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  1. No worries, our secondary is not good. They’ll get exposed in the ACCCG with Lawrence back and possibly again in the playoffs if we sneak in.
  2. ND gives up a 3rd & 18, loses a starting safety to injury, then gives up a 3rd & 20 and loses the other safety to targeting. This is the stuff that leads to upsets as UNC is a game team and that speed is killer against both backup safeties.
  3. Big XII has broken out in the ACC here. Also, awful refereeing is back in full effect. Missed a few big holds on UNC that led to their big plays. Hope that cleans up.
  4. ND sleep walking. UNC not playing scared and will score points. ND will need the good version of Book to show up today.
  5. He’s the IDP waiver wire pick of the year I think. Curl might be on his heels if he keeps it up, but he’s been obliterating weeks for me. I’ve also got Watson - 40 for Adams, 43 for Watson. My opponent is pissed already.
  6. In a year of crazy bad fantasy TE play, that final catch by Izzo is sure to fool a few people on the week 12 waiver wire in a few days haha.
  7. Yup, should have been a flag. Harry just got another beneficial spot for NE. It's ridiculous how lopsided the officials have been in this game. You'd have thought it was a NE home game.
  8. Clearly short, but sure let NE get away with that. Refs are awful.
  9. Cart coming out to the sideline for Burkhead. He’s gotta be done for the day at least.