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  1. Yes - I know Pier Platters well. I was there a little after the time frame you listed but close enough. The blues bands at Elysian were awesome. There were a few nights we'd push all the tables against the walls for more dance room. If you've seen the movie Sleepers the scene where the shoot Kevin Bacon takes place in the bar area and then in the backroom (which they have set up in the movie as a dining area).
  2. Cafe Elysian and Maxwell's were killer live music venues - unfortunately none exist in that town anymore (not that it matters much to me anymore but still sad).
  3. Yeah they used to play at the Elk's Lodge in Hoboken before hitting it big.
  4. I definitely realize DJ has risk but holding and hoping would be a better strategy than loading up on crap. The rumors about the Ravens making Hurst available and the Pats and Jags both being interested make him a hold also - this guy is a Pats fan so I'm sure he knows they have interest. I think he has talent but Andrews took the job and ran with it.
  5. Got this one yesterday (sadly it may not be the worst offer I've ever received but it's up there): I get: Cole, Keelan JAC WR Renfrow, Hunter LVR WR Griffin, Ryan NYJ TE Year 2020 Draft Pick 5.01 Year 2020 Draft Pick 5.05 I give: Johnson, David ARI RB Hurst, Hayden BAL TE Chargers, Los Angeles LAC Def Year 2020 Draft Pick 1.11 I'm honestly not sure I move any individual piece (including SD defense) for that entire package. The only player I'd value at all is Renfrow and his ceiling in a low end WR3.
  6. Wasn't @menobrown using 4.45 as a cutoff? Not sure how much that matters.
  7. I agree. For a RB opportunity/volume trumps almost every other factor.
  8. Maybe not Bad Company but The Firm had a big MTV hit during the time period.
  9. That's a problem with so many streaming services splintering the distribution of movies/shows - it doesn't have anything to do with one particular genre taking over.
  10. Well it was well after they were established and it wasn't really a hit but Wilco has Wilco (the Song) on Wilco (the Album)
  11. I guess I just look at it like I don't enjoy Just Bieber's music but his existence doesn't make it tough for me to find music I like. It just seemed kind of smug of someone to wish a genre that many enjoy to go away just because he doesn't. I mean just because a Luke Cage show exists it doesn't mean Peaky Blinders goes away.
  12. I don't think there's some finite set of television shows and movies available to watch (well I guess literally there is but I don't think anyone can get to all of it). There's plenty of stuff that I don't like but the fact that it exists doesn't affect me.