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  1. I'm in the "just kind of ended up with him" camp. I really wanted to load up on WR's early out of the 5 slot. Once my 2nd round pick came up, there had been a huge run on WR's though so I ended up going McCoy. After that unexpected RB pick, I was really looking to stack up WR's. Funny thing is though, it's the 5th round and I see Matt Forte staring me in the face at 68th. He finished as the 10th RB in this league last year and he's always been a PPR beast. I'm very familiar with Chan Gailey's offense so I figured they would find ways to get him involved in the offense. Powell really didn't worry me because even if it was a time share, Forte's receiving ability would get him plenty of snaps. Looking over the WR's available at that spot, pairing McCoy with Forte became a no-brainer for me. Gailey using him as a goalline back is another huge bonus and is what could propel Forte into the top 5- CHI never used him in those situations so it was always a blemish with him. He looked really good on his 2 "goalline" TD's against the Bills.
  2. He's looking like the steal of the draft so far- I picked him 68th overall. I figured he'd be a solid flex guy / RB2. The best part about it is the fact the Jets are feeding him goalline carries. He was never a goalline type back in CHI but he looked pretty good punching the ball in close with 3 TDs. This game proves the Jets will lean on him and now he gets 10 days of rest. I couldn't be any happier with him.
  3. The Lawson cut had to be directly related to the domestic violence related suspension. They wouldn't just cut an experienced OLB without a severe issue & a domestic violence suspension is exactly that. I'm sure Pagula, Brandon, and Whaley are sick of all the bull#### and after the whole Ray Rice cluster, there is no way they want any part of something even close to that situation. I'll take the over on Vegas' 8 wins. Yes, the defense has some questions but I think it improves in Rex's 2nd season and the offense is even better then last season. The running game will stay top 5 (finished 1st overall) but I think passing game finishes top 10-15 as well. Roman is going to have a lot more trust in Tyrod & he is primed to have a breakout season. If the 2nd half was any indication, Taylor and Sammy Watkins are going to turn some heads (Watkins averaged 5.5 rec / 100 yards / 1 TD over final 8 games).
  4. I'm a little shocked with the Karlos Williams release. Kid goes from unknown 5th round pick to becoming one of the steals of the draft with TD's in his first 7 games played & being a major contributor to the top rushing offense in the league... and now he is cut. He must have had a MAJOR attitude problem for the Bills to just say enough. He came into camp out of shape on top of getting suspended for 4 games for violating league's substance abuse policy- still, he was a very promising, young player. He must have gotten on the wrong side of Rex or Whaley.
  5. The Bills just don't want to be stuck with another Ryan Fitzpatrick contract- he had one decent season and they gave him a dump truck full of money to him; he of course reverted back to his career backup form & that contract looked terrible. I have no problem with Whaley wanting to wait on Taylor to see how he performs this season before he gives him 80+ million dollars. Tyrod had a fantastic first season as a starter completing 64% of his passes with 20 TD and only 6 INT. He also added 550 yards rushing @ 5.5 ypc and 4 more TDs. He gets another year in Roman''s offense which will allow him to be more creative then last year. He also gets to develop more chemistry with Watkins who came on extremely strong the last half of the season. I'm expecting a very big year from Sammy Watkins as well. Bottom line is that all of the pieces are in place for Tyrod to excel this year and get this team to the playoffs- the offensive line has been brought back intact. He has the best rushing attack in the NFL to take the pressure off him. Sammy Watkins is a legit #1 whom is ready to blow up in his 3rd year. Charles Clay provides him with a release valve at TE- he had a semi disappointing season last year.
  6. With Karlos Williams showing up to OTA''s out of shape & then being suspended for the first 4 games, Williams is going to have plenty of opportunity in TC & preseason to secure the #2 RB spot. The Bills are the most run heavy offense in the league & led the league in rushing last season so if he wins that #2 spot, he will get a bunch of touches the first 4 weeks. Gillisee is alright but nothing special so I can see Jonathan Williams taking control of that back up role behind Shady.
