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  1. Gaine is now out. I wonder what really motivated this given the timing but with what we saw from the draft it isn’t overly disappointing.
  2. I think GRR might turn into real genius here. As a tv-only participant in this story, I’m aware of the angst on the book side of his ability to get the stories done. If we are to believe he fed the writers his real ending, what better way to move along a block in wrapping the story other than to feed them one of the proposed endings and see what the market thinks? Now seeing fan reaction, there’s no way the books play out the same way and GRR reclaims the genius throne for giving the fans a better ending.
  3. Some things I’ve done lately with my son to get him out and do some bonding: - Short trip an hour away to hike a national park together. Bonus points for him getting outside and feeling accomplished for summitting the rock/hill. - Try something new I haven’t ever done along with him for the first time. He gets a kick out of me not being an expert so I show some humility, but he also gets to see my passion for learning.
  4. I get it, but two twists I’d have rather seen: 1. Bye bye Iron Throne - the dragon torching it was the perfect opportunity to say, “the hell with it, the seven kingdoms become an alliance of seven with no one ruler.” 2. The Night Queen - When Drogon carried off Dany, it’d have been an interesting final twist to end the series with her rebirth as the Night Queen. Jon Snow up north to still protect men from her and Bran seeing it all.
  5. I would think they have to save the Raiders for next season so they can do a profile of a team having moved to Las Vegas, no? Of the remaining three, I would probably pick the Redskins but also wouldn't argue to see the disaster that'll be the New York Giants (hey you get to see Saquon and see how awkward the QB room will be). The least desirable would be the Lions to me.
  6. I most interested in Jones because of his affect on Giants players as opposed to him as an individual player. I think his ceiling would appear to be game manager. If he isn't good or is a game manager only, is that a good thing for Barkley / Engram or do they suffer because defenses will dare Jones to beat them elsewhere?
  7. Consensus, no. I've got the #1 pick in my startup dynasty and I'm strongly considering CMC because I think Jones will be a huge bust. For redraft, I think you have to go Barkley because Eli has at least this year. If the Giants go to Jones early, Barkley easily drops below CMC, Kamara, and Elliott. Jones will kill Barkley's value as soon as he's the starter.
  8. Good point, though everything I’ve read says it’s the noise of Stark building his first Iron Man suit. Though it would be a fun twist if even the real noise was the Iron Man suit build but a tease to another metal suit wearer (Doom).
  9. It felt odd to have no after scene. I get that they clearly wanted this movie to stand alone as a bookend to the past ten years but now the next movies feel kind of disjointed. Black Panther was excellent, but now begs the question of what the point of a second movie will be? I’m surprised they didn’t at least tease the next arc at all in this one. I’m sure they’ll do it eventually, but the next movie (Spider-Man?) will have to kickstart the next arc without much of a lead in.
  10. San Diego still has the Padres at least and San Antonio has the Spurs. Austinites are stuck picking to root for other cities’ big three major teams and also have a top 20 US population as well. With Austin FC at least we’ll have our first professional team, but the population does well to support UT and our minor league teams (Express, Stars).
  11. Yup, I was talking with a friend and trying to find an apt comparison and the best fantasy analogy is that the Texans front office always seems to draft like the guy in your fantasy draft who picked Gronk in the first round. In the right year, you might look like a genius, but more often than not you're going to regret it and your whole draft starts to feel like reaching and making up for that off-kilter start. Seeing the first round play out like it did, the Howard pick felt like the Xavier Su'a-Filo pick back in 2014 (Crud we wanted Bridgewater, but well we need an OL so let's pick this guy : Wait Dillard is gone, who's the next OT on the list?) I wish they'd just read the board and picked their top CB at that point or, even better, traded back and tried to recover a 3rd or 4th. If they've have traded down, I'd have loved to see them grab that CB (Greedy Williams?) and then be able to look up and then grab Howard if he fell or Risner/Taylor/Ford if not. Without a 4th round pick, there was a guy who'd slid there too in Julian Love (received a 2nd round grade) that'd have been nice to go up and grab.
  12. Not a fan of this draft thus far. I know we’ll have to wait and see but there are far too many “prospect” players already on the roster let alone in this draft. Couple that with a very conservative offseason and the team really hasn’t moved the needle much. Meanwhile, we’ve seen some big moves in our division even. The Colts may start to separate and Jacksonville has had a good offseason and draft thus far. It’s a pretty disappointing position to be in thus far and I’m hoping Gaine proves me wrong.
  13. Austin is technically getting a professional sports franchise when our MLS team starts playing in 2021, but I’d welcome one of the major leagues with open arms.