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  1. Round 33 When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars (Piano Ballad) https://youtu.be/ekzHIouo8Q4
  2. Round 32 Best Disease - Norm MacDonald (Comedy) https://youtu.be/4vOErEHGgi8
  3. Round 31 My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style - Dream Warriors (90s Hip Hop) https://youtu.be/LoE5yHMrP0A the music is taken from a Candandian TV Game Show composed by Quincy Jones.
  4. I have an investment property in Asbury Park. Unfortunately it's literally and figuratively "on the wrong side of the tracks."
  5. Follow up question: White QBs don't rely on their talent?
  6. Do you really think the average Joe knew anyone from Marvel outside of Spiderman (and Marvel Studios did not even own him until recently), Hulk, and Captain America before the movies? It's not like Loki, Iron Man, Vision, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Thanos, or Black Panther were household names outside of comic book people.
  7. Round 30 Kayleigh - Marillion (British Top 10) Marillion was actually the first "real" band that I ever saw play live. - They opened for a band that's not allowed to be named. Dokken, who I took in the hair metal category was the third band I saw live - They opened for Judas Priest (which I would have been able to use in the bald singer category had it stuck.
  8. Yeah I edited my post.
  9. yeah just went back and watched again. Thought the cop driving the police car was Hopper - thought it was back even further. Never mind.
  10. Isn't that how the season opener?
  11. It would be a dumb bet because if they don't play him they'll claim it's because he's not healthy.
  12. I guess the only purpose was to show that Eleven still had a heart and conscience despite the terrible things done to her in the past - but I agree that it should have just been left out since it added nothing to the storyline. I'm guessing that the "sister" was being considered to be a big part of Season 3 perhaps as this season even started with the flashback of Hopper pursuing her in Pittsburgh.
  13. And I think many people are talking about obvious examples (say benching Gurley for Wendell Smallwood). I read a few comments where people said there is not much you can do about subtle tanking because there is subjectivity involved.
  14. You can surely see how this analogy is terrible, correct?