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  1. Just cut Trumaine Johnson and eat the money - the guy doesn’t even try out there.
  2. He actually looked good this week but Edmonds scored from over 20 yards out three times.
  3. They only said he’s on the sideline standing near the coach and Edmonds is off to a hot start - nothing else.
  4. He may have tweaked something in his first carry. It looked innocent enough but he hasn’t seen the field since.
  5. I’m not sure if Johnson got hurt on his first carry but hasn’t been on the field since and Edmonds got three carries since.
  6. You’re trying too hard to spin it here. Johnson is playing. As some one that owns both I’m not sure why this would give me a headache. It actually gives clarity and makes the decision much easier, especially when you combine all the evidence, the biggest piece of which is that the Cards did not add another RB. Edmonds will get his time most likely but it’s not this week - although against the Giants he could actually have flex value even with DJ playing. It would be a risky start however.
  7. Maybe I’m just missing it but there seems to be very little hype on this matchup of two rookie that look like they could be part of the next top tier of QBs at some point. Neither team is great but at the same time each are winning more than expected and it has a lot to do with Murray and Jones. I’m actually looking forward to this game and I’m not a fan of either team.
  8. I’m glad I have Edmonds in the two leagues where I have DJ. There’s probably some scenarios where I could play both but have never needed to so far.