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  1. Dynasty standard scoring, I just traded a low first next season for Breida and Auden Tate.
  2. I was able to land Phillip Lindsay after week 1 dynasty last season.
  3. "... it's just a p l o y to motivate Tatum Bell" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- It's so bad that that when I enter it correctly, the system recognizes it as.... "... it's just a :yawn:" 🤣 .
  4. Dang, this Emmanuel Butler coming out party has somehow morphed into a Tre'Quan Smith thread. (I grabbed EB in all possible dynasty leagues)
  5. I was somehow able to pick him up in all 4 dynasty leagues, very inexpensively.
  6. Pryor is a BUST, and the NYJ is where WRs go to die. I want none of it. enjoy.
  7. Is this really a question ? The New England Patriots have shattered the record books since 2001. They have been a completely dominant team this entire century. No one has come close to standing the test of time, especially in the modern game, where it is much more challenging to build a dynasty. NEP .
  8. I got killed, thanks to Lamar Jackson sliding to the bottom of the first round.
  9. My prop wagers (local book) QBs at 1 and 2 - YES Baker Mayfield UNDER 8 1/2 Josh Allen UNDER 3 1/2 Lamar Jackson UNDER 28 1/2 Lamar Jackson UNDER 20 1/2 Mason Rudolph UNDER 35 1/2 .
  10. If we have to deal with this clown every Sunday, then the "End of Days" must certainly be right around the corner.
  11. Who do you want for your boss ? Jim Irsay or Robert Kraft ? The answer is obvious. It just took McDaniels a while to realize he would rather work for a professional, winning franchise rather than leverage his future on a drug using clown of an owner and a franchise QB with a possible career threatening throwing shoulder injury that's not healing properly. Smart move.
  12. As a lifelong Patriots fan, I say don't ever, and I mean EVERRRRR, fire Mike Tomlin. I love that guy.
  13. There should be no other options to click beyond Brady and Montana