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  1. I use one of these (actually bought 8-10 of them). The fabric is kind of thick and I actually also double it over so it becomes a 2-layer mask. It also fits really snugly over the nose which is why I think it's a great solution. But there are some very thin gaiters and any of those worn single layer can't be very helpful.
  2. My family just finished watching the first season of "Into the Night". Really enjoyed it. Not the best acting, not the best production value - just an interesting story. I'm sure this has been covered in this thread, but I am very concerned that an eventual season 2 won't be as interesting. If it follows the book the story comes from, the story will take a very weird turn and turn into something far less interesting to me. That said, I do recommend Into the Night as an easy and entertaining six episodes.
  3. This. Very much interested in online merch. Sending you best wishes from MN, Tipsy.
  4. Saving Silverman. Earlyish Jack Black, Steve Zahn, Jason Biggs and Amanda Peet. And one kick ### cameo.
  5. I sent in the original e-mail to express interest but haven't heard anything back. FWIW.
  6. @Mr. Ham Just a quick update that I have canceled the trip from MN to FL and back. We found another option to accomplish the same goal. I am very relieved. Thanks again for the thoughts when I asked for advice.
  7. Good to know about TN - this trip could happen prior to 4/30 so that would help. Thank you. Re: the necessity, I'm excluding that from the convo so it doesn't get derailed. That could be a thread for another day.
  8. I'm not familiar with TN's leadership - what is happening there to be concerned about? I could probably make the trip to a different nearby destination and avoid TN if needed. As for sleeping in the car, I just won't be able to. I could just sit in the car awake all night but I'd get ZERO sleep, unfortunately. Believe, me, I wish that was an option.
  9. I could use some COVID-related advice - thanks in advance and no hi-jack intended. I need to make a road trip sometime in the next few weeks. Minneapolis to Nashville and back. 13 hours each way. I'm driving one car there and a different car back. The goal is safety so I could use some thoughts/advice on how to do this as safely as possible: - I will not be able to sleep in my car. I don't really have any friends along the way so my fear is having to stay in a hotel or two. If I really hump it and go one day down and one day back, I would only need one night of hotel. But if I'm being honest 2 consecutive 13 hour days might severely push my limits. I can see doing it on day one, but maybe needing to split up day 2 - so possibly a second night of hotel. - How would you safely navigate a hotel room? Ask for a room that hasn't been occupied for a couple of days? Wipe down door handles, faucets, don't use the remote or touch other stuff? Bring my own pillow? How else could I disinfect the room or make it as safe as possible for a sleep? - I can bring food to eat in a cooler so can avoid restaurants and/or gas station food. But I'll need to use restrooms. Rest stops? Gas stations? Other? It seems like Rest Areas get cleaned frequently but maybe gas station/C-stores do now as well? - When getting gas - pay at the pump. Disposable gloves? Pay at the pump? - Any states to avoid along the way? How do I find out if I'll have issues driving through any states (i.e. curfews, border checks, etc.)? It looks like the most direct route would take me from MSP through Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. I can avoid Chicago as the most direct route takes me west of the city. How worried should I be about making this trip? What am I not thinking about that I need to be? I'm doing my best to get out of having to do this but it's looking like I need to go. TIA.
  10. I know JB knows all this, but most probably don't. Koo Koo is awesome. I watched both weeks of their garage dance party - they did one a couple weeks ago as well. They aren't just for kids though. They have a pretty big following with college kids and I watched them at damn near 50 years old with my teenagers nowhere near me. They are hilarious. The very first time I saw Koo Koo was actually after a Colin Hay show at the Cedar Cultural Center. We walked across the street to get a drink at the Nomad World Pub (where at the time you could get a beer a bump and a smoke for $5). There was a $10 cover because something called Koo Koo Kangaroo was "playing". We balked and asked if we could just come in for one drink - the bouncer surprisingly agreed. We had no idea what we were walking into. There were balloons, a bed sheet with their name spray-painted on it and they were using a parachute just like old people like me used to use in gym class. The college kids were LOVING it and we were blown away by how fun it was. We slowly nursed our drink to enjoy as much as we could before walking away shell-shocked. For years after. my wife and I took our young kids to see Koo Koo around town. My kids believe that Koo Koo is just a kids dance party - but their following goes way beyond kids. Koo Koo has a similar feel to the TV show "The Aquabats".
  11. I was lucky enough to see Howard Jones in St. Paul on March 4th - shortly before things started shutting down. Was an awesome show. His voice is unbelievable for his age - few singers have the vocal strength that he does after so many years (Colin Hay is another that surprises with his vocal strength). Nicky Beggs on the Chapman Stick (weird bass) was awesome - he's the real deal. This was the second time I had seen Mr. Jones - the first was at Epcot in the band shell during the Food and Wine Festival. That was a standard "play the hits" show and was fun - but this was more intimate and really showed off just how talented he is. Awesome.
  12. This one actually bums me out - surprisingly. She always struck me as a hard worker who continued to improve over time. I'm not sure they knew what to do with her, but I always thought she had a very high ceiling if used correctly. I would really like to see her end up with AEW. Can WWE hold them all to 90-day non-competes at this time???
  13. Sorry for the delay in response. PL. How was the Cub in EP? I had to go to urgent care today in Shako. Not COVID related. Thankfully it was at a clinic that does not treat or diagnose COVID patients. Only one other person in the waiting room. Quiet and plenty of distance but I was still weirded out by it. @mr roboto
  14. This has been my experience in the SW metro of the Twin Cities as well. Most poeple do try to keep some distance from each other but approx. 25% observe no distancing at all....either oblivious or flubros. I'm actually shocked that at grocery stores the employees are not all wearing masks. I know that at one local chain grocer, they are "allowing" their employees to wear a mask but not requiring it for fear of "scaring" customers. Ludicrous.