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  1. Probably belongs in the "Politics" thread, but THIS is the last straw for me. I'm a USMC vet and 40 year-old father, husband and proud citizen of the USA. The fact that Villanueva "was encouraged" (my speculation) to make a public apology for being the only Steeler to come out for the American Anthem, as an Army Ranger with several tours of duty under his belt, is a disgrace in itself. This weekend was the last straw for me in a slope I've been slipping down for some time with the NFL. It's a ####### GAME that is supposed to be my reprieve from day-to-day bull#### and when the first thing I see / hear turning on games -- and for the week following -- is a reminder of what I don't care to hear on my TV for my entertainment, it sickens me. It's much worse than the NBC rant by Bob Costas during SNF about gun control following Sandy Hook that also pissed me off to no end. From now on, If I need a football fix, I'll turn to last year's copy of Madden (also the last I'll ever buy). Sorry to rant, and you guys in this thread have been worth visiting these pages for long after I gave up fantasy football. Gonna miss you guys, and the game I loved for 30 years and played for 15 years of my life. Like the NBA did to me in the mid-90's, the paths have diverged. God bless you all, and hope you enjoy this game and real life for all you can. Loved the time I spent with y'all. Peace, Timmy Cooke, aka Cookiemonster
  2. Gotta think the rookie couldn't do much worse.
  3. Can't watch, but it sounds like an 8 point swing because of one idiot.
  4. Provided there is no illegal receiver downfield.
  5. From what I saw of him, it was very much a "looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane." He is big and an excellent athlete, but his cover skills, ball skills, field awareness and tackling were all less than you would expect of a man of his stature and ability. I saw Sean Davis at best. I'll admit to it being a limited sample size, but I was unimpressed. But my God, if he DOES pan out, this D could be nasty! Like recent Seattle nasty, or Denver nasty. Not just top 10, but top 3... year after year.
  6. Give these guys time. Joseph is still early into his 2nd year and is already showing flashes like a not-quite-as-fast Polomalu and we haven't even seen him make many plays in the passing game but he covers every bit as well as he hits / tackles. Conley looks -- in very limited exposure -- very polished for a rookie in his 1st game with hardly any offseason. Cover skills look very polished and for a cover-corner, he isn't afraid (Deionesque) to tackle. I didn't like the Obi pick when it was made, but I'll hold out hope until I see him get some work on his pro resume. All told, I doubt this is a "tough" defense this year but should be at least average or better and by season's end, they won't be someone that other offenses are excited to play and by next year will have earned a good bit of respect. Development and cohesiveness take time, and these guys have shown that the talent, heart and intelligence is there. Hopefully they all gel and end up a perennial top 10 D for a while.
  7. I won't be haunting you thread all season, it was just the week. Thanks for the civil conversation Bia. You've been one of my favorite posters here for years dating back to my dynasty FFB days.
  8. Well, as expected without Bradford. That sucked for you guys. D played well, but just didn't have the offensive support. As to the podcast, who was it that predicted Minny's missed first extra point? That was Romo level psychic ability!
  9. Glad to see they're not grinding Lynch when not necessary but why is Carr still in and passing?
  10. Most excited I've been for a recent draft pick.
  11. Couldn't find a steady stream to watch. We come out healthy? I saw Jesse got dinged.
  12. Too bad no Bradford. Would've been a real contest.