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  1. Plus trading him on a franchise tag salary makes him less desirable as the counterparty has to either pay him the franchise tag salary for a QB or at least work that figure into his long term contract. If a team acquires him now they can either let him play at his small contract and franchise him or sign him long term if it works out or has the leverage of the cheap one year salary if they want to sign him long term right away.
  2. Yeah, sorry. Thinking too fast and was thinking it was second overall.
  3. San Francisco trades their 2017 second and 2018 second for Jimmy Garropolo Browns trade up to take DeShaun Watson, not Trubisky Four RBs go in Round 1 (and one is not Dalvin Cook)
  4. Hedging on the possibility of Luck not being ready or being rusty?
  5. Bennett had 55 catches for 701 yards and 7 TDs played through lower leg injuries all last season.
  6. Well, good thing for the Eagles that if you announce it the week before the draft you stake your claim and no one is allowed to trade up in front of you to take him.
  7. Apparently "debatable" is a concept you are not familiar with. If Bennett was on the Chiefs, he'd put up Kelce numbers - and that's not a slam on Kelce, I'd buy the argument that he's the better receiver.
  8. Probably because his QB played like a scared rabbit last season and dumped the ball off as fast as he could.
  9. Without mucking up the thread too much, I'll just say that perhaps I'm conflating "athleticism" with "talent" and you're conflating "good situations/production" with "talent". The answer is probably somewhere in the middle.
  10. Let's just say I strongly disagree with a lot of players on that list. I should have put Graham clearly ahead of him before though.
  11. He's surely a talent. Not sure why that's a controversial statement. I suppose I could have added the word "arguably". He's a bit of a head case, but anywhere he's been featured, he's been highly productive and I'd have a hard time coming up with a list of more "talented" tight ends: Gronk Reed and then the list gets debateable after that imo (Kelce, Eifert...). Situation dictates production in addition to talent.
  12. You kind of have to look at who the TEs were during those years. Cook looked good in the second half of the season when he was healthy and Marty B >>> Cook. Top TEs by season: 2016 - Rodgers/Cook 2015 - Rodgers 2014 - Quarless 2013 - Quarless/ Finley (played in 6 games) 2012 - Finley 2011 -Finley 2010 - Quarless/Finley (played in 5 games) So when Finely was healthy those rankings look ok - would you throw to Andrew Quarless or Richard Rodgers a lot? I don't see how these numbers are relevant. Bennett is a top 5 talent at the position.
  13. I agree Lacy was likely brought in to be the starter but it's not like he's without risk (weight, bad o-line) or competition (Rawls, Prosise, Collins). Bennett has been a very productive TE and Green Bay was an excellent landing spot. I see this as pretty close.