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  1. Why not see what Hodges can do? He held his own in his last start. Give him two games to see if prove himself. Mason has looked horrible at times.
  2. Rudolph is not fine for this year. His decision making and execution are terrible.
  3. Anyone agree Mason isn't the future? The kid can't read the field. I stopped counting the missed open receivers he didn't see. He's too quick dump it off to a RB instead of waiting for a play to develop and lacks confidence throwing down field. I like the kid but all I see is a career back up.
  4. Agree with this. He's old and and can void his contract after the season. Add to the fact he's said he doesn't know what the future holds for him and is selling his home. It's not a long shot to say he may be done in NE after this season.
  5. Besides the OL, Freddie is in over his head. Yesterday was a prime example. He needs to give up play calling. With a 20-6 lead and then throwing the ball instead of leaning on Chubb was stupid. Play clock and challenge flag management is abysmal. He panics and isn't wired to be a HC.
  6. You're insane if you think the NFL is targeting the Raiders. Go back and look at that douchbag's history. He shouldn't be in today's NFL.
  7. The line is 3 because early money went to Cleveland.
  8. Too much is public now. He'll be under the microscope and I don't see him or the league handling that well.
  9. This dude isn't long for the NFL. He won't be able to keep it together, just too many issues.
  10. With AB being AB, who's the guy own besides Williams?
  11. That 3rd and 5th are looking pretty good about now. Must admit, I thought the Steeler's could have got more for AB. Hope he's being checked for CTE.
  12. More like 45-650-7. The dude drops a lot of balls, bad hands.