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  1. BOB calls a timeout to literally take a safety. Down to two TOs left with 2:40 left. Not like we’ll need that TO. What bad time management.
  2. 12-1 last year and 0-6 in the same league this year. This year has been all about playing guys having their best game of the year. Last week it was Diggs. This week it’s Rodgers. It’s going to be close but holy heck I seriously can’t even make this stuff up this year.
  3. Texans have entered Lions territory. They have to beat the refs and Colts today. It’s seriously ridiculous now.
  4. Colts with zero holding calls and JJ got tackled on the last play. Even the announcers seem to be anxious to replay and point out Texan penalties while ignoring Colt penalties.
  5. Ebron one handed catch for a non TD. They reviewed and said enough evidence to overturn and give him a TD. Judgement call on when he possessed it and not enough to overturn on review for sure, especially with the stuff officials are saying isn’t enough on replays elsewhere this year.
  6. Another questionable call. He had control out of bounds. That’s a two TD swing for the Colts.
  7. Oh bull crap. Refs stole a TD from Watson and Hopkins. Amazing play by Watkins negated by more horrible officiating.
  8. After having seen it, a friend more familiar with the comic universe reminded me of a nuance and raised an interesting question, to me, about the ending.
  9. Flex, Half PPR: Mohamed Sanu vs LAR Chase Edmonds at NYG TE, PPR: Mark Andrews at SEA Darren Waller at GB
  10. The first point is not outright true in a vacuum. When Houston wants to run, it uses more two TE sets and that’s the games you’ve seen higher target volume from Fells. The encouraging sign for those interested in considering him is he’s second on the team (behind Fuller) in red zone targets on the season. As someone who owns both and could only keep one, I chose Everett. I like Fells too but as a Texans fan, seems like Watson is the only consistent about the offense these days. Ask any Hopkins owner. I’m still trying to find a way to get Fells back though as I might easily be wrong here going forward.
  11. When the Yankees lose this, they’ll go back and kick themselves for the inability to get even a single in the clutch. Encarnacion is awful.
  12. Watching Cole is like watching a master painter with how locked in he is right now. The only two Yankees that look remotely up to the task are LeMahieu and Torres.
  13. Maybe we’re approaching this wrong since the NFL will have a hard time admitting fault. They like fining people. Why not suggest they fine refs for blatant missed or bad calls?