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  1. And since they are no fans of Mike himself they thought it was ridiculous that Raider Nation was silenced.
  2. Did he beat a woman, the law sure did not seem to think so? When did he get "arrested"?
  3. 1.03 Keep Your Hands To Yourself - Georgia Sattelites
  4. Free @Raider Nation
  5. Is @Raider Nation 's twitter/YouTube the "sports funhouse" (or something like that?) - Boomer and Carton were talking this morning about how Fracessca had it shut down.
  6. Can you call animal control or an animal rescue group or are you just looking for shtick answers?
  7. They traded away a guy going no. 2 overall for that "upside".
  8. Maybe I'm wrong but I think all he said was that the Browns were debating between Garrett and Trubisky and there was a split within the organization over which way to go. That was then confirmed by a few other sources.
  9. Why? I'm sure they assume you need your house key...like to get into your house for example.
  10. Pfffftttt. That doesn't even earn a spot in the top 10 dumbest things they've done just in the past calendar year alone.
  11. I get that Cam at this point is more likely to take off running than dump off to a RB, but not all passes to RBs are of the dump off variety. If the Panthers make a concerted effort to call more RB screens or passes into the flat, I think Cam would be fine making those throws. In prior seasons their pass catching back was Fozzy Whitaker - how many teams are going to run their offense through him?
  12. He's saying the same thing about you probably.
  13. I had Jets season tickets (yeah yeah yeah) for about 10-15 years and we had end-zone seats, gave them up after the first year of the new Met Life Stadium because I hated the experience plus it was getting tougher and tougher to go to games. It's not a bad perspective at all as you can see plays develop from behind the line of scrimmage. The downside of course are red-zone plays on the opposite end of the field, but that is countered by how awesome goal-line action is at your end.