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  1. Sure compare him to a white receiver.
  2. I think what he's saying is Mixon knows if he screws up at all, his career is over - since there's already controversy surrounding him.
  3. maybe $2MM if he's fed. 1,000 yards isn't that tough - but generally I agree with your initial assessment.
  4. I'm shocked no one has signed him yet. Shocked.
  5. As a multiple league Cooks owners, I hope - but I'm not sold on that.
  6. Well you can try and get him even cheaper. I do not think it would be insulting (although probably too light) to offer a couple of fourths. It would at least maybe get a conversation started - and if not I am not one to think you'd be missing out on all that much. Veteran WR3/4 types are a dime a dozen in dynasty.
  7. Honestly, I like Crowder more than most but he's not some extreme talent (just a very solid slot guy), Doctson has to show he's healthy and I do not think the book is completely written on Pryor yet (personally I am not sold on him) - he does have Reed to deal with for targets, but I don't think he's facing a very stacked deck - if he shines he has a chance to be the top WR target there at least.
  8. If you are trying to sell, I don't think you are going to find too many buyers - I'd say his true value is probably a late second to mid third depending on the makeup of your team.
  9. I did. I liked it (familiar with the song), but I was listening out of just the speakers of my Iphone.
  10. Well I liked this mix a whole lot - it's really in my wheelhouse so that's not surprising. I do not really like Daft Punk much so that's the only "miss" for me. I will that after now hearing three LCD Soundsytem songs on the last two mixes, I am now a fan. You Spin Me Round was a blast from the past to hear again and I had also never heard the Melanie song before and liked it a bunch.
  11. Just downloaded the Super Furry Animals Greatest Hits Album for give it a listen since I liked the song from your mix so much.
  12. listening to @PIK95 mix now - will fully review later but I am already familiar with 90% of it by a quick glance and enjoying so far.
  13. went with @The Dreaded Marco mix this morning: I am nowhere near hip on the new music scene anymore so probably 80% was new to me - even some of the not quite so new stuff. To be honest the start of the mix almost scared me off - it was a little too "noisy" for me (yeah I'm getting old) but it was far from terrible and could appreciate it. That's why I far more enjoyed the songs from Starflyer 59, LCD Soundsytem, Super Fury Animals (maybe my favorite song on the mix) and the Eels, from later in the mix. I know Nick Cave and Brian Eno - but not the songs on this mix - and really liked both of them a lot. Was very surprised that the Floyd "moaning" fit in so well - I had my doubts when I saw the song listed. Other "new" songs I really liked Built to Spill (another band that I'm not sure why I never listed to them as I've read much on them) and Galaxie 500. Flowed real well and I liked the exposure to something different.
  14. fixed your post.