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  1. Signed K Elliott Fry from the AAF (Apollos) a little over a week ago to a 3-year deal; guess they liked what they saw. 14/14 with two 40+ yard kicks in the snow (@Utah). Kind of a sneaky move. Kid made some big kicks for South Carolina. Anyway, more K competition is good.
  2. Ho hum. It was boring. Uniforms were atricious. Never should’ve disbanded NFL Europe if they still wanted a “developmental” league.
  3. Aaron Lynch re-signed and Cunningham left for the Jags. Now even more depleted at RB.
  4. We shall see. Since we have no early picks, I didn’t even bother watching any of the combine. Guess Nagy and Pagano want players that fit better in their scheme. Amos was good; he had a subpar game overall vs. PHI, but did have that INT to keep us in the game. Kicking game flagellations have been maddening and there was talk recently we may draft one of the college stud kickers. Yikes.
  5. Ditto. Howard is two years younger than Mike Davis... Guess Nagy would rather have smaller, more compact backs who can catch. Howard seemed to have made progress in catching the ball, but... Whatever. The writing’s been on the wall for months. Just the return is a bit light based on his production when used to his strengths (bellcow downhill runner).
  6. I read the knock on Callahan was lack of durability and it did seem like he was always getting banged up towards the end of the year. Skrine is a stopgap until a younger corner steps up. At least he’s quick from one article I saw. Perhaps with better coaching he’ll quit with the stupid penalties that Jets fans mentioned. I’m prepared to see Skrine laundry anyway. Like the Marvin Hall pickup; another burner to potentially return both punts & kicks as a diceroll sub or play an occasional wildcard role on offense. White was snakebitten, but my man Wims is gonna elevate to hopefully at least be rostered weekly. As we saw in preseason and in one reg. season game last year, he has a special skillset with great hands, positioning and body control.
  7. Like the Patterson pickup. Seemed like every time I saw him toting the rock, he was trucking defenders. Not bad for a fast returner who has a unique skillset for creating mismatches. HHCD... Ok.
  8. ^This. Davis has shown some flashes when given an opportunity, but Skrine? Old, overpriced dumpster fire of a nickelback. Get ready to see more laundry. Apparently Pagano wants a veteran there or thinks he can teach an old dog new tricks, or something. Bellamy gone to the Jets. Ho hum. Nice special teamer and finally made a few plays on offense this past season, but only as a sub/fill-in.
  9. ^Can’t make this stuff up. Didn’t watch a single second of the combine.
  10. Acho gone. Trestman hired as GM & HC at Tampa Bay... In the XFL.
  11. I think the reason Ballard got it was because of the McDaniel snafu. He recovered nicely with Reich as his plan B and the Colts probably did better than if McDaniel didn’t back out. Ballard being a longtime former scout for the Bears sort of makes it seem like a quasi-win. Thought he was going to get our GM position over Pace at the time.
  12. Interesting, as PFF has said Massie needs to be replaced. Don’t recall any glaring errors with his performances this past season, however. Line chemistry is important, so keeping it intact is a good thing.
  13. HTH did Trub get added to the PB? Assuming it’s as an alternate for Goff. Pretty cool; just don’t get injured. ”Yeah, for sure.”