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  1. It’s the Jets so they could also lose every game but looking at the schedule a 6-4 record or better is not unrealistic at the bye week.
  2. I actually loved it when it came out - but it didn't hold up that well on a recent viewing. I do agree it's visually stunning in parts. If I didn't need to shave some points in this deep year I would have given it more (and probably should have anyway). I actually didn't give Blade Runner a high point total in that poll. I'm not sure why but even after a second viewing I just didn't get the love. It's a movie I should love, but just don't.
  3. Since it was the inspiration for the draft it was given a reprieve.
  4. That was a joke - no one would watch because of that. McCown's played for 10 NFL teams so every week is probably a revenge game for him - in fact the first three weeks are a "revenge game" tour. You'll get a (likely good) game on Sunday now in place of the Jets so it will work out the same.
  5. First three games for the Jets Week 1: @ Detroit (Monday Night) Week 2: Miami Week 3: @ Cleveland
  6. Can the draft just get here? These writers are officially running out of crap to spew.
  7. They did sign a couple of free agent o-linemen. I think they could take a QB with their first pick.
  8. I'm not saying it is or it isn't improved, but Palmer saying it would not convince me. He has to sell his student/client to sell himself. I don't put any stock in pro days unless a QB looks bad (which is unusual). No QB prospect should look anything but stellar throwing a bunch of scripted routes against no pressure and no defenders. I'm also not a QB scout nor adept at predicting their NFL success. I have concerns about Allen, but for all I know he could turn out to be the best in the class. I just wouldn't base any evaluation of him on what Jordan Palmer has to say or even his pro day. Admittedly he has the measurables to succeed and has a skill set that can't be taught and flaws that could be corrected - so there is something there.
  9. Come on. These are his stats in just his last four seasons - which don't even include some of his best years. Keep in mind, last season his o-line was terrible and he was literally throwing to street free agents during most of the 15 games he played. 2014 4410-30-14 2015 4436-35-14 2016 4027-26-16 2017 3468-19-13 He also did win two Super Bowls.
  10. If they really wanted Barkley (or Chubb) it should be exactly what they would want. I know you're saying it would hurt the value of pick 4 in a trade (since 3 instead of 2 QBs would be gone), but coming out of the draft with Darnold and Barkley (or Chubb) would be a huge win for the Browns.
  11. Are you even reading my responses?
  12. Seriously? I don't assume he's lying, but I certainly would not rely on anything positive he has to say on this issue. It would be in his best interest to talk Allen up whether he believed it or not. If he said that nothing he did helped Allen to improve he'd be hurting his brand. Would you expect Allen's agent to list Allen as the sixth best QB in this draft even if he honestly felt that way?