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  1. Not yet...You can still get away with another week before picking him up.
  2. You can afford to do this deal. Pull the trigger...
  3. I've got It's a league where we keep 3 from the year before. It took a lot of trading to get my team where it is, but I'm happy with them. I'm not in first place, bc I have lost by .5 points in 1 game and 3 points in another.
  4. Thanks for the reply. My WR's are Adams, Godwin, Robinson and Anderson. Kerryon's schedule bothers me later on. Jacobs schedule is easier & like you said, I don't trust Howard at all.
  5. I like the Montgomery side..
  6. I like Sanders over JOhnson
  7. Montgomery all day...I think they will begin to allow him to get more touches..Coleman coming back impacts Breida.
  8. Brissett will be playing catch up all night. I would go with him.
  9. booda

    Wdis rb

    Henry is a monster right now..Getting all the touches.
  10. I think so..I think Diggs comes around later this year and is great again.
  11. You keep Zeke in a keeper league unless you can get Saquan..
  12. Go Mixon...Sony has been pretty bad this year. His broken tackle rate is atrocious..
  13. Josh Jacobs & Julian Edelman? 12 team PPR. My otherr RB's are Saquan and Cook. My WR's are Adams, Godwin, ARob and Anderson...
  14. Bench AROB