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  1. I'd take Johnson. He was the most targeted between the two when on the field and won't see the top corners.
  2. As long as Dallas plays from behind, and this will be often, Dalton will put up solid numbers.
  3. J Taylor or Mack vs JAX. Non PPR and I can only chose one.
  4. Can't wait to see is this D can feast on the league. If Ben's arm doesn't fall off they should make a deep run. 'This year is the total opposite end of the spectrum. I didn't know the playbook very well (when I got here last year). I didn't know my teammates. This year is a different story, total opposite. It's a whole different situation.' - @minkfitz_21
  5. He'll help if he can stay healthy. Dude misses a lot of games.
  6. Shazier placed on Reserve/Retired List, linky. He was a "what could have been".
  7. Why not see what Hodges can do? He held his own in his last start. Give him two games to see if prove himself. Mason has looked horrible at times.
  8. Rudolph is not fine for this year. His decision making and execution are terrible.