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  1. Planning to move back to San Diego in the summer, and currently scoping out properties. Is the general wisdom to sit this out until the downturn comes? Seems like people have been predicting the downturn for 3 years, yet the trend continues upward albeit not so steeply. My current thinking is that any downturn in San Diego proper would be minimal, with the greatest dangers being well outside the city—just as it was in 2006-2008. For the locals, we’re looking in North Park (where we lived ‘15-‘18), Point Loma, Bay Park, Del Cerro, and Tierrasanta. Thanks!
  2. We’re in North Park/South Park. Super family friendly, but walkable to all the hipster hangouts you could want. We could come back to San Diego eventually, and I could see a world where we’d be priced out of out current ‘hood if things continue to appreciate even modestly. If we cash out now, and invest our equity in the stock market, we’ll do okay. But, holding on, building more equity, and seeing the property appreciate a few percent a year would blow the other option out of the water. But will it appreciate?
  3. Got a dilemma here. Bought in San Diego in 2015, and looking at a job transfer to Italy in June. We’ll be there for 3 years. While we paid a premium in 2015, the value of our house, which is in a great urban neighborhood with a good school, has increased approximately 10-15%, leaving us with a nice chunk of equity. Do we sell or rent? Rental prices won’t cover our mortgage, and we’d be looking at losing 500/month even if we don’t incur any major expenses. That, of course, could be offset by appreciation and tax benefits. Realtors we have spoken to see a strong 2018 market, but a looming downturn. Cash out now and minimize stress or hold on and hope for long term financial returns?
  4. In for two shares. Let it ride! Confirmed?
  5. I'm at 123 pages after starting it a little while ago, just setting the book down now to rave here. I've already laughed out loud several times. There was a lot of praise in here for Beat the Reaper, I'd highly recommend this to fans of that book, as this is in a similar vein in terms of plot and setting. The main character is a small time crook trying to find out who killed his boss and why. Oh, and he has Tourette's syndrome. Lethem's descriptions of the character's tics, both verbal and physical, are hilarious. According to the wiki page kupcho linked above, Ed Norton is involved in adapting a film version. Read Lethem's Chronic City over vacation. It's brilliant and bizarre. Would love to hear what other's think about it. I'm still not sure about certain parts.
  6. Will be joining in on the fun in San Diego in a few months. Will probably rent for at least six months while i feel things out and figure out which areas represent a good investment. Of course, my house here in Baltimore has to sell first. Bought it for $115K in 2002. Listed it originally in September for $ down to $249K. Expecting a couple of offers tonight/tomorrow in the $225-$240 range Outlook would be brighter if I didn't have six figures worth of law school debt that I was supposed to pay off with the proceeds.
  7. Civilwarland in Bad Decline by George Saunders This is a collection of short stories. All extremely dark, violent, and strangely humorous. Modern american fiction doesn't get much better.
  8. About to put my house that I bought in '02 on the market here in Baltimore. Things have definitely slowed down, but there isn't really a problem with competing with new construction here in the city. I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out a price point. Added to the uncertainty of the market, is the fact that i live in a pre-civil war stone duplex for which there are few, if any, comps on the market. I'm hoping it might satisfy some kind of niche market demand that is immune from the general market trends. But here's hoping that all goes well. About to graduate law school and I have lots of debt to get rid of.
  9. Didn't read that one, but did read Gladwell's other book Blink. Found it applied to all kinds of situations in my life and made for some good conversations.
  10. Not reading it yet, but just heard that the Hosseini (author of the Kite Runner) is coming out with a new book this month. A Thousand Splendid Suns. Really looking forward to that one.
  11. Lay of the Land - Richard Ford Third book in the trilogy of a character named Frank Bascombe. The first book, the Sportswriter, won the Pulitzer, and the second was called Independence Day. He writes some of the most human characters I've ever read.
  12. Going down hard tonight w/ Cole Hamels on the mound making his major league debut. I'll be an unhappy camper if this game gets rained out.
  13. Update: Bottle is gone. Delicious. Not a bad value...$22.