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  1. This is not a necessary discussion for the Shark Pool. Take it to the Political Swamp forum, please.
  2. Round 41 The New Miles Davis Quintet - Miles Davis (1965) A little mood music. I actually always liked this one better that the one considered his greatest, Kind of Blue - but admittedly I am not an aficionado just a fan. There Is No Greater Love The Theme
  3. There’s a S&G concert in Central Park and years later Paul Simon did one on his own.
  4. Round 40 On The Beach - Neil Young (1974) I love Neil - I just kept passing on him and while I saw a lot fly off the board I kind of figured I'd still get something I loved. This is one of the ones I listen to the most anyway so it worked out. Walk On See the Sky About to Rain
  5. Round 39 Gettin' Ready - The Temptations (1966) A little soul for the Island, Ain't Too Proud To Beg Get Ready
  6. Round 38 Midwest Farmer's Daughter - Margo Price (2016) I haven't purposely kept women off my Island, but I do feel like I need to rectify that to some extent with some upcoming picks. Tennessee Song Since You Put Me Down
  7. Round 37 In Between Days - Jack Johnson (2005) Love his vibe and fits in well on an Island. This guy doesn't have a ton of diversity in his music, but what he does he does really well. Good People Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
  8. I was in the audience for Paul Simon’ Central Park concert and the live version of Rockin In The Free World that appears on the Freedom album.
  9. For me it would be the Stones and based on longevity they surely have a huge catalogue. Admittedly there’s a splattering of some good songs post-1981, but most of the albums are filler material.
  10. I’ve been on two live albums drafted so far (not really). I may be winning in that category.
  11. I was at the Jones Beach show where the live acoustic version of Rockin In The Free World was recorded. Bruce came out at the end of the show and played Down By the River with Neil.