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  1. I would drop Powell honestly. It also depends on your record. Are you 3-0, where you can afford to go without 1 position and take a loss? Or are you 0-3 and need every win that you can get?
  2. Yes. Jordan Howard appears far down your RB list...You can afford to move him.
  3. I would go with washington. He's the GL back, plus the potential of more..
  4. I would make this deal for the 3rd or 4th round pick...For the second, I would be hesitant and counter at first, but would probably accept after negotiating.
  5. Mike Evans side wins easily..
  6. No, there is no need for you to do this. You have Rivers to back up Wilson. You are fine.
  7. I would bench Forte. That SEA defense is pretty damn good. The only reason Hyde got his stats last week was because it was a blowout and they didn't really care
  8. Don't drop Decker yet...You have depth to get by
  9. I would not do this trade. Pryor can be a big piece for a team with no talent, like the Browns.
  10. Wow, this one is tough...Freeman still looks legit. i think that Coleman is just a great RB as well, so it will be a time share..You really need WR help, so Baldwin would be big for you. I would make the deal...
  11. Yes, I would trade Crowell for Lacy. Even if you flip Lacy for someone else, then it's worth it.
  12. I would go with Eifert..
  13. NO.... Go with Coleman
  14. Go with DT...Pryor has been great once..DT is a proven commodity.