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  1. I don’t get the point of agonizing over something that’s free for one year - there is zero downside so long as you cancel before the year runs out.
  2. When Granny Norris does a push up she isn't lifting herself up - she's pushing the Earth down.
  3. I suppose that makes sense given your thread. I wonder if Ringo made any other human's top 5 list.
  4. They were contemporaries so maybe it was mutual influence. That song is one of her more mainstream songs however while Blondie rarely strayed from that formula.
  5. My Top 5: 1. Bruce Springsteen 2. Drive-By-Truckers 3. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 4. Wilco 5. The Rolling Stones 66,352 minutes listened. 1,285 different artists. 935 new artists.
  6. I loved this show when I was a kid. There were at least two TV movies featuring Kolchak in addition to the one season. There was a remake a number of years back which starred Garbrielle Union as Kolchak - it wasn't very good.
  7. I did not misquote you. I directly quoted you and I absolutely disagree that some one should "take what they can get" - that's a poor way to run a team. You never have to trade some one. There could always be another opportunity down the road.