  7. TMobile single handily won this game on offense this week. The running game was nonexistent thru 3 quarters so he really struggled to get anything going. In the 4th, he took it into his own hands and won the game. Had an outstanding 20+ yard scramble to pick up a huge 1st. Then proceeded to go 26 yards on a beautiful TD run. In the clutch, he hit Hogan for the game winning TD. Taylor set the franchise record for rushing yards by a QB with 76. It's pretty obvious this offense really misses Sammy Watkins - the other WRs really benefit when he is out there occupying the CB1 & safety. They also really need Shady McCoy & Karlos Williams back - Boobie Dixon just isn't a legit RB. McCoy & Williams will help keep defenses honest
  8. Tyrod saved the win this week with his legs. With the junior varsity RB crew the Bills fielded, they really couldn't do anything the entire game. TMobile had a huge 26 yard scramble for an important 1st down & then a beautiful TD run. He was their most explosive ball carrier today. Those runs also help set up the game wining TD pass to Hogan. From the looks of the first 3 quarters, this team desperately needs Sammy Watkins, Shady McCoy, & Karlos Williams back. Without Watkins, the other WRs are having a lot of trouble getting open. Sammy draws so much attention & keeps the CB1 and safeties occupied . McCoy & Williams speak for themselves : the rushing game was pitiful with Dixon and Heron. I really hope Shady gets bavk to 100% sooner rather then later so they can actually get production from their RB & help open up passing game
  9. He had 4 rushes for 40 yards in the first half. Granted, the whole game was basically garbage time, but I think you're off.I don't see how you can call any rushing production as "garbage time stats"? The Bills had the game on lock down so the Dolphins were expecting them to run the ball & control the clock. It's not like the phins were running a prevent defense in dime. He put up 110 yards on just 12 carries against a defense expecting the Bills to run the ball
  10. I can't believe this kid dropped to the 5th round; he looks like an absolute steal 3 games in. 6'1" / 230lb with that type of speed is scary 24 carries / 186 yards / 7.8ypc / 3 TD He has scored in his first 3 games. Ripped Miami's supposed beast defensive line for 110 yards on just 12 carriea. His 41 yard TD was a thing of beauty- he just blows thru tackles & then has the speed to outrun the secondary when he gets to the 2nd level. It actually seems like some of CBs & S are afraid to tackle him when he's in the open field.
  11. Tyrod with another big game this week. He looked like a seasoned vet in his first road start with 277 yards, 3 TDs, 72% comp, and a 136 QB rating. Thru 3 games, he has completed 74.4% with 7 TD / 3 INT & 116 QB rating. Add in another 96 yards rushing & 1 TD on the ground and he is performing at a top 5 level. I am throughly impressed by what Taylor has managed to do 3 games in. I liked him getting the starting job & thought he could be a better then average QB for us but his play has been borderline great. Completing 75% of his passes with nearly 10 yards per attempt. He hasnt reverted to using his legs excessively & neglecting to keep his eyes down the field. He has spread the ball around and looked very in control doing it.
  12. I wouldn't say the offense looked terrific. Tyrod did a great job and the O-line did a good job pass blocking, but the running game was pretty bad. The run blocking wasn't any better than it was last year really.The line did struggle opening up holes but then again, they finished with 147 yards rushing. Williams had 55, Taylor 41, and Shady 41. No one player tore it up in the run game but 147 yards on the ground blows our their production from last season. That puts them on pace for over 2300 yards . Last season, they had a pathetic 1400 yards. I think they will fair mucg better as the season goes on & these guys get used to one another. Every player on the line is playing next to someone new
  13. 14/19 for 195 yards, 1 TD; 41 yards rushing A great start to Taylor's career in Buffalo. Completed over 70% of his passes and didn't make any costly mistakes. His accuracy was superb- he was hitting his receivers in stride. His 51 yard TD to Harvin was a perfect throw... it was not defendable. He looked very composed out there- would've never guessed it was his first career start. All in all, I give him a solid A for his performance today. The offense looked terrific compared to last season. You could tell the Colts had to respect his ability to scramble & it helped open things up. It's been a very long 20 years but if TMobile keeps it up, the Bills finally have found their QB.
  14. Sherman, Revis, Haden and Peterson are generally cited as the top CBs. Davis is good, but doubtful the best in the league. Besides, top WRs, if that is what Watkins is, need to beat tough coverage. The point, I think, is that because he was covered by Davis (who is very good), Taylor never looked at him or gave him a chance to beat his man. You aren't going to blow by a CB like Davis, you need your QB to give you a chance to beat him for the ball. Taylor had no need to take that chance as everyone else was more open. This. It wasn't that Sammy Watkins was shot down by Davis and couldn't beat him... he just wasn't given the chance. He only had 2 targets. Taylor just wasn't throwing the ball his way the few times they threw the ball. Other guys like Harvin & Clay were open. I'm sure Taylor was told not to force any throws; especially when players like Percy Harvin and Charles Clay were open. I think Watkins will see a lot more plays next week against NE. Bills only threw it 19 times today & were in control the entire game