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  1. He’s just saying if there’s preseason hype and he blows up there some one may get excited a pay a 2020 first.
  2. In many ways the Eagles would be better off if he can’t make the team because guys like Sanders, Howard, Clement and Scott are too good to cut.
  3. It’s a crowded backfield - in many ways the Eagles would be better off if he can’t make the team because guys like Sanders, Howard, Clement and Scott are too good to cut.
  4. If you get your guy that’s what matters. Sometimes you have to overpay. I still like Thielen but sure I could see him falling to a WR2 season - he still has WR1 upside though. If your guy wouldn’t fall to 1.06, it’s fine to make that trade.
  5. I think it’s Thielen pretty easily despite his age. I may do it without even getting the 1.06.
  6. Wow - see no matter how bad it looked for him that’s just stupid. 5th round picks are basically worthless. The worst trade I saw for him was for a third round pick which I also thought was stupid. Hold and hope if that’s all you can get. In three of my five leagues that’s what the owners did and it worked for them. Now at least those who sold for “only” 1st round picks got something potentially valuable at least, even though that now looks cheap - but at the time it may have made sense to those that are risk adverse. I only had Hill in one league. When this story first broke and it looked very bad for him, but still before it looked at its very worst (the release of the audiotape), I sold Gurley and Hill for Diggs, Aaron Jones, the 1.07 and Gus Edwards (owned Ingram). I came off back to back Championships - and Hill and Gurley were big parts of that of course - so I just figured shaking things up and not dealing with the headache of Hills “crime” and Gurley’s knee all offseason was worth selling at somewhat of a discount. I’m still ok with that deal despite it now looking like a loss overall. I like the players I got back and still have one of the stronger teams in the league. I’m probably higher on Jones than most though. There was no chance I would have given Hill away for a second, third or two fifth round picks though.
  7. To be fair most first round (and maybe even second round) picks are drafted at their ceiling.
  8. Maybe the lyrics of the song can have some (even vague) connection to either the city of pro or college team, team name of the NFL team (i.e. Dolphins) or college team name (i.e. Trojans) or something like that?
  9. In fairness Drake was a second round pick and Williams was an UDFA so Drake getting more work shouldn't be shocking.
  10. Gore and Williams were not in Miami at the same time.
  11. I don't think so. I think he was getting pretty much the same numbers either way.
  12. He was sixth in my leagues (ppr) behind Adams, Brown, Thomas, Hopkins and Thielen. I rank him about the same this year (but not behind all the same guys).