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  1. FSU probably worries me most. Even in a down year, ND has a habit of playing too cute with teams it should blow out if you were to believe the ranking. Knowing them, they’ll play down to FSU everyone else is snickering at this year, but they still have a lot of highly recruited/talented players and should scare more ND fans.
  2. ND has NO business being in the playoffs this year. None. I’m a fan and as much as I’d love the chance at a title, they’ll get steamrolled if they even make it.
  3. Damn corrupt conference officials again. It’s the worst thing about college football.
  4. Kelly and Narduzzi having a competition on who can make the dumbest play call. Fourth and one and you don’t run it to seal the game. Unbelievable.
  5. I really really hate Brian Kelly. He just can’t help himself passing over and over again when he clearly needs to run the damn ball.
  6. For me it’s O’hare and it’s not even close. I used to travel a ton for work and while I’ve been to many airports, I rarely ever had a reason to be in Chicago other than to change planes. Without fail, I’ve almost never (20+ trips at least) made it to my destination when connecting through. I’m always stuck overnight with some 5 am or 6 am connection the following morning.
  7. Jayded

    PPR RB - Pick 2 - Collins, Ekeler, Smallwood, Chubb WHIR

    I think Ekeler is the definite play. If the rest of your team has some risk, I think Collins has the next highest floor. If you want high upside, I’d use Smallwood instead. Overall I’d probably lean to Ekeler/Smallwood.
  8. PPR, Redraft (for the players involved) Start: QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, W/R/T The Panthers fan in my league wants McCaffrey and offered Johnson and Fitz. Current team: QB - Ryan, Winston RB - Barkley, McCaffrey, Ingram, Conner WR - Hill, Sanders, Fuller, Allison, Coutee TE - Kelce, Doyle I would like to get a WR upgrade if I were to trade him ideally, but if Johnson/CMC are close, is Fitz even worth having?
  9. Brian Kelly is Brian Kellying it in in Blacksburg. Virginia Tech's QB is keeping ND in the game and Kelly is doing all he can to blow it.
  10. He may have been better to just go down there. At least they could run out the clock.
  11. Redraft, Standard Start: QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 1 W/R/T My team: QB - Luck, Wentz RB - Kamara, Collins, Conner, Hyde, Cohen WR - T. Hill, Smith-Schuster, Kupp, Marvin Jones TE - Gronk, McDonald The catch is Luck and Wentz have the same bye week. Before now, I was holding onto a third QB (Keenum) but dropped him to grab Cohen. Not sure if this is anything i could use but if Bell isn’t traded, Conner hits the bench and Collins hasn’t been lighting it up.
  12. Jayded

    need help constructing a gurley trade

    Yeah honestly I’d probably stand pat if I were you in trading with this team. It’s nearly impossible to pull away a top pick performing well that makes both owners happy. You’d have to way overpay and you said you won’t. I agree with the others to target Mixon if anyone and you might get him way cheaper than you’d expect. Try Miller + Jones and see what he says/counters with.
  13. PPR, 6 points for all TDs, Short-keeper dynasty For the purpose of the dynasty, assume the guys in question here are treated as redraft players. This would be for QB2 and WR5 positions rest of the season: Jameis Winston or Blake Bortles? DeSean Jackson or Keke Coutee? I currently lean a tad to both Buccaneers, but talk me out of it if that's a bad idea. I've got Matt Ryan as my starter so I need someone to fill in week 8, where Winston should have already shaken off the rust. Week 10 will be the tough week for me for WRs on bye and I know Coutee is in that group too, but with Fuller with a hamstring again I know Koutee will get a lot of opportunities as a short route safety blanket since the Texans don't use the TE. I'm shocked Jackson is still on our wire, but people just find him volatile. With Winston back, they also had horrible chemistry last year.