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  1. There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch.
  2. #Boom! We continue the tradition of taking the top players in Missouri. WR Mookie Cooper commits today. This is far and away the best WR haul in the 2020 class. Man, I really hope we can keep Hartline locked up for a long long time.
  3. Two more big booms today. Athlete Cameron Martinez and OL Josh Fryar. Both look superb and are great additions to the class. There is a feeling that 5* RB Bijan Robinson will commit soon as well. Looks like flipping 5* CB Elias Ricks from LSU is a real possibility as well.
  4. BTW great speech by Urban at the Gold Pants ceremony they just had
  5. They keep blowing up with recruiting. Got the long awaited commit from Darrion Henry Saturday, as well as LB Cody Simon. Henry locks up Parris Johnson, which is also huge. Then they get TE Royer and today LB Mitchell Melton. Read a report how at The Opening that the 2020 commits are all recruiting like crazy. CB Elias RIcks was quoted saying that it was just the Buckeye commits going hard, with a little bit from some other schools. Should get some more good news in the very near future with this class.
  6. I think he is just trying to save himself at this point. He is a known negative recruiter. I think it is wearing on his team too. They are losing not just recruits, but lost a ton to the transfer portal.
  7. Lots of fun and games since my last post. Flipped OT G Tourant from PSU (the first of a few commits they lost, LOL), then got Clark Phillips, #4 CB for 2020, to commit on Friday along with WR Jayden Ballard for 2021. That kid looks great. Cavazos is promising more booms to follow soon for this class. They are confident this will be an even more amazing class than it already is. Things are looking great for Day. Next year's WRs are unreal already and looking for more.
  8. K Jake Seibert from Cincy is the #1 kicker in the nation for the 2020 class, giving him a 5 star rating as a kicker. He commits to the good guys today. Excellent!
  9. Brian Hartline is an animal recruiting. There is another kid that wanted to come (Rosemay) and is a top 10 WR, but doubt it now with the 3 they have. Gee Scott is a beast and deserves to be top 5 WR. He might get bumped there in the coming months.
  10. Yeah, BOOM! Unreal WR recruiting class coming in to go with Garrett Wilson.
  11. Been a while since I have posted any updates. There has been a ton of things at QB with Baldwin leaving, but Day navigated it pretty well overall with getting Gunnar Hoak back to Columbus and the last 3 star QB to commit in Andraste. I have mixed feelings on Baldwin. Yeah, the kids can play where they want and the portal helps them, but this kid soaked the university for a whole lot of money with his rehab, and then bolts without doing a thing for the team in playing. Huge announcement today and supposed BOOM for hte good guys with #1 WR Julian Fleming expected to commit at some point today and all of the big guys in recruiting have put a crystal ball pick for OSU recently.
  12. I started Tiny Tina at lvl 35, having just finished Handsome Jack off. Pretty sure all of the DLC scale, since the mobs have varied by my level in the areas.
  13. Going back and doing Borderlands 2 DLC. So well done. Tiny Tina's Bunkers and Badasses game is hilarious.
  14. Recently started a campaign as DM for my 14 yr old daughter and her best friend, with my wife, daughter and son-in-law joining in. Running the adventure that comes with the starter set for 5E, pretty well done adventure to go from 1-5. I am creating my own campaign to get them to go from 5 to the teens. Fund stuff, it has been a long time since I have done this but everyone including the wife is enjoying it a ton. Hard to go wrong with 3-4 hours of family time talking and laughing and eating snacks, etc.