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  1. Kansas State hires NDSU’s Chris Klieman. Very solid hire and I’m curious to watch how he does following Snyder.
  2. Jayded

    UFC wagering: KOotY -- we have seen it.

    Damn that was nasty. Love the spirit coming in being laid back and confident, but wonder if he thinks twice about being that loose again.
  3. Jayded

    Football or Baseball?

    I love watching and playing football more personally, but no question I'd choose baseball if I had the opportunity as a career. There's been a few guys lucky enough to play both professionally, but a guy who comes immediately to mind is Jeff Samardzija. He was projected to be a 1-2 round NFL WR talent in 2006. He chose baseball as a 5th round draft pick. He's been between average to good across his baseball career and has made $88M thus far and will finish his current contract near $128M. Yeah there was risk, but look at the payout for being even a decent baseball player.
  4. Totally agree with the vote tonight. What irks me is the top 6 vote getters are all QBs. It’s time for the voters to consider positions outside of the stat gorging QBs again.
  5. Keep in mind crazy expansion of the bowls to include 6-6 teams is a recent phenomenon. As much as I dislike players skipping bowls as a fan of the college game, the bowls are technically exhibition games if they aren't playoff games. If the pro teams feel like there's enough tape after X number of games to draft the player, what would one more game tell them? If you're not playing in a Playoff game (or formerly BCS game), it's an exhibition game. Some mean more than others (i.e. Rose Bowl in non-playoff years), but I can't blame them since I would consider doing the same thing if I were in their shoes and not being penalized. I think the pros are an entirely different scenario. Pros are contractually bound to standards in the contract whereas you could argue if you're good enough of a college player to play in the pros, that your college football season is just another portion of your interview.
  6. Jayded

    Week 14 Questions For Bloom

    Thanks in advance! PPR I need help deciding at flex since I lost both Conner and Sanders this week. I'm favored by 20ish but he had Fournette last night and am now projected to win by more so I can play more aggressive if that's a better idea. Starting team: QB : M. Ryan RB: S. Barkley, M. Ingram WR: J. Jones, T. Hill TE: T. Kelce W/R/T flex: ? Options: A. Humphries vs. NO or J. Samuels @ OAK
  7. Tony Boselli has to be the only player in NFL history to be the first ever pick for two franchises, right?
  8. FYI from another board I read: 12:30 p.m. ET -- Four College Football Playoff semifinalists revealed 2 p.m. ET -- Final College Football Playoff rankings announcement 3 p.m. ET -- New Year's Six matchups and CFP semifinal game times announced
  9. It’d be the opposite argument. Georgia would likely be left out because of ND and, say, UCF this year. Moving to 8 teams will likely punish conference-affiliated teams more. If you don’t win the conference, you can’t claim foul and try to argue your way in.
  10. I think those advocating for 8 teams with an “8 best teams” are underappreciating how and why it’d ever get to 8 teams. If it ends up there, it’s be to force conference champions in with maybe one or two at-large’s and almost certainly with a non-P5 auto bid. My read would be that the Alabama teams who committees and the average fan knew were top 4 teams would have been left out for not winning the SEC, but a 3-4 loss PAC12 team would be in. Would you really want that?
  11. What a sackless drive by Georgia. Really not a fan of sitting on leads and playing prevent offense there.
  12. Exactly. Anyone worried about ND’s 13th game can’t complain when you consider only two SEC teams will have played 12 FBS games (Bama & Georgia). Do wins by tOSU & Clemson against 4 and 5 loss teams really impress anyone?
  13. Already beat Ohio State’s and Clemson’s opponents today.