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  1. I'm right there with you. Lockdowns feel imminent at this point and my family has begun stocking up accordingly. What an awful feeling as we head into a MN winter.
  2. Imagine the selfishness required to not encourage mask use at a wedding. Now imagine the selfishness required to forbid mask use at a wedding.
  3. Cool - and that would make total sense given DLR's affinity for R&B. Good to know - thx.
  4. I was pretty pumped when they made LUTS the opener on their 2015 tour. So cool to see that song in the set list at all let-alone as the curtain-jerker. What a way to crank up the energy for a show. Speaking of openers and energy, I've always loved how the band plays themselves onto the stage with the wailing/driving guitar from Eddie and Alex going a little nuts as well. That's always been an under-appreciated tactic of the band IMO. Question - were there bands that did this pre-VH? In other words, who did they steal that from? Or was that another of their innovations? I'm not sure I've ever seen another band do this other than Sammy Hagar/The Circle who seem to have learned it from VH. Most bands just hit the stage and start by playing a song. I love the way VH builds the hype with their rocking walk-on. Anyone know the origins of this?
  5. I agree with this re: I'll Wait. For whatever reason this is a song that never grabbed me. As for the ADKOT overreach, I like it. That album was dismissed far too often thanks to Tattoo - I think it deserves all the inclusions here.
  6. This has always been my favorite VH song because it transports me back to my formative Jr High and HS days. I love this song because of how it makes me feel. As a former baseball player, I've always thought this would have been my "walk up" music if I had ever become good enough to have walk up music. This song is the other "surprise" during that Mar 1, 2012 show at Madison Square Garden. An "article" had just come out a day or two prior from someone who believed the band was piping in vocals to cover for Wolfie - suggesting that Wolfie couldn't sing and that Micheal's harmonies were needed. That rankled the band and DLR in particular. If you watch this version of Panama, they triple-down out of the breakdown to show everyone they are all singing. Those that hadn't seen the BS article wouldn't have thought much of it, but this is the ONLY time they did this coming out of the breakdown...a subtle #### to those ripping the band. I love this. If you don't want to listen to the whole song - but why wouldn't you - jump to the 3:00 mark.
  7. What an amazing track 1 - my goodness. There is a really cool remix of this song that made the rounds just a few months ago - really fun stuff that backs up DLR's belief that a lot of Van Halen tracks could be dance tunes at different BPMs or with different presentations.
  8. I've always found Jamie's Cryin to be overrated. I like the song but can't stand the chorus. I think. It was such a great surprise to see Drop Dead Legs on the setlist for their last tour. Wolfie was generally responsible for the setlist on that tour and included some classics like this one. Really a great tune. I definitely expected to see Unchained in the top 10. During their 2012 tour, they had been using GYRGM as the opener, but did two nights at Madison Square Garden. On night #2, they opened the show with Unchained - a total surprise - and it was awesome. I LOVE the energy from Eddie using this song as the opener. So much fun. Something else awesome happened at that particular show but that will be part of the discussion of a different song...
  9. All person has to say is "no comment" or simply not respond to the question. Having some class never goes out of style.
  10. I clicked on this intending to listen to the first 20-30 seconds just to check it out and I couldn't stop listening. Listening to isolated EVH is insane.
  11. I posted LUTS as part of the As Is video but I couldn't post just part of a youtube vid. My bad.
  12. Unfortunately, you lose me a little bit with these two. Both are awesome and - IMHO - deserving of a ranking at least 15 spots higher. While Romeo Delight pushes towards my top 10, As Is is firmly in it. This song is a monster and would have been amazing in their tour setlist. They practiced it but never played it during a show. Here is video of the track minus DLR's vocals - taken from a soundcheck in '12 (with the also amazing Light Up the Sky). Give this a watch/listen - if this is a band's 38th best song, that is a damn fine band. Sidenote - I saw the VH soundcheck on the 2012 tour in San Diego - got to see them rip through 5 or 6 songs minus the vocals. After seeing that, I'm certain I would have gone to see Van Halen play without any singer at all. I still get goosebumps thinking about how cool that experience was. What's interesting is that I found myself singing all the vocals in my head which strangely made me experience the rest of the music even more deeply - like at some spiritual level. Much more personal and intimate without the vocals. As for Romeo Delight, I never appreciated it as much as I should have until I heard it covered by Adreneline Mob - For some reason hearing another band do the song made me realize how much the song rocked in the first place. This is a mighty rocker and an awesome song live. To be clear, my disagreement doesn't mean you're wrong - it just means Van Halen is that awesome.
  13. I recommended this show to my wife (former French teacher) and it was a big hit. She watched the first 3-4 episodes on her own and I joined her for the rest of season 1. A light-hearted and easy 30 minutes each episode. Fun stuff.
  14. I actually love this song. The "Uh Uh Uh" gets a little repetitive/annoying but the rest of the song is fun and shreds just like Ice Cream Man. An underrated and fun summer rocker!!! ETA - DLR once teased this song during his spoken intro to ICM on their last tour. It would have been so fun to see both songs in a little mini-medley from DLR....
  15. I don't like this one as much on the album but really enjoyed seeing it live. Eddie and Wolfie working together on this one was so cool to watch.