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  1. I will explain it like I tell my patients. You can wear the glasses as much or as little as you want. It will not make them better or worse or dependent. The only side effect is you will see better.
  2. No, sorry. That is visual acuity, or a measure of how badly you see. I would like to see the prescription, or lens powers.
  3. Sure there are. I use a lot of the Biofinity Toric and more and more of the B&L Ultra for Astigmatism. How high is your Rx?
  4. That's a hard question. First there aren't really any good multifocal CLs with astigmatism correction. You essentially are left with monovision, or one eye for distance and one for near. Comfort is really subjective, since one lens might be great for one person that had dry eyes and another might hate it. What have you tried?
  5. I have transitions on maybe half of my 20 pair of Rx glasses. I like them for what they offer, though for driving and most other things that will be dedicated outside time, I use either Rx or non-Rx polarized glasses. They just help so much more. As for transitions, the brand itself is very nice. Zeiss has their own variety called PhotoFusion which I also like. THey have a cool blue color.
  6. Focus Dailies are actually older and on the lesser spectrum of cost. But they do not have rebates going, so using the newer would actually be cheaper.
  7. What is the actual Rx? What sports and what positions? That can help me.
  8. An 8.7 base curve is standard and will likely have nothing to do with your comfort except in certain rarer circumstances. Your prescription should have a specified brand, which is what your Rx is good for. Different brands are not interchangeable, and there is a pretty big difference between them. If your current brand is drying out, I would talk to your optometrist about trying different brands. I am pretty flexible in trying a few to several until we find the right lens for my patients.
  9. Have my tickets for me, my 14 yr old daughter and wife for next Friday morning at 8:20am.
  10. I would say compatibility fixed with some minor fixes, how is that? Still totally worth it.
  11. Warcraft and Warcraft 2 both remastered selling at GOG for $14.99. Oh yes, I did!
  12. Had a dream last night where there was a dude named Clizbee, or should I say Clithhbee. Yeah, this binge watching is carrying over you might say.