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  1. no way in heck....Bennett by himself is more valuable than Sharpe.
  2. Yes...Defenses are a dime a dozen
  3. I would go with Djax and Ware...
  4. Drop Crowell..
  5. I would go with Washington....There is no stud RB there. He has a chance
  6. Vance is the play....He's going to be big this year for the Niners. Gabbert is locked into him.
  7. I would go with Matthews. He IS the Eagles offense.
  8. I would go with CMike...
  9. Without a doubt, you should make this trade.
  10. With 1 game out of the way, you only miss L Bell for 2. He will be superior once he gets back.
  11. Carr in a shootout
  12. Don't do it.
  13. Marvin Jones. Has a better QB & will be in a shootout
  14. Cmike & Langford... Ware is in a timeshare that no one knows how it will play out on Sunday.