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  1. Bench AROB
  2. booda

    Who sees the bench this week?

    Go with Wilson..Jones is inactive.
  3. Start Thomas....Drop Tyrod for Kap..
  4. booda

    Cousins or Winston?

    I would go with Cousins...
  5. booda

    Doug Martin or Forte?

    Forte, easy..
  6. booda

    T.williams or Watkins

    Go with Watkins....There are no other options in Buffalo.
  7. booda

    Pick 2: ARob, Hightower, Starks? WHIR

    Bench AROB..
  8. booda

    .5 ppr 2 pick 2 out of 3

    Go Adams and Marshall..
  9. Thomas....That game is going to be high scoring...lots of passes will be thrown.
  10. booda

    DION LEWIS!!???????

    I would bench Booker for Lewis....
  11. booda

    PPR....pick 1 of 3....will reply!

    Hard for me to say, but I would go with Watkins...I think that the Bills will have to score to keep up...Problem is, we don't know how much Watkins will play.
  12. booda

    M. Ingram or T. Hightower?

    I like Ingram more...
  13. booda


    I would go with Dion Lewis...He will be more involved.
  14. I would go with Coleman..He will have a bigger role.
  15. booda

    Pick a rb for me to start

    I would bench Stewart..