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  1. I saw him on one of the ESPN morning shows where he said something similar- the Jets game plan was designed not to lose big instead of trying to win. It’s obvious when you’re running Frank Gore straight ahead into the SF line that you’re just killing clock and have no hope of actually winning the game.
  2. Yes - this does bother me as well. I see artists that have been around 30+ years like Big Head Todd or the Jayhawks doing live streams and asking for paypal donations and it hits me that these bands can only make money touring now. Gone are the days of musical acts being set for life after one or two big albums. It's a shame but like you said if these streaming companies did not keep their costs low it would be passed onto us and at some point there would be diminishing returns for both them and us.
  3. I'm so conflicted on this, though I lean towards the side that streaming services have made it so much easier to find new music while also giving you everything you'd want at your fingertips. There's something amazing about the ease of thinking of something you haven't heard in a while and instantly finding it and streaming it. So overall I'll give it a net positive. At the same time, as an album purist I don't like the fact that streaming services have "killed" the concept of albums to a large degree. Probably not for serious music lovers, like those in this thread, but the ability to create playlists and to just listen to songs randomly, lessens the impact of albums for a large part of the public. Also as a music lover I took great joy looking through people's music collections whether records or CDs - it would give some insight into them as well imo. I'm not sure if I can ask to scroll through the downloads on their phone when I visit. .
  4. The money they spent were all basically one year contracts - very little risk. Another blow to PFF.
  5. He had 4 carries for 28 yards before he got hurt against the Bears. Steelers game was just one of those things where everything was stacked against him.
  6. The NFL season isn’t out of the woods yet, but this is encouraging so far.
  7. Right now it seems hard to imagine them beating any team in the league. This is the NFL so of course they'll catch lightning in a bottle and win 1-3 games, but unless Darnold flips the switch, there isn't a team they are better than.
  8. The injury that Bosa suffered was clearly due to the way he was blocked - it bent his knee back. Don't remember the play Mostert or Jimmy G got hurt. I'm with you in that I have doubts but wouldn't be shocked if Shanahan is on to something.
  9. The Steelers @ Giants played on the field in Week 1 with no significant injuries. Sounds like a bit of sour grapes - but who knows?
  10. I'd put this up against most of the Beatles catalog. Without putting a ton of thought into it only Abbey Road and Revolver are clearly better (imo).
  11. Hopefully that wasn’t the moment that broke him. Although he did have good games after that.
  12. Yes. I’ve been holding this guy for a while now in 2 leagues because I liked how he looked. The last couple of waiver moves I’ve made he was almost the drop. Next time he probably will be.