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  1. Last time there we were close to the east side, so I did just that, ran to UN then down, did not quite make it to the Brooklyn Bridge before turning. 5 miles or a tad more.
  2. I can do either. Will work in a walk on Sunday, maybe along the Highline
  3. Hotel for this thing is right near Times Square. I have run Central Park once, and will get once in there. I generally run around 5, 4 to 6 or more is totally fine. Don't even think about running less than 4.
  4. Aside from Central Park, any cool places to run that you would recommend? I saw something about a park along the Hudson?
  5. No, I am OK seeing the stuff up there, it is the 6 hours alone on the boat that seems a tad much.
  6. No no, i looked at all of those. I was actively looking at Army given the lack of a decent game at Rutgers. I am still debating the whole ferry thing. 3 hours each way, daaaannng. I am sure it is cool and all, but that seems more like a take your wife and cozy up as she gets warm and sees the pretty foliage and you get a little sumpin sumpin afterwards kind of thing. If you know what I mean. $85 for the round trip. Anything faster that can be had for about the same cost? Any trains or such?
  7. Rutgers is home playing mother flipping Liberty next weekend, so that is out. Oh that they played really ANY other B1G team, I would go there. Still crap loads of tix for Army, just want to get a little closer to see weather. Rain would make it a pass.
  8. Still debating the Army game, though it would take most of the day. Question if I do not, OSU plays Wisconsin that day. Where would be a good place to watch it, assuming I would rather not hang out in my hotel room? I do not drink, so take that into account. Hotel is right off of Times Square.
  9. Yeah, and they both have so much potential. Would be great to get them both. Still anxiously waiting to see if they can grab a good RB, though my love of Master Teague and his game this year does temper the need to hit a home run at RB this class.
  10. I can't remember which analyst it was, but they were discussing Lawrence last week or so on ESPNU radio, and he said, "Trevor spent the entire summer working on great hair instead of being a great QB." OH SNAP!
  11. Believe it or not, those days are now.
  12. Going to see his show next week, love him. I see him whenever I can when he comes through SLC. His Hierarchy of Cookies is a masterpiece.
  13. Looking more and more like OSU is a lock to get CJ Stroud as another QB signee. Interesting situation with that one. THey have had Jack Miller committed forever, and when healthy that kid is a stud, but he has been one injury after another the last 2 years. Stroud has skyrocketed up the boards and is now the #2 pro style QB for 2020. He was the MVP of the western Elite 11 Finals, so that says something. Developed a great rapport with Gee Scott, who I think will be just a monster at OSU. Of course all of these WR's for 2020 are pretty outstanding. Whatever QB they get will look amazing with the WRs he will have. Anyway, a situation to watch. If they get only 1 QB for 2020, look for them to grab another in the transfer portal.
  14. I typically follow Eleven Warriors and Lettermen Row every day, but Bucknuts via 247Sports has their 2 months for $1 deal, so I had to jump on that. It is a buck, right? Worth it for Bill Kurelic on the Bucks by itself.