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  1. About five episodes into both shows. Like both a lot. Episodes isn’t “but gusting” funny but it’s very clever and well done. LeBlanc does a great job or parodying himself.
  2. Round 7 Best Adapted Screenplay Dinosaur Jr. Quicksand (David Bowie Cver) https://youtu.be/7TWxNiJZFc4 J changes some of the lyrics to the Bowie classic and even works a little “Andy Warhol” in there at the start.
  3. He doesnt get paid during a suspension anyway - and this one he'd be gone for good so in essence he is signing such a contract anyway.
  4. I wanted the Jets to draft this guy in 2014 - and what did they do? They drafted two WRs in the 4th round while Bryant was still available, Jalen Saunders and Shaq Evans. It would be great if they could get him for a late round pick now.
  5. I have a friend that's a dwarf (Sean) and he does a lot of acting most based on that fact. He was in the movie "Old Dogs" with Robin Williams. He says its frowned upon for bit actors or extras to ask stars for autographs on the set but he couldn't help himself this time and asked Robin's female assistant if she could ask him for an autograph for him if it wasn't too much trouble. The next day he's on the set and the woman comes up to him and says sheepishly "I asked Mr. Williams about your request....and he says tell that guy to go #### himself". Sean's jaw drops a bit, and he's feeling a bit awkward until he turns around to see Robin leaning on the wall laughing his ### off and pointing at him. Robin then comes up and hands him a glossy photo that says "Sean, YOU ROCK. Love Robin".
  6. maybe the evil demons that he was always seeing got to him - haven't seen him in a while.
  7. 12 team ppr QB / 2RB / 3WR / TE / FL Team A gave up Martin, Doug FA RB; Seals-Jones, Ricky ARI TE Team B gave up Washington, DeAndre OAK RB not exactly a blockbuster
  8. really? In any existing league, I could not imagine that that combo would not be amongst the worst WR1/WR2 combos in the league.
  9. and Brees isn't even worth all that much anymore. He's really at best a little better than average fantasy QB and going on 40 who is going to give up much for him?
  10. Yes it's on one of his records. Love it. ETA: I already took The Core for the category though.
  11. Round 6 Best Supporting Actor Jack White with Loretta Lynn Portland, Oregon
  12. Her mom was already drafted by Tim.
  13. There's a lot of factors why I don't think Arizona is a great landing spot really for him: The division has some up and coming teams (including SF) - with two HCs that helped develop him and could exploit his weaknesses; Arizona has a brand new HC that we do not know can handle the job; a 36/37 year old Fitzgerald as the only WR under contract and; Cousins would likely need to take a below market deal.
  14. You slotted it correctly. Tom Petty wrote for her and it's a Stevie Nicks song on Bella Donna - He's definitely in a support role. Great choice!!
  15. I was wrong about the Cardinal cap space though - but I still think $22MM does limit what they can do.