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  1. Cam Akers took a hard hit, squished going to ground. shoulder/clavicle related it seemed. only saw on red zone, came here for more info.
  2. born and raised in Seattle. 13 years working in Bay Area. First time this game meant something in 5 years. Was a little shocked to arrive at work this morning and hearing the Super Bowl talk for niners. You just lost, at home, to a division opponent. GB, NO, BAL on deck..... 9-4 on the horizon. P.S. Sec 201 season ticket holder, so I AM invested in these niners. would love a home playoff game to recoup some of the losses since the new building. Go Hawks!
  3. I will take "things we do Tuesday through Saturday for 200$ Alex". wink wink
  4. Forgot one thing. You must be able to BLOCK before you RUN. I know it goes without saying, but there is not one person predicting for fantasy purposes that has a clue to the "actual" internal rank/level/concern/risk to QB of any of these rb's, today. We may gather insight over (last night) the next 4-10 weeks, but it is NOT a stat that can be measured. It's a coaches opinion. Part of the risk until we have historical snap counts.
  5. Thompson, Singletary, Pollard, Montgomery, Sanders. (all but Jacobs due to perceived no competition). remind me of every season 1st - 6th round RB;s who fantasy experts MUST hit on to say they were accurate. THIS is why you get hype every year on RB's who dont do jack. See Rashad Penny. 1st round pick. "NO WAY they invested that much and wont roll him out over Carson". LMAO. Ya, there is a way, and it happens every single year. The RB room is a room full of men who CAN and DO play in the NFL. In Chicago's case they have 2 QUALITY RB's in the room before Montgomery arrival. That has not changed one bit. Prognosticators, Gamblers, Fantasy players all have the desire to "hit" on their picks. I get it. I dont want to be naive. If you are gonna hang your hat on a rookie RB, dont be surprised the first time he misses a block (that you arent aware of) and all the sudden hes on pine rest of day. I own ZERO % of Henderson, Pollard, Singletary, Jacobs, Montgomery, Sanders and what other rookie am i forgetting? Sure, 1 or maybe 2 of these guys might hit. Odds say its Jacobs. My gut says ill check back next year. I wont waste my time with the guesswork. I dont throw darts in first 10 rounds at guys who the public has ZERO knowledge of what their script use will be. Welcome to the NFL Mopportunity. Your Opportunity will come when you have beat the other men in the running back room ahead of you.
  6. My .02. The most talented TE on the team is in fact a former college WR. His initials are DC not DW. It's ok if I am wrong. However I will stick with my choice heading into last year as the future Raiders TE.
  7. He's our frikin President, start backing his a$$. oh wait.. yer talking about antonio. Selfish Clown can play. I like the play on my season ticket return. Up, Up and Up, Im the selfish clown now.
  8. Probably the most intelligent educated answer I have seen on this board in over 2 decades. Thanks for being here JM192
  9. As I look back on this trade...... I won the title in 17, which means giving up OBJ was well worth it. This trade happened 1-2 weeks before his ankle injury last year, Haunts me at times long term.... oddly, i was the first round opponent this year of Coop, without green, and advanced. On paper it looks horrible for me... in the pocketbook, it was the right move. I dropped Dez for the Titans D this year... meh
  10. This year.... Penny is GREAT insurance for 2 players. Great pick in my eyes, shore up a rotation that battled injuries last year (and since Marshawn gone). He wasnt picked to protect Russel in September.... goodness. which 2 you ask? Carson and.................Lockett (return game insurance) Next year/much later in year he may make his mark. There, I said it. There is lot more that goes into a mid to late first round pick then saying they didnt draft him in first round to ride the pine.
  11. Im not bending anything. all i am saying is, from CC point of view is that stat means jack ####. it would mean a little more than jack #### if it were power 5. does it translate to elusiveness? sure. is elusiveness measurable? no, unless you call making un-equal players "miss". Im a hawks fan, this has nothing to do with fantasy points. I fully expect CC to make it very tough on Penny to be the #1 opening day. If he is, (penny), it can only be good for the hawks. Ill keep it real though, and not take some mountain west stats to the bank
  12. Making 89 guys miss tackles is impressive. If it were power 5 opponents it would hold more water than it does. signed, Chris Carson
  13. this was long before camp. I will have to find the article/viewpoint, it was some time ago, i bought into it, or at least wont be shocked if things dont start well he wont see much field. I think barber is the long term thought (of course barber meaningless today)
  14. This is the play for me. Offseason, prior to camp, Martin was rumored to be simply cut. I am still on that page. They are going to see if he is lightning in a bottle in his contract year, otherwise the ball goes through Jacquizz..... Maybe im wrong, but thats why I play the game. Rolling with Rodgers, hes the guy to own..... jeeze i hope im right, lol!