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  1. It isn’t as awful as I expected, so I was pleasantly surprised week 1. If I were commish, I’d have been interested in capturing the early-in crowd in summer to early fall before college and NFL and let the average fan have his/her break for a few months after the super bowl.
  2. Always wondered about the design itself. Why can’t the seat be designed so it impacts the leg room of the person wishing to decline instead of the person behind him/her? (Ex. Move the reclining seat forward, not the seat back backwards)
  3. MMA judges are weird. I don't know why it still surprises me after watching all of these years, but one thing seems to always hold true: If it's close, the champ is going to win. The only way challengers win is conclusive decisions or T/KOs.
  4. Reminds me of when the drill team in high school has their moms do a routine.
  5. Surprised to see no spy on Mahomes yet and lots of cover 2 and cover 4. San Fran daring Williams and Kelce to beat them.
  6. *sigh* Why do I ever think this team will do the necessary thing to win? McNair must be Scottish for complacent chicken.
  7. Ironically, I work for a company with a marketing component that utilized the exact same platform (Salesforce MC). It’ll be interesting to see how their machine learning models group me since I’m sure to start getting targeted haha.
  8. I’m a little younger than you and also in the south but I’d note to not under appreciate the catholic school pipelines and, since the late 70s, the inclusion of women. Most of the vitriol from folks like myself to the administration is the lack of management of the cash cow (football) to try to make everything else relevant. ND has won in every generation except of late so there is definite anxiety toward the lack of stewardship like was there in the past.
  9. Interesting. I feel like my fandom wardrobe goes in circles every few years with ND (Champion, Adidas, Under Armour) and seeing fellow fans get soooo bent out of shape over it. The most interesting aspect of these apparel deals for the average fan is how much crap can they sell. ND fans speak with their wallets so changes like this can be interesting if timed well or poorly, especially since Kelly is getting close to the Irish holy grail milestones.
  10. Not to mention, wasting those timeouts also didn't allow him to challenge the pass interference that should have been called against Hopkins. Yeah, I know they never seem to overturn, but it was right in the middle of the bludgeoning and a big pass into Chiefs territory. Never know if it could have led to points and stopped the bleeding.
  11. That last part, coupled with yesterday should end it. I think the only thing that could salvage what just happened is finding a new coach for the team and we fans to rally around. Otherwise, it's some figurehead GM in title only and a lame duck coach with little ability to improve on obvious deficiencies. I knew it wouldn't last or at very least that it would definitely end up a LOT closer. I'm realizing today that while I was upset with the defensive collapse, I could have been harsher on the offense too. They grab all of the momentum back and bring it back to 24-14. Scoring a TD on that next drive would have brought the doubt right back to the forefront. The drives on offense when the collapse were this: Score 24-7, next drive is 4 plays for 8 yards and a punt Score 24-14, special teams fumble on kickoff Score 24-21, next drive is 6 plays for 27 yards and a punt Score 24-28, next drive is short but results in a missed FG
  12. Looks like at that point it got to Houston (-400), KC (+300)
  13. “What’s holding your team back?” “I don’t know.”