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  1. Poor kid. Hell be on waivers before team meetings in the morning.
  2. Incredible pace to Ars-Che. So entertaining,
  3. And vs Orlando City on Saturday they are opening the upper deck. Expecting 70K+ for that match. If the weather holds, I believe it will also be the first time they open the retractable roof.
  4. Man Atlanta United is fun to watch on such a large, wide field. Tons of open space to exploit. Crowd still standing even at 6-0. Will be a hard team to beat at home.
  5. Easily could have scored 6 or 7 tonight. Amazing day.
  6. Fred and Barney were frequent guest stars. Come on, man! (Also, its in the wiki page above)
  7. Heres a list of winning teams.
  8. Funny I always thought he was called Smedley.
  9. Mahrez spotted in London, Barcelona, and Paris today. Odds now cut to 2/5 that he signs with Chelsea.
  10. Nizaar Kinsella (@NizaarKinsella) 7:10 PM Aug 30, 2017: Confirmed: Spurs are in for Fernando Llorente. More difficulty for Chelsea. Battle is on to convince him in final 24 hours. #CFC #THFC Fascinating. After years of Chelsea trolling others during transfer season, Spurs will be the third team in a month to steal a player from right under our noses.
  11. Yeah thanks a lot Ox. Couldnt you tell us, like two months ago, that you're not interested? Not nice!
  12. Apparently Atletico wanted to sign him and immediately loan him to Everton, but since they cannot register him until January they are asking Chelsea to do it :dizzy: