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  1. Reports are that DGB is not doing well with grasping the playbook. Very limited with his knowledge.
  2. I would not take that deal. Your players are more valuable.
  3. Can't afford to lose Lynch. You dont have RB depth.
  4. Go get offer #1
  5. It would be helpful if you posted the match ups for each defense.
  6. Kamar Aiken..He's the #1 there now. Got ample targets last week.
  7. One of the biggest flaws is making a deal just for making a deal's sake. Your team is good right now.
  8. Naw, you have enough with the 4 RB's you have. They are all in better offenses than Cobb.
  9. Julio, Calvin, and Hurns..
  10. I would make this week! You can't afford to do it this week.
  11. I would bench Starks..
  12. No way. You lose on that deal...
  13. Your depth is pretty good. I would stick with it.
  14. There is no way I trade Graham for a guy that has shown a repeated history of being suspended due to the same issue. Addiction is a hard thing to conquer, especially when you are financially set.
  15. I would much rather have Duke Johnson than Antonio Andrews...David Cobb is being worked back in, starting tonight.