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  1. Hopefully these categories come up again - I wanted to pick one from each, but will now likely leave out the British Invasion genre (even though that's the one most in my wheelhouse). love the Madness song and I'm really into the Indie Folk artists now.
  2. Round 24 One Step Beyond - Madness - Ska https://youtu.be/SOJSM46nWwo
  3. Here's where I know it from https://youtu.be/sc-dg7DwDtU
  4. Round 23 Why Me? - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Swing https://youtu.be/a3Z4RWZa9WA
  5. Round 22 Dam That River - Alice in Chains - Grunge
  6. So those were weak teams? That's really the only point. Leaving Payton off was just because I was rushing. Vlade was a decent big man - but the point was these were all good teams.
  7. I do not want to get into the whole Jordan v. LeBron debate (because it does not matter) but let's not re-write history to make your point. The Bulls beat the following teams in the finals: Lakers: Magic (admittedly at the end of his career, but still), Worthy, Divac, Perkins Trail Blazers: Drexler, Porter Suns: Barkly, Marjerle, K. Johnson, Ainge Supersonics: Kemp Jazz (x2): Malone, Russell, Stockton None of those teams were "weak". Sure they are not the Warriors though either. The Blazers team was likely the worst team out of all of them, but they still a solid team.
  8. I like Oliver to some extent, but I don't get the comparison's to Woodhead or Sproles AT ALL. He's a decent option out of the backfield but does not have the speed or explosion of those guys (not even close). While they may not want to overuse Gordon, he'd be better in that role than Oliver if they left him in the game on passing downs.
  9. I did not realize he was foreign, my bad. I do agree that Olynyk should be considered a "hit" even though he's not exactly a star player - a solid rotation player is not something to just dismiss even in the lottery.
  10. Well there are different levels of risk. Bell has his share of risks (injury/suspension) but one thing we do know is that when he's on the field he's one of the biggest difference makers in this game. The risk the other side is taking is hoping that he can hit on those picks at a greater than 50% rate (and then we get into the issue of how big the "hit" needs to be). If McCaffrey has "only" a Darren Sproles type career is that enough of a "hit". If Howard turns into Etrz or Ebron is that "good enough"? The other risk is that some of those players (especially TEs) will take time to develop which means using roster spots on these guys without really knowing what you have for a few seasons perhaps, and thus not having flexibility to pick up guys on waivers. I wouldn't have said Bell was "super" cheap - but I clearly favor that side of the deal, no matter what the rest of my roster looks like. Trying to move Murray in a separate deal would have been more beneficial most likely - I agree throwing in that extra first round pick on that side was very foolish, because if he doesn't hit on these rookies this year he will be doubling down on his "mistake" in 2019.
  11. Plus he has bad taste in steak preparation.
  12. By the name of the band this sounds like Christian music to me.....or maybe Ragtime.
  13. Phil Jackson is an idiot - but that's wishful thinking at it's finest.
  14. Would Steven Adams be one of the top 3 players on Oklahoma? I think so but may be missing someone.