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  1. I can't see how the Lions moronic coaching won't come out of the Bye with an Abdullah-heavy gameplan. I know the organization is dumb enough to keep Caldwell on, so I'm skeptical... I'm still holding him in 1 league with large benches. Just dumped him for DeAngelo in another league.
  2. I want to start him over Dalton really bad, but I've been unable to pull the trigger. Tyrod hasn't played in a month.
  3. I was under the impression that Watkins was a just 1 week thing. He was sorely missed, moreso than McCoy IMO.
  4. The problem is now they have a RB that is better than Ellington in pretty much everything. So in this situation he should just be spelling David Johnson going forward. Um, no. This is a ridiculous statement. Ellington is an elite receiving RB. This isn't 2010 CJ anymore, I don't think he's better than Ellington at anything, maybe staying healthy... I don't own either. But let's watch football, not just box scores.
  5. Tyrod is top-5 so far. Even as a huge Bills fan, I can't see him sustaining that. Buffalo is not a passing based offense, on the other hand, he's likely to run for at least 30 yards per game. I think top-10 is fair going forward.
  6. Perriman hasn't done anything football-related since July. And he was very raw coming in. This is not an ODB situation. Beckham was NFL-ready, and just needed to get healthy and on the field. Perriman is not going to do that. He'll be strictly a deep threat, and could see 4-5 TDs scattered over 12 games, but he won't be seeing nearly enough targets to be startable. I cut him loose today.
  7. Not worried about Grimes, a healthy Sammy will be open all game. Just a bit worried that Orton will find him...
  8. Almost all rookie WRs start slow, and the majority of their stats come in the 2nd half of the season. I've made the mistake of cutting rookie WRs in the past after 3-4 crappy weeks, then seen them start for other teams a few weeks later. Blackmon was one of them. Matthews does play on one of the top offenses, and Maclin is the only guy in front of him. There is absolutely nothing special about Maclin. I'm holding an waiting a few more weeks at least.
  9. I just traded Doug Martin for Ellington. I like Ellington's risk much more than Martin's.
  10. I just dumped Martin for Ellington. In case anybody else is considering ridding themselves of the risk with Martin, that's the going rate.
  11. Watkins' ability to get open can not be understated. He was WIDE open on almost every target he had, you don't see that very often. He has rare ability to get open that you only see from elite WRs, the other rookie WRs don't have it. I would've rated Cooks over Watkins before Week 2, but now seeing it with my own eyes, Watkins is the one to own. I actually started Cooks over Watkins in my main league, I won't do that again.
  12. Love his upside, but I just can't start him in his first ever game over more established guys.
  13. Woods was emerging as the top target for Manuel prior to his injury. People forget that since Woods & Manuel haven't been on the field together since Week 5. Thad Lewis & Jeff Tuel weren't able to get Woods the ball, rendering him useless for FF purposes. If Woods is near 100%, I expect 5+ targets from Manuel this week. Goodwin is not really a threat to Woods, he's still splitting with TJ Graham for the other outside WR spot across from Woods, with Stevie Johnson in the slot.
  14. Floyd has to be a top-25 WR ROS, could break into the top-20. He's getting the big play stuff & Fitz seems to be more of the possession guy since his injury. It's hard to start over some other guys who are the #1 option on their teams, but he's looking good. I have some better options ahead of him, so he's a real nice back-up that I'm comfortable spot-starting