top 10-12 ROS sharing the mail with Kamara.
  6. Ingram is a monster in his own right. That's the only thing preventing Kamara from 20+ touches a week. They are a perfect thunder/lightning combination. Kamara will be more productive with his touches simply because he will be fresher.
  7. Was actually just offered this from Hyde owner in a redraft ppr... Doug Baldwin for Chubb/Vance McD. I'm gonna accept the deal but this is a guy that has loads of WR depth and Hyde/James White/Theo as his only RBs and also is starting Jesse James. Kind of a perfect trade partner for me. But yes... I think hes giving up too much.
  8. Morris had about 15ish snaps yesterday - a handful of those when Breida banged up his shoulder. I watched most of the game and Breida was in there on 1st and 2nd downs repeatedly. He is clearly the guy and this is nowhere near a 50/50 timeshare - more like 65/25/10 . I advise you guys to target Breida while he can be had for cheap. I just moved Amari for Breida/Ekeler.
  9. Came back in for the final drive. Had a nice catch to set the niners up with a chance to win the game on 1st play of the drive. Beathard promptly throws a pick on the next play. He also had a really nice 10+ yard carry to get them down to the 1 yard line and was visibly upset when Morris was brought in to vulture. Morris was stuffed on his goal line attempt and looked slow all day. Wouldn't be surprised to see Matt get goal line opps moving forward as hes proven more than capable running between the tackles. He was out there all day on 1st and 2nd down. 3rd downs 100% of the time. He probably missed about 8-10 snaps due to an injury so that snap count would have more than likely been in the 70% range. I really like this guy as a high upside RB2 with the potential to blossom into an RB1 in PPR. That offense can still move the ball with Beathard and Breida looks like the most explosive weapon they possess. Targetting Breida in all leagues before I miss out on another blowup game.
  10. I always thought Bell benefited immensely from his situation. His running style wouldn't be as effective in a one cut scheme, hes not as decisive as some head coaches would like, and sometimes he dances too much. An offense with a HOF QB and HOF WR allows Bell more time to diagnose and dance around until he finds some space. I think as a pure runner him and Connor are not far off, however his receiving prowess (hands, route running, and size) separates him from Connor a good bit. Bell should be thankful for his situation considering every RB that has filled in for him has done so admirably. This team goes as far as Big Ben and the defense take them and that's why hes not gonna get paid. I voted 70% btw.
  11. This reeks of someone who is gonna push himself too hard post surgery. Mixon isnt the sharpest tool in the shed and has been banged up a lot already. Take your 2 weeks off and see how you feel in the 3rd week.
  12. I like Nyheim Hines this week as a sneaky start in PPR. No Doyle/Mack. Colts likely playing from behind and the Eagles pass rush will be humming. Could foresee a lot of quick passes Hines way to mitigate the Philly pass rush. Had an impressive TD run last week and oddly didnt see a touch after that.