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  1. Found a better alternative. Never loved Edelman and who knows what'll really happen with NE now. Admitted Irish fan, but worked out this one: I give : Julian Edelman, Yetur Gross-Matos, Kevin Byard I get : Chase Claypool, Yannick Ngakoue, Eddie Jackson In our system Byard and Jackson are super close and I have a lot of DB depth. I give some short term WR points for a big upgrade at DL, where I also had 3 additional DL rookies I like too. Edelman may hurt me short term, but I like Claypool's upside more than a year or two of Edelman and I got to keep Julio after all and ride that out as well.
  2. My PPR WR got geriatric on me quickly and I'm worried I might have to sacrifice some value for age. Being offered Cooper Kupp + James Robinson for Julio Jones + Tony Pollard I don't love the value return, but I'm a tad worried about diminishing Julio returns or value along with the injury/age of my other receivers (Edelman, Jefferey, Cobb). Only other offer I've seen was DL for DL with the WR pieces moving Julio for Jerry Jeudy.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Our league is on Sleeper and seems like some of the 3-4 schemes put some of the OLB in a tweener OLB/DL position so I can use them in either position. I got an offer this morning to move Julio + Pollard for Kupp + James Robinson. Gets me younger and is a better receiver than Jeudy I think. I'm a little reluctant to include Pollard, looked to push for more, but seems like it'd be the best I can do if I move Julio now.
  4. This is a 16 team Devy IDP dynasty so I won't bother sharing the entire roster, but after the start up I realized my WRs were especially older other than DJ Moore. My WR and DL WR = DJ Moore, Julio Jones, Julian Edelman, Alshon Jefferey, Antonio Brown, Randall Cobb, Darnell Mooney (R) DL = Za'Darius Smith, Yetur Gross-Matos (R), Ifeadi Odenigbo, Marcus Davenport, Everson Griffen, Ross Blacklock (R), Justin Madubuike (R) My take: WR age worries me as does top like pass rusher. I worry that Jeudy may be JAG as I was also trying to target the Kupp owner with Julio but he probably wants too much. I definitely upgrade pass rush dynasty projections, but is Jeudy worth the gamble of missing out on Julio's PPR points?
  5. Lots of PPR specific thoughts in this thread and, in general, I'm seeing people in many articles underappreciating JT's hands and also underappreciating CEH's running ability. They both landed in ideal spots for their talents. In non-PPR for those favoring CEH, do you still favor him there or is that your tie breaker? I've got the 1.02 but knowing the guy in front of me, he'll do something odd and I'll be left choosing between the two of them.
  6. I almost went ice cream because of mix-ins too like Cookies and Cream to cover multiple categories, but in the end chose cake. Too much versatility to avoid and both cold and warm options for all seasons. Oh and I’d consider a cheesecake a tart if I had a vote.
  7. A guy I’m pretty confident surprises many by going higher is Chase Claypool. He’s got the size and hands a team will covet and ran 4.42 at the combine at almost 240 lbs. I think someone takes him ahead of at least one of the top 4-5 guys that surprise many by sliding. Given the QBs and WRs suspected to dominate the top rounds, I have to think this is a good year to need LB/CB/S as I’ll bet the value slides. As a Texans fan, we need CBs and I can see a first round guy slide to us at 40 because of the depth position runs I expect.
  8. I traded for him last week and have some buyer’s remorse but we’ll see. I had two keepable QBs but could only keep 1 so I made a deal with his owner since he hated his QB: Wentz + Melvin Gordon for Fournette
  9. BOB is delusional, but what is worse is Texans’ ownership thinks it was a good idea for the future of the team to ship out Hopkins. It’s truly unbelievable. As a Murray owner, I’m thrilled he’s got such a sure handed security blanket and I would say expect a slight drop in catches, fewer yards, but a higher volume of TDs. As a Texans fan, this move sets back the franchise further than they realize.
  10. Great suggestion, thanks! I had Samuel all last year and didn't pay near enough attention to Moore's numbers. Especially with Teddy coming in and being able to throw a lot better than what they had last year, he'll find Moore and that could be a sneaky good year.
  11. Here's his total roster without outright guessing who he'll keep. He noted he's not super keen on really keeping anyone so that's why I started with seeing what Henry would cost me. QB - Jameis Winston, Gardner Minshew, David Blough RB - Derrick Henry, David Johnson, Derrius Guice WR - Odell Beckham, Christian Kirk, DJ Moore, DJ Chark, Darius Slayton, Zach Pascal, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Golden Tate, Miles Boykin, Parris Campbell TE - Darren Waller, Rob Gronkowski He's clearly got an issue at QB. Since we can only keep 2 RB and 2 WR, he's clearly overloaded at WR now and Beckham/Kirk are his most likely options to keep. Tried Gordon + Wentz so he has a QB and maybe not a deep drop off at RB if Gordon plays more of a feature back role.
  12. Can keep 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE My presumptive keepers through a dynasty lens: QB - Kyler Murray RB - Saquon Barkley, Melvin Gordon WR - Mike Evans, Juju Smith-Schuster TE - Travis Kelce My remaining roster that'd go into the draftable pool: QB - Carson Wentz RB - Jamaal Williams, Duke Johnson, Bo Scarbrough, Mike Boone, Darwin Thompson WR - Will Fuller, Tyrell Williams, Curtis Samuel, Breshad Perriman TE - Tyler Higbee, Noah Fant ------------------------ He was close to pulling the trigger straight up for Melvin Gordon + Carson Wentz for Derrick Henry but Denver's backfield scares him. His QB keeper is Jameis Winston so he needs one either via draft or trade. Also thought about offering Melvin Gordon + Carson Wentz + Juju Smith-Schuster for Derrick Henry + Odell Beckham if that is better than the title which is what he offered.
  13. Trade a bag of beans for Andy Dalton, draft a stud QB who falls in 2020, and then trade Dalton next year for more than you traded him for this year. You know they'll find a way to do it.