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  1. Throwing pop corn is a felony assault? and in your opinion it justifies the shooting? Tell me this is please.
  2. In a semi-related note, on NY radio last night one of the hosts made the point how the current 6-7-8 seeds (Pistons, Pacers, and Bulls) were all either sellers or tried to be sellers at the trade deadline. Three teams in the playoffs right now basically admitted they had no shot and were giving up. While it makes sense, it's just a weird little quirk of the NBA that doesn't really happen in other sports.
  3. Another?
  4. Sure, I'm sure most do. How long do you stare at the ad, just turn the page and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for soon enough.
  5. Why would you even care?
  6. Jets release Nick Folk and Breno Giacomini which clears $7.5MM in cap space. Folk was pretty solid but if they go into full rebuild mode, then who cares? Breno was mostly a bust anyway. Hopefully the purge continues.
  7. I've been mostly on your side, but you are reading waaaaaayyyyyy more into this than you should. "Homers" on the radio say plenty of dumb stuff. If you listened to Greg Buttle on ESPN radio talking about the Jets, you'd be surprised to learn that they ever lost a game.
  8. So? People will move on. Have you ever listened to sports radio before?
  9. You've laid out your 5,000 yard analysis in other threads, and I mostly agree and think it's a very salient point. I'm not advocating for Cooks to come off the board, in fact I have yet to vote for him, but I'm simply comparing apples to apples. Brees and the Saints offense has spread the ball around among the targets, which has even made marginal talents (imo) like Willie Snead and Lance Moore fantasy relevant. As far as Thomas putting up similar numbers in his rookie season compared to Cooks in his third season, I'm not really sure it's fair to say that because Cooks also put up those same numbers in his second season, when he was the same age as Thomas. As a rookie Cooks was misused as a gadget short area player for most of the season and had to compete with Colston and Jimmy Graham for targets. Personally I don't see Thomas pulling away next season and I'd expect both he and Cooks to continue to have nice seasons, but I feel far more confident in Cooks because he's done it more than once and we've seen rookies regress after impressive rookie seasons. I also feel (perhaps incorrectly) that Cooks versatility will make him the more useful and productive player in any offense after Brees. I just think it's odd that Thomas is getting so much more love than Cooks - it may turn out that these polls show that was the correct position to take, but personally I'd rather have Cooks.
  10. Fire them all now, if that's the way they are going to approach things. This is when you need a team president/owner to step in and let the GM know it's ok to rebuild.
  11. I've come around on Freeman being a legit RB, but for me the issue is that I think Coleman looks great as well (and at times better).
  12. He'd be a sell for me. I'm guessing same for you, but you just can't find any buyer that believes, based on your last comment. I'm not trying to sell him short because he's already defied major odds just accomplishing what he did last season, but that offense is dying for a playmaker at the RB position. With this draft class I would be fairly surprised if the Skins don't at least spend a mid round pick on the position.
  13. I'm surprised Mike Thomas beat out Brandin Cooks by so much. Thomas is only eleven months younger than Cooks and Cooks has a more established record of production (three solid to great seasons). I also think Cooks has a better skill set to succeed post-Brees since he can thrive as a deep threat and/or be a short area receiver that can make things happen after the catch.