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  1. Big win for Conte. Putting the Jose legend at Stamford Bridge to rest in spectacular fashion.
  2. After five years, pretty sure its time for the Dolphins move on from Tannehill. He just does not have the pocket presence to play four solid quarters in this league. To some extent this was apparent from day one. But now, after 62 starts, the writing is on the wall in big fat letters.
  3. Remember Snead was out this week. Fleener picked up a whole bunch of his targets.
  4. Congrats man! Make sure to use this opportunity to renegotiate your salary. If he's willing to relocate you at that price point he clearly values you and would presumably pay a to keep you happy. It's well within your right to ask for a frank discussion on the matter. It's important to feel comfortable talking about money. As for Dallas, it's really quite cool. Downtown has several trendy areas, people are very nice and the cost of living difference will blow your mind. Would do it 10 times our of 10 (spent lots of time in the Northeast). Good luck!
  5. Stafford got it done. Showed a lot of leadership on that last drive.
  6. Cesc and Batshuayi to come on shortly I suppose
  7. If there's a more graceful and gentlemanly player in the EPL then Diego Costa I'm not aware of him
  8. Chris Ivory finishes as a Top 10 RB Markus Wheaton finishes as a top 20 WR