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  1. One service I have enjoyed in Vegas is a straight-razor shave. I've been a couple different places but the best experience was at the Bellagio spa. I love the old school vibe there and the shave is dynamite. Highly recommend the shave experience as hangover recovery.
  2. Yeah, the spa prices at strip hotels are ludicrous. Almost never worth it. The only thing I can think of I really enjoyed was an "access" pass at the Canyon Ranch Spa (Venetian). That was awesome. But the massages and services? Simply not worth it IMO.
  3. I've added this place to the list for an upcoming January visit. Going with my wife and another couple (not a camping trip). Staying at Cosmo in a suite facing the fountains. Seeing David Lee Roth at the House of Blues. Will have two nice dinners - one I know will be at Andiamo (The D) and the other is TBD. Thinking maybe Yardbird (haven't been there yet) or maybe someplace closer to Cosmo - TBD.
  4. That app looks smart. She needs the timer to remind her every 10 minutes during the day - and that app would allow here to choose how many reminders exist each day so that seems like it would work. We may just bite the bullet and get an apple watch and then just use that app with it. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. Looking for recommendation - my wife is trying to find an IOS smart watch that has a timer that can be set to go off every ten minutes. Apparently many/most can only have a recurring timer every hour. Only other requirement is that it monitor sleep. Any ideas from the collective smart guys? TIA.
  6. So what happens if someone is in the middle of a refi process when rates go down? Can the borrower take advantage of a rate change in their favor or are they generally locked in at the rate when they signed the initial paperwork? Asking for a friend.
  7. I just watched the October 30th NXT - holy crap was the intro with Poppy awesome!!!
  8. I can't call you wrong. One of the problems here is that the injuries (arch/back) happened while I was trying to get into better shape (tennis/pickleball/lifting). So it's been a bit of a bad cycle - drop weight when working out and then an injury hits which puts me on the shelf and the weight returns. Rinse, repeat. It is definitely time to drop some weight...
  9. Totally agree that both Cody and Jericho were awesome. Those two promos were the perfect look at why people are fired up about AEW. Neither would have made it through the WWE creative process.
  10. 48 Physical issues over the last 5 years include Hemorrhoids, mild ringing in my ears (lots of concerts), a blown out arch in my foot, less flow when peeing, and a herniated disc in my upper back. I was at the eye doc yesterday and was told I need readers and am close to needing bifocals.Something always hurts - random body parts ache all day - then it's something else the next day. I'm not sure I can remember a truly pain-free day. I've also found myself occasionally dealing with anxiety - not crippling but also not just fleeting worry. The biggest thing of late is that I can't sleep. I can nap during the day just fine but I can't get any meaningful sleep at night. My solution has been to take 2 Tylenol PMs every night before bed which allows me to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. Been doing that for a couple of months now. The other night I was so tired I figured I could get to sleep without them. Two hours later I was still awake. Part of this feels physical (lack of melatonin perhaps) or that I have to get up and pee if not sleeping well, but part is anxiety related. I think somewhere in the back of my brain i'm aware of the fact that any night I go to sleep it's possible I won't wake up. I don't overtly think about that or obsess about it but it's in the back of my brain somewhere. I worry about what happens when the Tylenol PMs stop working...
  11. I must be missing something - what is the racial angle here? I'm shuked. ETA - ok, I just read the twitter comments and now understand what the issue is. While the insensitivity was clearly lost on me, it seems WWE needs more diversity in the office building. This should have been easily avoided.
  12. How was the crowd? I keep hearing about how buys the party nights have become (in part due to them selling a party pass - admission to all parties for locals). My fam has done the MNSSHP a couple of different times but a few years ago now. We will be going to the Christmas party on the last night this year (12/22) which is going to be sold out. Ugh.
  13. I'm not sure this is the best plan. I'm hearing it may be like cabbies and strip clubs - the drivers are getting spiffs (and/or spliffs) to direct customers to certain dispensaries. You may not necessarily be taken to a good one, just the one that is currently paying the most to the drivers. YMMV.
  14. Just seeing all this for the first time. I've got nothing but wish you and your family well. Good luck.