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  1. Chasing .455. Chasing Chase. Chasing the draft. Chasing mini-camp. Chasing OTAs. Chasing training camp. Chasing next season. Definitely not chasing great.
  2. Chase Daniel sighting! Eddy has fallen off a cliff. D gives up another TD late, as usual. Game’s over and so is the season.
  3. So hot & cold. Mostly cold: ”The Bears still went 3-&-out on 7 of 12 possessions today. Aside from the three touchdown drives, they ended a possession past their own 40-yard line just twice.” Relieved we won, but man... This offense is painful to watch. Anyway, Kwiatkowski stepped in nicely for Trevathan (shoulder injury?) and that INT was huge. Back to chasing .500.
  4. Bears now 235-0 when leading by 14 or more in the 4th Q at home. That’s an amazing and unbelievable stat. Nearly gave the Lions a chance to make it 234-1. Trub finally made some decent end zone throws. Our run blocking is still abysmal and overall the O cannot put long drives together. For a “get well” game, it didn’t feel that good with the D letting them march down the field at the end, as usual.
  5. Shaheen is the dumbest guy ever. Just fall on it! That’s also bad coaching because you tell them all beforehand to fall on it if it’s kicked short. Made a game of it, but once again, the D failed on two key third and longs late. Chasing .444.
  6. Going to the shortest guy (Cohen) on the field on a mid-out instead of having Wims out there.
  7. I actually LOL’d when Trub was sacked to put us at -10 yards of total offense before our last drive “explosion.” Absolutely abysmal. Reminds me of the Craig Krenzel days, yet somehow worse.
  8. Wow. This D blows without Hicks. He was the real MVP. Stupid penalties killing us. Multiple neutral zone infractions, personal foul on 4th down, can’t cover Ertz. Hands to the face on Ertz not called on his TD. No need to talk about the O, as it is non-existent yet again.
  9. Been done with this team since the D laid over in London. Just tank the rest of the season so we get Tua. Nagy’s honeymoon is over for me. F’n moron.
  10. HSG: You need to load up GamePass and actually watch the second halves of the last three games. They have been overfeeding Monty and he hasn’t been doing sh!t because of Nagy’s unimaginative run calls (surprise, surprise), ineffectiveness of the O-line (including dumb penalties) and opposing defenses knowing they’re going to run and crowding the line. It ain’t rocket surgery. 2 yards, 3 yards, 2 yards, punt. There are a few exceptions with some drives, but this is the overwhelming second half trend with the lead. Expect to be frustrated until Nagy schemes Monty into space so he can take advantage of his biggest assets (juking & breaking single defender tackles). Hopefully it happens this weekend.